Friday, 25 March 2016

Pen Liner Stash: Muji, Clio, KissMe, Dejavu and Dolly Wink

Top to Bottom: Muji, Clio, KissMe Heroine Make, DejaVu, Dolly Wink

Ohhh where would I be without black liquid eyeliner. I rely heavily on sharp, thin black lines to give my droopy eyelids definition and structure. Without liner, I look tired and a little vacant.

I've tried a lot of eyeliners and I find that for an everyday, polished look, pen liners with a calligraphy tip works best for me. Here's a few of pen liners that I've got in my make up stash.

Muji's Liquid Eyeliner (Slim Marker Type) in Black is probably the biggest letdown. It isn't waterproof by any means, melts quickly and feathers very easily. The tip is too soft and it can splinter when you press down too hard. It's very difficult to get a clean straight line.

I highly recommend Clio's Waterproof Pen Liner Kill in Black. If you're after a liner that will really define your eyes, this is the one. It's intensely black and the calligraphy tip allows you to draw the thinnest line. Despite the tip being very flexible and malleable to how thick you want your liner, I would say that even a beginner could use this with a few practice runs. This is because the tip doesn't splay apart when you press down on it, making control much easier. However, the liner is on the wet side and may take a tiny bit more waiting time than your average liner. But this hasn't been much of an issue for me.

Dejavu's Lasting Fine Liquid Eyeliner in Black would be my second favourite out of the bunch. It performs very similarly to Clio's. It's a little less black but it's still definitely an intense black that can be used at night. I actually prefer this one for the office because it's not that pitch black shade. The biggest problem I have with this liner is that it runs out of steam way too quickly. The first 2 weeks, this works like a dream and then the liquid flow is haphazard. Most times, I'll have enough liquid for one eye but not the other, so I have to reach for my Clio or Dolly Wink.  

Everyone seems to rave about Dolly Wink's Black Liquid Eyeliner but I only partly agree with the hype. It has just the right pigmentation for an everyday look and the liquid flows smoothly to the tip. Out of the 5 I own, I've gotten the most uses of out this one. The biggest problem is that the colour fades as the day goes on.

I bought KissMe Heroine Make Eyeliner Black when they were doing a huge sale and I found that it's similar to the Dolly Wink liner. Colour intensity is good for a day look and the tip is thin enough for sharp lines. But the colour fades easily and it seemed to run out of liquid very quickly. I was already looking to purchase a new liner by week 3.

What's your favourite liquid pen liner?

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