Friday, 24 October 2014

Dr Jart Ceramidin Light Cream Set

I've always envied people with dewy skin - Korean girls especially. Most of them seem to have this airbrushed, baby smooth skin and, whilst there's undoubtedly a plethora of make up to achieve that look, my interest seems to lie in their skincare routines.

The idea is that I have dehydrated skin and Korea has a much cooler and drier climate in comparison to Sydney or Hong Kong. So I imagine that their moisturisers would suit my skin type.

One line of Korean skincare products that I've come into contact with is Dr Jart's Ceramidin collection. This line is designed to stop water from being evaporated from the skin. This is done by forming a protective shield over it, with the aim of replenishing the skin and making it look healthy and thoroughly moisturised. 

I actually learnt about the Ceramidin collection through a YouTube video where KPop artists Son Dam Bi and SPICA were raving about the products' hydrating abilities. One of the SPICA girls mixed Dr Jart's Ceramidin Cream with a BB Cream to make a tinted moisturiser (or a dewy foundation, really).

The premise of Ceramidin products is to replenish our body's ceramide supply. So before anything else, we have to understand what exactly this is. 
Ceramides are liqids that are naturally found in our skin. It's actually the binding or 'glue' that holds surface skin cells together and is responsible for healthy, glowing skin. But as we age, the amount of ceramide in our body decreases as production slows down. This makes our skin barrier thinner.

Hyaluronic acid can help with attracting moisture but the story goes that it'll just escape if your skin barrier is weak. That's why you need ceramide to hold the water in. 

Dry, irritated and sensitive skin often lack ceramides. So I was very keen on trying the Ceramidin line. Dr Jart says that their products uses time-release microcapsule ceramides which can deeply penetrate and replenish damaged skin. Over time, this will strengthen the skin barrier and enhance the skin's own moisturising ability.

Are we all excited by now?!

Before this Ceramidin Light Cream set, I used their cream in a squeezy tube and, while the packaging wasn't to my liking, I really enjoyed the actual product. I decided to give this Light Cream set a go since it came with the Liquid and this is often touted as the star product. I didn't expect too much of the Light Cream because anything light is often used as a moisture sealant for me. They're rarely enough for my thirsty skin.

All Ceramidin products are without sulphate, paraben and phthalates, making it a good choice for sensitive skin types. Licorice extract and potulacaa oleracea is also included to brighten and soothe inflamed skin. Panthenol is added to nourish and strengthen damaged skin. 

All products have a fresh, botanical scent to it. It's very clean and surprisingly relaxing. I've read reviews online that people really dislike the scent but I find it calming and I actually look forward to my skincare routine now.

In the set, there's a trial size of the Cermaidin Liquid and it's to be applied after your cleansing routine. In Korea, it's described as an all-in-one product - it's a toner, essence, emulsion, booster and serum depending on your needs. 

I personally use this day and night after my cleansing toner by squeezing about a 5 cent coin and patting it onto my face. As it absorbs, I'll give myself a bit of a massage by gently lifting the sides of of my skin and cheeks towards my ears, and forehead to my hair line. The liquid is very quickly absorbed and it leaves the skin feeling moisturised. In the first few days of use, I found that it really helped to even out my skintone.

Every so often, after a clay mask or if I want to give my skin some more pampering, I'll layer a moisturising serum on top and press that in with warmed hands. I've found that my foundation goes on smoother and holds much better with this trick!

I've purchased the full size version of this because I really like it!

The Ceramidin Light Cream looks like soft butter but is light and watery to the touch. I got this in the summer and wanted something that would hydrate my skin since the air-con was drying me out pretty badly. Luckily, this was just what I was looking for.

Admittedly, at first, I wrote it off because the first few uses didn't reap any benefits. I picked it up again awhile afterward and decided to use it as a sleeping mask. I put on a very generous layer for two nights straight and my skin started to soften and become more resilient. 

I then started using this day and night on top of the Liquid and right before my foundation. Despite the fact that it's a light formula, it's moisturising and it's really improved my skin. I went to get my make up done a few weeks ago and for the first time in my life, the make up artist didn't mention my dry skin. 

Errr, how much win is that?!

I've finished using the entire tub now and I think this is a great moisturiser for the warmer months but I'll be switching back to the cream version when winter comes around. I think both combination and normal skin types can benefit from the Cream and Liquid. But whether you need both products really depends on how dry your skin is. I mean, sometimes, I'll just use the Liquid and jump straight to my sunscreen.

There are definitely other ceramide skin products out there but I think this is a cheaper alternative in comparison. 

Which moisturiser are you using now? 
Do you usually switch your moisturisers according to the weather?



  1. I've learned recently that dewy skin is a combination of cushion pact and photoshop, but I would always pay attention to skincare if it claims for that, of course. :)
    Sounds like a really great line. I've only known the brand for good BB cream. Ceramides in skincare is proven to be effective, too. I remember loving my Elizabeth Arden stuff for that.
    I tend to switch my moisturizer and sunscreen according to the weather, too. I've just started using some Tatcha skincare and luckily it is very hydrating without being greasy. :)

  2. This sounds awesome! Thanks for the review, and for the info on what ceramides are :) x

  3. I got dragged into a skincare store by a promo girl on my way to meet a client. The examined my face closely and mentioned my dry skin and pores T_T she proceeded to give me a mirror to point out my pores - I usually assume that most would girls study their face to the tee... but I guess she wanted to sell me on the basis that I had awful dry and pore filled skin that is in desperate need of exfoliation. Overall, I've had very pleasant experiences with Ceramide (mainly from elizabeth arden products), so I'm quite keen to check this out!

  4. Aww, you poor thing! You'd honestly think that people trying to sell you products would have a bit more tack...

    I'm happy to have my face examined and for someone to bring a cream to me and say, 'this is great for addressing XYZ'. But I'd be really rattled if someone said 'you have problem ABC and it's pretty severe, buy this and POOF! you're skin will be photoshop smooth!'.

    I recently had a SA say to me, 'you should look into anti-aging. This is a great mask for treating dullness and it's recommended for people who are 28 and above. It'll be perfect for you!'.

    The problem is I'm not 28. I have a good few years before that comes around!

    Goodness me, I feel a lengthy post whinging about beauty SAs is on the horizon!

    I've never tried the Ceramide products from Elizabeth Arden because they were always on the expensive side! Definitely check this line out because it's cheaper and, whilst I can't do a comparison, I think these two products are quite effective!

  5. No problems Chloe! Do check these two out because I have no problems using them even when my skin is feeling a little rough or sensitive!

  6. Yeah definitely the BB Cushion! Have you tried any that you really like? I'm thinking of trying the IOPE one because I've heard that it's quite moisturising?

    Ohhh I remember seeing a beauty counter for Tatcha! Which products are you using?

  7. I haven't tried any yet! I'm so tempted to put one in when I shop from Gmarket or something, but I've read a review saying these cushion pacts end up in pores or something so I'm torn.
    I just started using a discovery set from Tatcha consisting of all the basic items. So far it's very good! :)

  8. That what I've heard too. Not to mention that the puff gets pretty dirty if you don't clean it properly. I think that's one of my biggest concerns, aside from finding the right shade! But I can't deny how good it makes the skin look - so much better than liquid foundation.

    I've always wanted to buy off Gmarket but whenever I look at shipping prices, I'm like O.O !!!!

  9. Loved the intro to ceramides! Since I'm a skincare n00b, 'ceramides' weren't exactly on my radar, but I can always trust Dr Jart to deliver with their skincare line (but then again, might just be because they have 'dr' in the name, oops). And I don't even know how everyone seems to have amazing skin in Korea. It's probably their skincare, but I'm convinced there's something in the water over there that makes everyone's skin flawless and majestical. Anyways, definitely going to have to check out moisturizers with ceramides, because my skin has been no bueno as of late with the freezing weather

  10. If your skin is feeling tight or dry, definitely try this set! I've used pretty much everything and this is one of the best lotion/essence/toner/whatever else they want to call it and moisturiser set I've used. It just plumps the skin and makes it feel super duper soft.

    Surprisingly Dr Jart isn't a doctor at all. LOL!