Tuesday, 18 April 2017

This Cream Even Works On Red, Irritated Skin!


I used to be such a brand snob. 

Up until recently, most of my skincare came from a department store beauty counter. On an intellectual level, I was very much aware that I was paying a premium for the brand name and not necessarily superior ingredients. But I tried to justify that beauty counters are more likely to give me a full refund if my sensitive skin reacts to the product.

I'm also a big sucker for samples. 


For the past 2 years or so, I've been experimenting with Korean skincare and, surprisingly, they all work better than a lot of the products that I've bought from the department store. As a result, I'm always super keen to see what Korean skincare brands come up with, and so I'm happy to share with you my latest find.

Say hello to Eclado.  

Ecaldo is a science-based beauty brand that caters to a range of skincare concerns including acne, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and dehydration. With 20 years of solid research and practical experience, Eclado was previously an exclusive spa brand that was known for its stance on 'reversing aging' through skin-mending fibroblast growth factors. 

At current, Eclado has an extensive range of skincare formulations and delivery methods that are a result of their research into stem cells, growth factors and botanical extracts.

I've noticed that a lot of skincare brands favour the use of botanical ingredients and they work very well on my dry, dehydrated skin. 

So when I was approached by Alice from W2Beauty to try Eclado's Moisture Supplement Cream from their Deep Hydration Series, I was more than happy to give it a go. 

So, let's start off with what this moisturisier actually does.

It's a very lightweight gel moisturiser which is supposed to create a 12-hour moisture barrier on the skin. Key ingredients include natural vegetable squalane and botanical extracts which together deeply hydrate the skin and prevent it from free radical damage. Immediate effects include instantly nourished and dewy skin that glows.

As you can see, the moisturiser comes with a handy spatula and there's also a peel-back plastic cover just on top of the cream.

I've been testing this product for a month now and, when I started using it, I was recovering from an allergic reaction which gave me some redness and sensitivity. When this happens, I know that the best way for my skin to bounce back is to give it as much moisture as it can take.

Most of the time I have to resort to something like Dr Jart's Ceramidin Light Cream or Cream because everything else will sting the living daylights out of me.

But because I was a little game, I tested some of this Supplement Cream on my redness and, guys, not only did it not sting, it was the most soothing experience! There's a lingering coolness after you apply the cream which was great at taking my mind off the inflammation from my allergic reaction.

I was very, very surprised!
I also enjoy how lightweight and fast-absorbing the cream is. Immediately after application, I find my skin very smooth to the touch and, after some time, my skin starts to look very well hydrated from the inside. I definitely do get that 'radiant skin' look that Eclado prides itself on helping people achieve. 

I'm just as happy to report that it doesn't ball with my Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Defense SPF 50/PA ++++ in Sheer Tint.

However, as we're moving into Autumn, I'm finding that the cream isn't moisturising enough on my skin. The main reason being because it is a gel cream, whereas my dry skin has a preference for heavier products when the weather changes. 

I've resorted to using this at night on top of my creams and, let me tell you, this could easily be the next best thing in the sleeping mask category. It forms a beautiful protective layer which traps all my skincare and I wake up looking extremely well rested. 

Where this cream also falls short is the packaging. The plastic peel-off lid on top of the cream doesn't fit perfectly in place and, because of this, there was a fair amount of spillage when the package got to me. If you look at the tub rim, you can see that there's some cream residue that spilled out. 

I think if you've got oily, combination or even normal skin, you'll love this gel. You'll love how smooth it makes your skin look AND feel. It is highly moisturising but not in a skin-suffocating way and, the fact that it works on red, irritated skin, is also fantastic news if you a sensitive type. 

As for dry or dehydrated skin, this cream is perfect if you're in a warmer or more humid climate where you need the nourishment but don't want anything heavy for the time being. However, if you're looking to make this work in colder times, see this product more as a skincare sealant - something that traps all your previous skincare products into the skin.

As for me, I'm fascinated with how this product worked when my skin was irritated. So I'll be exploring other options in the Eclado line! Perhaps a serum to work underneath this cream?

Interested in trying out this cream for yourself? Check out W2Beauty!

*This product was sent to me for review. Thoughts and opinions are my own as per my Disclosure Policy.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Sunday Reads: Why I Chose to Stop Blogging

Okay, storytime! 

A year ago at this precise moment, I found myself at a turning point. My professional life started to make progress and, at every turn, there was an opportunity to try something new. I grabbed each chance with a vengeance and, before I knew it, I needed to drop everything to keep going.

And just as I felt like I had a handle over the rat race, I was approached to work as a digital nomad. I remember thinking that saying 'yes' to this offer was going to be either the biggest win or disaster of my entire life. 

But because my current work is so eerily similar to my blogging life, work and life became entirely blurred. Everytime I tried to pick up where I left off with my blog, I felt like I was working again. I just couldn't do it.

I also monetised my blog to see where it'd take me. I never expected myself to live off my blog because I'm just not as dedicated as stronger social influencers but I did want to test my content and dedication.

I began working on blog collaborations, partnerships and sponsorship...and, hand on heart, that part of blogging is brutal when you don't have a crazy amount of followers. I've come across some lovely blog partners but also some very unscrupulous collaborators that made me lose a lot of faith in what I was doing.

I've also always wanted this blog/publication/site/space to be so much more than beauty.

I had grand plans of turning this into a platform where 20-somethings could talk about things that really impacted them. Things like 'How the hell am I going to get through my next performance review?', 'How should I negotiate salary?' and 'Help! Everyone around me is getting married!' - that type of stuff.

I mean, 2-4 years ago, most people would ask me about what skincare I used, what skincare they should use and whether I could help them buy products from Hong Kong. But now the talking points have entirely switched. Most people are asking me what it's like being a digital nomad and how they can get in on it.

I want to be able to share that with people.

That's why I'm back... from out of space!

I miss writing - I really do. I especially miss writing for myself, as opposed for page views. I mean page views are awesome but they're not so good when you start to ignore the things you really want to talk about for the sake of pleasing your audience.

So, hello once again! I'm Valentine and thank you for being here. I'm a blogger who shares the peculiar parts of her life, whether that be beauty, travel, lifestyle, work or relationships.

I hope you'll stay around!