Saturday, 11 October 2014

First Impressions feat Giorgio Armani, Bobbi Brown, Aseop, Laneige & Kiehl's

So my Beauty Ban started all the way back in July and I reckon it's been a pretty big success! I've saved up a fair bit and hopefully I'll do a splurge on something non-beauty related. Who am I kidding, it'll probably end up going to food or some new skincare. 

But despite not purchasing much these past few months, I've been able to test out some products thanks to some generous SAs. I thought I'd offer my first impressions. So here goes!

I was at Giorgio Armani's beauty counter because I wanted to try their pink/salmon Master Corrector. Apparently, it's ace at correcting very dark under eye bags but every SA I spoke to tried to steer me in the direction of their orange shade. I've always thought that an orange corrective shade would be more appropriate for spots like pimples. One SA offered to apply the orange shade on me to see how it'd turn out.

She whipped out the Rejuvenating Serum after she noticed the puffiness around my eyes. She said the serum would be good for any excess fluid. Yeast extract, caffeine and tensor agents are released through the metal tip of the serum and is supposed to make the eye area brighter and smoother. 
I've used a different metal eye contour roller before and I was quite disappointed in that. The Armani one is infinitely better. The metal felt much cooler and my eyes honestly depuffed in front of me. The area looked smoother and my eye bags didn't look THAT bad. I don't know how it happened but I definitely saw the changes.

While it works just as stated, the serum is priced at $102.67. Don't think I'll be picking this up soon!

I went to the Bobbi Brown counter to ask about their corrector in Bisque for my under eye problem and I somehow ended up getting a makeover! AHAH I'm not sure how it happened because one minute I was standing there asking the SA questions about correctors and the next she was taking off my make up.
One of the products that she applied on me was the Smokey Nudes Eyeshadow Palette, which is part of their Fall Collection 2014. There's 8 shadows in total and the compact has a good mixture of mattes and metallics, making it a good essential for day and night smokey eyes. The shadows have the perfect amount of pigmentation, are soft to the touch and stays put.
I'm not a huge fan of wearing shimmers but my favourite Naked 1 shades all have some glitter in it. The best thing about this Bobbi Brown palette is that the commonly worn brown, nude and mauve gray colours are all matte - making the work appropriate smokey eye just that bit more classier.

I really like the compact. It's actually two leveled with 4 shades on each and the bottom slides and extends out to create the image above.
The only thing that's stopping me is the price.

As you may already know, I'm on the hunt for a good sulphate free shampoo since anything with the ingredient itches my hands and irritates my scalp. I'm not too familiar with the Aseop brand but a friend told me that they do a good one. I went to ask about it and to also see what other ingredients are in the formula. The SA gave me two packets of their Calming Shampoo to try at home.
I tried it that night and the shampoo irritated my hands but not my scalp. I jumped online and found that the SA was wrong, in that it does actually have sulphate in it.

Aside from the itchy hands, I didn't notice my hair feel outstandingly different from other shampoos I've tried. 

Most BB creams make my face turn ash, so I wasn't interested at all when the BB Cushion trend came around. But, I was given a small sample pot/compact of Sulwhasoo's Evenfair Perfecting Cushion in No. 23 to try and I fell in love!

Line, hook and sinker - I'm all about that BB Cushion now. 

It seriously does give you Korean actress looking skin and is so easy to use. It's also less fiddly than pouring out foundation and applying it with a brush. All you have to do is pat the BB cream in with the sponge and then you're good to go. I think the hardest thing is getting the colour right.

I tried Laneige's BB Cushion in No. 13 and 21 on my face, and I'm somewhere in between. Not as pale as a 13 and not as beige as a 21. That's one reason why I didn't pick it up. Another is because I found this to make my skin look a little bit more drier than Sulwhasoo's. Whilst this one lasted longer, it did seem to make my face look dry as time went on. It's not bad but Sulwhasoo is better in terms of moisturise. 

If I hadn't tried Sulwhasoo's first, I think I would have purchased it in No. 21.

This gentle blend of botanically based ingredients targets flaking, itchy scalps to assuage irritation while effectively cleansing hair. The ideal shampoo for those with sensitive scalps prone to irritatio - See more at:
I bought their Avocado Eye Cream and the SA kindly offered me a round of samples to try at home. I told her that I have sensitive skin, react to sulphate and would like to avoid alcohol. She smiled and went off to gather me some sachets before popping them into my bag.
This cleanser was the first thing I tried and it stung my eye area so badly! Read the ingredients and sulphate was listed second. 

Ohhh, the anger. 

I clearly need to get into the habit of reading ingredient lists before leaving stores and definitely before putting anything on my face!
This gentle blend of botanically based ingredients targets flaking, itchy scalps to assuage irritation while effectively cleansing hair. The ideal shampoo for those with sensitive scalps prone to irritatio - See more at:

Have you tried out any of these products? 
What have you been trying out lately?


  1. I really want to try one of those cushion pacts! Some say it keeps oil in check while giving that glowing complexion. Hard to believe, but if it is true, sign me up! ;)
    And regarding the sales rep, they really don't know sh!t. ;-/

  2. Well, that Kiehl's SA....missed the point :I
    ANYWAYS, Bobbi makes the most gorgeous palettes. I seriously want the Smokey Nudes, but SO EXPENSE ;-; (I swatched in-store though, and the pigmentation just didn't cut it for me)

  3. I'm a big fan of Bobbi Brown products - first discovered when I went over to Hong Kong and decided to stock up. The SA recommended for me to try Bobbi Brown and i was hooked. I do need a everyday palette and BB's smokey nudes palette looks pretty darn good! The only thing that turns me off from buying is the hefty price tag of BB in au T_T

  4. It does give you a very healthy glow. I think it performs a lot better than some of the dewy liquid foundations that I've used!

    Ahah I know aye? I was so disappointed because. if I was in their shoes, I would have been extremely careful considering that a customer has explicitly stated their allergies or concerns. Oh well!

  5. You didn't like the pigmentation? Awww that's a shame! They seemed okay to me but then again, I am very amateur when it comes to eye shadows! I own the one Naked palette LOL.

    Yeah that SA... *rolls eyes*

  6. The price is the only thing that is making me wait! If it wasn't so expensive, I would have bought it then and there because I honestly love how the colour your use regularly don't have shimmer (I'm not really a shimmer person!).

    What else from Bobbi Brown have you used and liked?

  7. The Smokey Nudes Palette looks gorgeous, but the price tag is less appealing I must say!
    (And, as a sidenote - I also sometimes wonder how I leave with a makeover from the Bobbi Brown counter when I only approached to ask about a product haha).
    I've never heard of BB Cushions before - they sound both strange and intriguing... :P