Sunday, 26 January 2014

YSL's Top Secrets Re-Plumping Concentrate Lip & Contour Shaper

It seems I've never had much luck with lip products. For a very long time, everything under the sun stung them and even Vaseline irritated me. So I've always left my lips bare and, by extension, super duper dry. I also have fine lines which makes me too shy to wear pigmented lipsticks. Never mind the fact that, realistically, I'm the only one that sees them! How vain silly of me!

So this begins my little foray into lip products to correct or better the current state their in! A friend of mine recommended YSL's Top Secrets Re-Plumping Concentrate Lip & Contour Shaper, which she said works better than anything else she's ever used. But I never got around to checking out until the lip balm landed in a gift with purchase bag.

YSL advertises that this as a concentrate that instantly plumps up the lips by smoothing and nourishing its lines. It's intended to reshape the lips contours, giving them definition and a good canvas for any lipsticks or gloss to be placed on top. As a lip moisutriser, YSL suggests that it can leave the lips soft, satiny and comfortable. 

The lip applicator squeezes out a slightly pearly balm which smells absolutely divine. It's fruity and similar to that found in YSL's Sheer Candy line. In terms of moisture, I'd say that it did do it's job. It did leave my lips soft and comfortable. The pearly pigmentation of the balm gave my lips some glow that is similar to a  clear gloss. However, there are many, many other drugstore lipbalms on the market that can do better than this at a fraction of the price. So in this respect, I think I expected more.

As for contouring and plumping, the magic really happens when a lipstick is layered on top of it. My God, the results are gorgeous! All of a sudden, my lips looked plumped, defined and prominent. My usually thin upper lip was evened out and emphasised to give an almost sultry look. My lips usually look dry after a pigmented lipstick but this was certainly not the case with this YSL plumped underneath. It really did nourish and moisturise my lips which was definitely surprising!

So is it really worth it? Personally, I think it's a great way to prep and plump my usually dry lips before lipstick. But to be very honest, I don't think you'll notice much of a difference without a lipstick on top!