Monday, 17 February 2014

Innisfree's Original Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

The best thing about doing beauty hauls is that you're always given samples and when you chance upon an awesome sales assistant, you're given a very generous amount. Awhile ago, I bought way too many paper masks at Innisfree and got chatting to a sales assistant. He asked if I had tried one of their most popular products - the Original Volcanic Pore Clay Mask. When I told him that I was new to the brand, he promptly went out back to give me some samples, along with some other goodies. 

Indeed, a quick Google search reveals that the Clay Mask is one of the brand's most recognisable products. It's main ingredient is hardened clay from Jeju Island's volcanic eruptions. This pure substance is intended to absorb sebum and remove any impurities embedded in the pores. 

To be honest, I've never used clay masks because they are generally drying and, with my dry skin, I need all the moisture I can get. But they do have their advantage which is a deep cleanse. So since I got a few packages for free, I decided to give it a try!

The very first time that I used it was all over my face, minus the eye and upper lip area. The formula is surprisingly smooth and easy to spread. It does have a faint clay smell to it but it's not a big bother. After 10-15 minutes on the skin, it hardens and it's ready to be washed off with warm water. 

For my very first clay mask, this one was really, really good. It did exactly as promised - my skin looked clearer and brighter. In particular, my cheek area where my pores are quite enlarged looked smoother. I actually felt that my face was thoroughly and deeply cleansed. 

The only downside is that it really did leave my skin very dry. I used a pack during winter and I had to put a sheet mask straight after because my face felt so tight. But this is keeping in mind that I have abnormally dry skin! 

I've also had good results with just dotting pimples and zits with the mask. It seems to help shrink them quicker!

Personally, I've still got some packs left because I recently did another Innisfree haul and was given some more. But when I'm through with them, I think I'm going to start looking into other clay masks. I'm hoping to find something less drying! Having said this, I definitely recommend this for oily/combo and even normal skin types. My brother has combo skin and thinks its great for clearing his blackheads. I personally quite like it because it helps to cleanse my pores and slowly flatten pimples.