Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Essential's Damage Care Hair Cuticle Treatment Water

As you may know from my introduction sidebar, a good day is essentially good skin and good hair. While the skin bit is dependent on way too many factors (right about now, it's all dependent on the weather!), good hair has been relatively easy thanks to Kao Essential's Damage Care line of hair products. This Japanese line of hair products are seriously top notch. I really enjoy using their shampoo and conditioner because it makes my hair softer and more manageable. I've also being using their Damage Care Rich Premier Intensive Hair Mask since 2012 as a top-up treatment. 

So when I saw the Essential's Damage Care Hair Cuticle Treatment Water Mist in Hong Kong, I knew I had to have it. Admittedly, I wasn't really sure what it was since I've never used or even heard of treatment water before. It didn't help that pretty much all the writing on the spray's back is in Chinese and my reading skills are that of a kindergarten (or less...most likely less). But a sales assistant told me it's a basically a spray that hydrates and revitalises damaged hair.

I Googled around for how this treatment water works. It is listed as a non-rinse hair treatment that leaves hair smooth, straight and easy to handle. Benefits include: 
  • Instantly nourished and replenished hair leaving it moist and easy to handle
  • A virtual veil being formed on the hair to protect it against damage left behind from heart styling tools
  • Has anti-UV ingredients that minimises sun damage
  • Leaves the hair with a fruity and floral scent
I thought the product sounded really promising! I ionically straighten my hair once a year because I have unruly waves and I straighten out regrowth every other day after I wash my hair. I think my hair actually goes through quite a battering since I'm not huge on using heat protecting products. I tried Tresemme's Heat Tamer Protective Spray and it seriously just made my hair really stiff and straw-like. I didn't like it at all! So I was really looking forward to using this before I put a straightener to my hair. 

I also thought that it'd be nice to use this in between washes before I styled my hair in the mornings.

As much as I wanted to love this treatment water, it really didn't do much for my hair.

I have tried using this before I run my straightener through my hair and it didn't seem to do much. Luckily, it doesn't make my hair stringy or parched but, at the same time, it didn't make it feel softer or smoother.

I have also used this when I have wanted a bit of hydration a day after I've washed my hair. It only makes my hair a tiny bit softer and shinier but the effects don't last long. My hair quickly drinks it and it's back to it's normal state. I initially thought that this was because I didn't use enough and so I started spraying it very liberally, only to find that the results are the same. Considering how good the lines is, I expected results that would last for more than one day.

It comes with a spray nozzle and I must have completely forgotten how much I hate sprays when I bought it. Because, for me, they are a pain to use. I have enough hair for two heads (my hair stylist always has a good whinge whenever I see him) and it is extremely difficult to distribute product through it. 

A spray doesn't really help with this. I either have to be very, very generous or I have to spray it into my hand to smooth over my hair. The latter is quite difficult because this is just like water and it slips through my hand very easily.  

One of the more positive things about the treatment is that it definitely doesn't weigh my hair down. Just like water, it clings lightly to strands before it sinks in. My hair doesn't feel sticky or look flat immediately after a few sprays.

It also smells beautiful, just like the rest of the Damage Care line. It is a gorgeous combination of fruits and flowers that I can't pinpoint! But I love it! Sadly, the scent also fades quite quickly.

From what I understand, this is only available in Hong Kong and Japan. But I don't think I can recommend this to anyone. Unfortunately, it really didn't do much for my hair. It didn't give my hair any lasting nourishment and my ends still look pretty much the same. I much prefer using hair oil, which makes my hair softer than anything else I've tried!
What type of hair treatments do you use? Any HG products you'd like to share?


  1. LOL at the artfully done spam comment above!! ;p

    I don't use any hair treatment at all. I use some silicon based serum or cream when my hair is much frizzier due to the humidity and that is about it. I wish I could find Asian hair care line like KAO more easily here, though.

    1. AHAH I know right? I just had to delete it. The more I looked at it, the more it didn't sit right with me. LOL.

      Aww I really like Kao's products. They really do make some good haircare products but it's a shame that this one turned out to be a dud!

  2. I find most heat protecting sprays or 'nutrition/ nourishing' sprays are really just plain water with fillers and fragrance. Im not buying water anymore, using oil feels more effective ;)

    1. I agree! Besides, using hair oil feels so much more luxurious. Ahah

  3. try using oils as a heat protectant! I feel like when using liquid sprays it turns my hair a little frizzy which suckkssss. And I'm the exact opposite - I have really thin hair and literally have nothing to cut haha

    ♥ M&L twoplicates

  4. I've always been a bit sus when it came to hair treatments, they either tend to clog my follicles or do nothing! the only thing I feel that's been relatively effective is the dry shampoo!

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food