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Hello and welcome to THIS IS VALENTINE .

My name is Valentine and I have been fascinated by beauty for as long as I can remember. One of my earliest memories is watching my mother doing her nightly skincare routine. The way each bottle was arranged in the most picturesque way on her dressing table and the slow motion of layering each product in succession - it really taught me that skincare is not only a necessity but a luxurious process that needs to be savoured.

At a very young age, I also began accompanying my mother to department stores in order to get her products. This definitely spurred my fascination with the cosmetics floor and the different ways make up can be applied to accentuate or conceal an individual's unique features.

Unfortunately, I was not blessed with my mother's normal skin and in fact have been battling dry and sensitive skin since the very beginning. This has meant that whatever is generally raved about, often doesn't work for me. In recent years, I've made a more conscious effort to find the right skincare and make up formulas for my particular condition.

THIS IS VALENTINE . is my log of beauty products that have and haven't worked for me. You will find honest opinions of what I think is worth giving a go if you share similar skin concerns. Along the way, I document my travel and lifestyle experiences as a 20-something who is beginning to navigate her way in this complicated world.

Please enjoy your stay and I'm always happy to hear from you x

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