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Design Issues: Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Foundation SPF 25


You might think that, with my love for cushion compacts, I wouldn't really have a need for proper liquid foundations. It's true that I think cushions are great because they're super easy to apply and their finishing is very natural. However, I still reach for a liquid foundation if I need to look polished.

Awhile back, I held off buying Bobbi Brown's Skin Foundation which I thought was quite good. I just kept thinking that they were on the cusp of releasing something new because they retired their Moisture Rich foundation. Lucky I waited for their Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF 25

It's worth noting that some countries like the US and Hong Kong have this foundation with SPF40. I've tried asking Bobbi Brown multiple times how different the two formulas are but never got a reply. I've tested both and find the SPF40 shades to be a bit murky/gray and they tend to smell of sunscreen. The SPF 25 version that I have has a light lavender scent. 

Bobbi Brown's Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF 25 blends skincare and foundation, giving you a (sort of) 2-in-1 product. It's formulated with lychee, bamboo grass and cordyceps mushroom extract with the latter being a Chinese herbal ingredient which has traditionally been used to re-engerise the body. 

I've always seen skincare within make up products as being more of a bonus than a deal breaker. The main reason why I was drawn to this foundation was because, like most serum foundations, it's more hydrating and creamier than others on the market.


If you know your shade, buy online because they're always giving out gift with purchases! I got a Bobbi To Go pack which included a mini eyeliner, eye cream and mascara. They also package it really well!

I purchased the serum foundation in 02 Sand, which I can use throughout summer, autumn and late spring. The shade looks yellow in and out of the bottle (I've heard that Bobbi Brown's foundations do lean towards yellower tones, mind you). However, on my face, it blends out nicely and almost looks ivory.
The formula looks and feels very hydrating. Despite it being a serum foundation, it doesn't give a dewy finish but it does brighten. I would have liked a tiny bit of pink in the mixture so it can give me a rosier complexion, especially on days where I'm running low on sleep. But I guess that's where blush comes in!

Coverage-wise, it covers redness very, very well. It does a pretty good job at lightening acne scars.

I'm not a huge fan of touch ups, so the foundation is on my face the moment I wake up, till the moment before I shower. I don't use powder, so it does start to break down after 4 hours of wear. Does it look terrible? I always carry a BB Cushion in case but I never feel the need to touch up. I feel that the foundation would last longer if I used powder. 

The texture is lovely and not like other serum foundations I've tried. It's on the creamy side and not liquidy at all. It almost feels like a light lotion and spreads very easily. It applies well with fingers but I like to pat it in afterwards with a cushion applicator.

The foundation's bottle design can only be described as a nightmare. 

Foundation collects around the cap, sits at the opening and the sides. Every morning, I see so much wastage and it killllsssss me because this foundation isn't cheap. I use what's around the rim and put a tiny bit more onto the palm of my hand before dotting and swiping the product around my face. It annoys the living daylights out of me because the product that is fresh out of the bottle feels softer, creamier and more luxurious.

The dropper isn't great either. Since the foundation's texture is on the creamy side, it doesn't get sucked into the dropper that easily and it takes several goes to get anything it. Sometimes, it can get so tedious that I just swipe the dropper onto my palm and whatever deposits, deposits. 

I would have preferred a pump. 

I travelled with this recently and had a gazillion rounds of tape around and all over the damn bottle but it still leaked. 

I initially thought this foundation was the bee's knees. In fact, I still think very highly of the texture, coverage and shade match. The foundation isn't a 10/10, but it is a 8/10 which, for me, is very high. It probably would be a 10/10 if the shade had a tiny bit of pink in it.

But the OUTSIDE is a different story. The poor bottle design and dropper is extremely disappointing. It's really taken away from what could have been my favourite serum foundation for me.

Which products are you having packaging problems with? 

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