Friday, 27 November 2015

The Mother of Cushion Compacts: IOPE Air Cushion XP in C21

The IOPE Air Cushion was a total gamechanger when it was first released and it has since inspired cushion compacts from other Korean and Western brands. The IOPE Air Cushion XP in C21 was my very first cushion product and I looked all over Hong Kong to purchase one last year. I ended up buying it online straight from AmorePacific (parent company) because I am terribly scared of accidentally purchasing a non-genuine product (you never know right?).

I remember being so super duper desperate to try it because I heard it gave your flawless, yet natural looking skin. Being in my mid-20s, I'm starting to see some dullness in my skin despite all the skincare products I use. I have a hunch it's due to my late nights and lots of stress ahah.

IOPE's Air Cushion XP comes in two versions - Natural and Cover. Natural is supposed to be sheer and Cover is higher in coverage. I decided to go with Cover because Natural is very, very sheer and more for those who have absolutely flawless skin, in which you, you don't even need foundation/BB cream! The Cushion also comes in a whopping 2 shades - 21 and 23. Being on the lighter side, I opted for 21 and hoped like mad that it would suit me. 

One of the cushion's strong points is its moisturising abilities. Once applied, my skin does look moisturised and dewier than any of the other cushions I've tried. But I do have to be careful that I don't apply too much because I can end up looking greasy. The first few times I've used the cushion, my fringe actually stuck to my forehead and temples because of how sticky it was. That's never happened to me with other cushions!

The coverage is similar to the Laneige BB Cushion. It lessens the redness of my acne scars and is pretty good on the undereye situation. My dark circles are crazy so I do need to use a corrector and concealer on top.

The shade C21 doesn't actually match my skintone until I'm at my absolute darkest. 

Normally, it's a tad too beige for my neutral colouring. However, around the 2 hour mark, the beige-ness seems to die down a little and I'm good until the afternoon when it starts to get slightly cakey/streaky. It's nothing crazy but it's not something that's happened with my other cushions.

Nonetheless, I still use this cushion because I'm not into letting my beauty products go to waste! I've found that it's okay when I use less. I don't apply until I get that absolutely flawless coverage which is totally achievable with this cushion. I stop patting when my skintone just looks even and with some redness on my cheeks peeking through. Anything more doesn't look too good on me.

When I had nothing to compare the IOPE cushion to, I thought it was the bee's knees. It did give me a brightened and smooth finish - my skin looked really good. But having tried some other cushions, I know there are better options and I won't be repurchasing this. It's not awful but it just doesn't suit me all that well.

I love a dewy finish but this one is just so dewy and glowy that it's too easy to mistake it for oily if I use too much. Possibly, this could be resolved with a bit of loose powder on top but I don't actually use powder because I find it too drying for my already dry face.

I also don't think the shade is a great match for me and I don't like how it gets cakey and streaky towards the end of the day.

How is everyone doing?! Long time no talk!