Sunday, 9 April 2017

Sunday Reads: Why I Chose to Stop Blogging

Okay, storytime! 

A year ago at this precise moment, I found myself at a turning point. My professional life started to make progress and, at every turn, there was an opportunity to try something new. I grabbed each chance with a vengeance and, before I knew it, I needed to drop everything to keep going.

And just as I felt like I had a handle over the rat race, I was approached to work as a digital nomad. I remember thinking that saying 'yes' to this offer was going to be either the biggest win or disaster of my entire life. 

But because my current work is so eerily similar to my blogging life, work and life became entirely blurred. Everytime I tried to pick up where I left off with my blog, I felt like I was working again. I just couldn't do it.

I also monetised my blog to see where it'd take me. I never expected myself to live off my blog because I'm just not as dedicated as stronger social influencers but I did want to test my content and dedication.

I began working on blog collaborations, partnerships and sponsorship...and, hand on heart, that part of blogging is brutal when you don't have a crazy amount of followers. I've come across some lovely blog partners but also some very unscrupulous collaborators that made me lose a lot of faith in what I was doing.

I've also always wanted this blog/publication/site/space to be so much more than beauty.

I had grand plans of turning this into a platform where 20-somethings could talk about things that really impacted them. Things like 'How the hell am I going to get through my next performance review?', 'How should I negotiate salary?' and 'Help! Everyone around me is getting married!' - that type of stuff.

I mean, 2-4 years ago, most people would ask me about what skincare I used, what skincare they should use and whether I could help them buy products from Hong Kong. But now the talking points have entirely switched. Most people are asking me what it's like being a digital nomad and how they can get in on it.

I want to be able to share that with people.

That's why I'm back... from out of space!

I miss writing - I really do. I especially miss writing for myself, as opposed for page views. I mean page views are awesome but they're not so good when you start to ignore the things you really want to talk about for the sake of pleasing your audience.

So, hello once again! I'm Valentine and thank you for being here. I'm a blogger who shares the peculiar parts of her life, whether that be beauty, travel, lifestyle, work or relationships.

I hope you'll stay around!

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