Tuesday, 12 May 2015

My Holy Grail: Foreo Luna Cleansing Device


About 6 months ago, I jumped on the cleansing device bandwagon. People have been using the Clarisonic for years but I never got into it because even the sensitive brush head was a bit too much for my thin and fragile skin. I also didn't like the whole having to purchase a new $50+ brush head every 3 months.

So I was so excited when I found out about the Foreo Luna because you don't have to replace the brush head at all! But at the time, no one stocked it in a physical store and I always like to touch and feel products before purchasing. So I held off until Joyce Beauty in Hong Kong brought them in stores. I literally flocked to the Admiralty store where the sales assistant tested the device on the back of my hand and I was sold after 1 minute.

I didn't end up buying it from Hong Kong because no one could tell me precisely where the Luna is made. One SA told me that it was made in America. Another said it was designed in Sweden. A Sales Manager said that it was made in Europe...somewhere. I mean, admittedly, I went in store a few days after they'd started to stock the device but you'd think that they would have received adequate product knowledge/training to tell you where it's made.

At one point, I asked them straight out whether it was made in China and they all said no before reassuring me that it was EITHER an American or European product.


More about that later. Yes, there is a part 2.

Hong Kong doesn't have the best consumer guarantees (you want a refund? at most places, there's no such thing...), especially when compared to the Australian Consumer Law. That's why I decided to purchase mine online at David Jones. It came within 2-3 business days of ordering and it was very nicely presented.

I purchased the Foreo Luna in Normal/Sensitive.

The company says that the Luna offers deep cleansing via T-Sonic technology, with the device delivering up to 8 000 pulsations per minute. This is channeled through silicone touch points which unclogs 99.5% of dirt and oil, and 98.5% of make up residue. These are huge claims!
The Luna can also be used for anti-aging as lower frequency pulsations coming off the back's silicone waves can smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Even bigger claims!

The front pulsates for 2 minutes before switching off and when you press the middle button again, the back of it starts vibrate. It has multiple speed settings which you can adjust to suit your skin type. I like to use it on the lowest or second lowest.

The device is waterproof and one USB charge will see you up to 450 uses. I've had this for almost a year and I haven't charged it at all. 

Foreo says that if you use the device for 3 days, you'll see clearer and more healthy skin. Now, I think I'm pretty good at cleansing my face... but apparently not because after one use, I noticed a dramatic difference in my skin's texture. 

It was smoother, softer and brighter. I have these tiny milia-style bumps above my chin and directly below my bottom lip. They're not visually noticeable but they bug me on a whole different level. After I used the Foreo once, I noticed that they were much smaller and some had disappeared. It was crazy! The whiteheads and blackheads that I couldn't quite remove with Innisfree's Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask either disappeared or came to the surface, and with a few more goes of the Foreo, removed themselves. I was really, really surprised!

I used it once a day religiously for about two weeks and my skin really looked a cleaner and brighter than any amount of exfoliation. My pores also looked smaller. The results were actually quite dramatic. Skincare products absorbed better and foundation seemed to settle on my face easier. I was recommending anyone and everyone to buy one for themselves at the time.

This has become a product that I can't live without! I use this 1-2 times a week in place of exfoliation. I find that this is especially good after using my cleansing oils as it's great at removing any oil/milk left behind. I'll use it in the morning as well if I need to extra presentable that day. I also use it on the sides of my neck on days when I wake up super puffy. I find that the pulsations helps lymphatic draining. It's actually a very obvious process - right before my eyes, my cheeks and eyes just debloat!

Some people notice breakouts when they start using cleaning devices and I did too. But I'm prepared to say that it was due to my poor diet and lack of sleep. The Foreo also didn't stop me from getting pimples because, again, my diet and lifestyle was pretty chaotic last year.  

The back has the anti-aging silicone waves that can be used as a face massager. I've really taken to face massaging and I use this for nights when I can't be bothered using my hands to massage in serum/essence/left behind sheet mask liquid into my face. It works just as well as my hands but the pulsations on my face feels so much more relaxing!

I'll also use the back on the sides of my neck and underneath my jaw because I've always had a double chin (hereditary, unfortunately!). It doesn't help that I bloat easily and that area always feels like it's heavy with who knows what. The anti-aging side definitely helps to decrease the amount of fluid in there.

So onto Part 2 of 'Where is the Foreo Luna actually made'!

Before I purchased the Luna, I actually emailed the company directly to ask where it was made. To my surprise, I received what felt like an automated response about how the company is working on expanding their production facilities in the USA and that a very limited number of products are actually assembled in the USA. 

I wasn't very satisfied with that response, so I contacted them again, explaining that I had received many different versions of where the Luna is made from sale assistants and that this has made me cautious of purchasing the Luna. A reply back stated that Foreo is currently manufactured in Suzhou in China. 

To this day, I'm not sure why I wasn't given this information straight from the beginning. 

Sure, I agree that there are customer segments who feel uneasy when told that a potential purchase is manufactured in China. I admit that sometimes I am a part of that group, depending on what the product is. But what makes me even more uneasy is the fact that both sale assistants and company weren't able to volunteer that information about the manufacturing location from the onset. 

Having said all of that, I highly recommend the Foreo Luna. It does deliver amazing results and it feels great on the skin as well. My face is looking brighter, cleaner and much more even now. A few of my friends have also bought the Luna and they love how its a cleanser and facial massager.

The price of the Luna might seem higher than other cleaning devices on the market but you don't have to replace anything with this. I also find that it's a whole lot less abrasive on skin when compared to brush cleaners. 

Are you using cleansing devices?