Sunday, 7 July 2013

My Beauty Diary's Apple Polyphenol Masks

I am notoriously pedantic when it comes to face masks. This is because I think a good face mask applied regularly or before make up application makes a huge difference. I fell off the bandwagon last year and my skin is paying for it this Winter. It's drier and thinner than usual - ahhh, the nightmare!

Over the years, I've found that I like Japanese and Korean hydration face masks the most. Japanese masks tend to be mild but they make my skin appear brighter and clearer. Korean face masks have intense hydration effects and they're really good for rescuing skin. I've found that Taiwanese face masks don't give me the same results and a lot of the times, the hydration effects lasts the night and then in the morning, my face goes back to its pre-face mask condition.

This is the reason why I've never tried My Beauty Diary face masks which are arguably one of the most popular Taiwanese face masks on the market. However, one of my girlfriends just came back from a Thailand-Singapore-Malyasia trip and bought a pack back as a souvenir. 

I was given a box of ten Apple Polyphenol Masks. I used one before taking the photos so you only see nine in the photo! The masks are aimed at tightening pores and hyrdating the skin.

The face mask is made out of paper but it moulds easily to my face and the serum is light and cooling. I absolutely adore the scent of these masks - it smells like fresh Granny Smith apples! It's actually quite relaxing because the smell is quite real.

My skin is quite irritated at the moment (thank you very much Winter!) but I've gone through a few packs just to see how my face would react. Luckily and surprisingly, these masks haven't made my face itchy! That's a massive relief because when my skin isn't at optimal levels, I generally opt for cream masks that soothe.

Given that my pores aren't really that noticeable, I haven't really seen any dramatic changes in their size. But these masks are quite moisturising with their effects lasting around 1-2 days.

Overral, I think these are a good choice if you have normal, oily or dry skin. Since I have very dry skin, these might be better for me during the warmer months! Nonetheless, I find it very fascinating that these masks haven't irritated my skin at all! I'm not sure what that means - maybe they're really mild? I'm going to be on the lookout for other face masks in the My Beauty Diary series. I'm definitely going to get me some hydration ones! Anyone got any suggestions?