Monday, 16 March 2015

Unneccessary (But Utterly Addictive): Dr Jart's Most Moist Water-Act Skin Mist

I am pro-face mists. More specifically, I am pro-Avene's Thermal Spring Water mist. I know a lot of people just think of it as plain water but, if you have sensitive skin, it's one of those things you simply cannot live without. 

For a good few years there, I had a box of Avene mist in every single size just so I would never run out and would have one for every occasion. I misted everything - from itches on my hands, redness on my face, to calm allergies around my eyes, inflammation on the back of my neck... I even used it as a toner when my face was very too sensitive for anything except QV. At one point, I was convinced that it was great for setting make up. The mist just seemed great for everything!

Then my skin became less sensitive (thanks to a change in diet, Chinese medicine and herbal ointments) and I stopped reaching for my Avene mist. I kept recommending the product to other people but I actually stopped reaching for all mists.

Then Dr Jart's Most Moist Water-Act Skin Mist came along and now I'm officially back on the mist bandwagon.

Dr Jart calls this a straight out toner - something to be used after cleansing and a product that needs to be wiped off the face with cotton. I tried this a couple of times and it doesn't perform any better or worse than my Avene Gentle Toner. The Avene toner actually feels nicer and softer on the skin when swept across with a cotton pad.

The mist itself is much thicker than Avene's, which, in comparison, seriously does just feel like water. The texture of this spray is closer to an essence or watery serum. I think its texture is one of its strong points.

But where this mist really excels is when used to set your make up and in between make up changes. As the final step in my make up routine, 3-4 sprays makes my skin look dewy and radiant. Of course, the dewiness disappears after the mist is absorbed (or evaporated), but it also leaves my skin feeling softer and plumper.

If I need to quickly change my make up or do some serious reapplying, then I'll spray the mist very liberally over my face, wait for it to be semi-dry before I put a tissue over my face and let it absorb whatever is there. This action doesn't take away my make up but it does away with having to reapply my skincare. It's probably those moisture oil capsules at work.

If I have to be very honest with you (and myself!), this isn't an essential skincare product. But if I were to recommend one mist, it would be this one. It may not soothe itches and sunburns, but it really does hydrate and give your face that temporary radiance or glow that makes you look healthy and awake.

And because of that, I'm completely and utterly addicted.

Do you use mists? 
Are mists all hype or are they worth the extra expenditure? 


  1. You got me interested in this!
    I myself is a big fan of Avene thermal water spray and went through at least 10 big bottles. I'm now using the Tatcha luminous dewy skin mist. It is amazing used under my serum, but quite pricey that it breaks my heart (and bank, literally) everytime I spray. The Dr. Jart sounds rather excellent. :)

  2. I'm going to have to really hunt me down some Tatcha!

    I'm not sure what Tatcha's price points are but this Dr Jart one is very affordable, so it's definitely worth a try. It feels amazing on the skin (it actually feels better than Avene's!)

  3. YES! Face mists are the bomb! I'm so glad more brands are coming up with hydrating mists.

  4. Agreed! Dr Jart has some other mists that are pretty awesome too. There's a pore tightening one which actually makes your skin feel tighter. So weird, yet so amazing!

  5. I STILL THINK FACIAL SPRAYS ARE GLORIFIED WATER THOUGH (but then again, I don't think I've actually tried a spray SO WHAT DO I KNOW???)(I mean, the Evian one sounds gimmicky as hell BUT)
    I have to say though, this one has my interest just because that bottle is freaking beautiful. The texture might be a selling point for me though, just because if a product's consistency too closely resembles water, I'll probably just assume its water (and a waste of money).

  6. Ahah and I don't blame you - some sprays (like the Avene one) feels just like water.

    Yes, the texture is the stand out in this one! It's much thicker than water and has a slight tack to it - kind of like an essence!