Thursday, 7 April 2016

Paw Paw Cream Battle: Lucas' Paw Paw Ointment vs Suvana Organic Paw Paw & Honey Balm

Paw Paw Cream really needs no introduction.

Everyone recognises Lucas' Paw Paw Ointment, the one in the red tube. But I wonder if you've heard about the hoo-ha over their ingredients list. Apparently, petroleum jelly is the main base for the ointment and there have been people saying that it's just an expensive version of Vaseline.

I personally don't like petroleum jelly.

At one point, I did really like Vaseline but I did start noticing that all it did was block moisture loss. It didn't neccessarily restore it. I also began to dislike the fact that it was too tacky on my skin. Other people say that petroleum jelly is bad for you because it allegedly blocks pores and slows cellular regeneration.

Off the back of that debate, is Suvana's Certified Organic Paw Paw & Honey Balm which uses beeswax as a substitute for petroleum jelly. It's also a certified organic product for those who are interested!

I have both on hand and thought I'd do a comparison to see which was better. 

The petroleum jelly found in Lucas' Paw Paw Ointment is said to be a pharmaceutical grade that meets FDA standards. It's meant to be non-toxic and safe on the skin. They also use real fermented Queensland paw paws.

Easily the best thing about Lucas' Paw Paw Ointment is that it works great on cuts and burns. At first, I was a bit skeptical of the antiseptic ability of paw paws. I equate antiseptics as being something like Betadine. Essentially, something that I would never eat. Paw paws are a fruit and I eat them with soup spoons...

Nonetheless, any cuts or burns that I get, this is the first thing that I reach for and it heals the skin so much quicker. I'm not a huge fan of slapping this onto my lips because it's too oily. The ointment literally just sits there all shiny and unnaturally glossy. Some people are into that. I'm just not one of them. 

Others have mentioned that it's good for eczema and dermatitis but it didn't work for me in that way. It actually made the dermatitis on my hands itch more.

For Suvana's Certified Organic Paw Paw & Honey Balm, paw paw extract is used instead of real fermented paw paw. 

In terms of the positives, it's an all natural, certified organic product that has castor seed oil, beeswax, coconut oil, cocoa butter, honey, jojoba oil, vanilla bean oil, candelilla wax, carrot oil, stevia extract and natural vitamin E. 

The product itself is a light coloured balm that is slightly thinner in consistency. In comparison, it applies a lot easier and is smoother than Lucas' ointment. It also smells of beeswax, which is actually quite pleasant once you get used to it.  

The product doesn't work well on cuts and burns, as in, it doesn't seem to speed up the healing process. Instead, I think it worked best as a lip balm because the rich oils and beeswax really nourishes the lips. It does wear off around the 2 hour mark for me, so I did find myself reapplying quite often. 

However, about the second week into purchasing the tube, the entire product turned into liquid oil. The picture directly above shows the texture. 

It's barely usable now, which is thoroughly disappointing.


The tube is super leaky now as well. I just took some quick photos and after I went to pack away everything, the area that the balm had been placed was all oily. 

I'm not sure if I purchased a faulty product!

I think each product has its own place. If you purely want a lip balm, Suvana's is definitely the way to go. Just keep your fingers crossed that you won't end up with tube like mine. If you're against petroleum oil but want something that it antiseptic, go for something else all together because Lucas' > Suvana in that respect. 

But if you're looking for something to take care of cuts and burns, I encourage you to try Lucas'. Just don't put it on your lips unless you want to look like a 14 year old who like their lips to mirror a disco ball.

What's your take on paw paw creams? 

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