Monday, 24 June 2013

Real Techniques Make Up Brushes - The Core Collection

**This product was a competition prize from Priceline Australia. I was never under any obligation to blog about these brushes. The following are my honest and true thoughts about the product.**

At one point, I seriously felt like the last person on earth with a beauty-ish blog to own a set of Real Techniques brushes. Even my non-blogger friends were going nuts over the brushes and buying doubles and triples as back ups! 

I actually don't wear that much make up so I don't own a lot of brushes. I usually use my fingers or Shisedio's Perfect Foundation Brush, which is absolutely perfect by the way, to put on my foundation. However, awhile ago I won a Priceline Twitter competition where they generously sent me a set of Real Techniques Make Up Brushes - The Core Collection as well as some other goodies!

I've been quite impressed with the quality of these brushes. The bristles are soft to the touch, gentle on the skin (important for sensitive skin people!), generally pick up the right amount of product and dry really quickly after a wash.

But how well do they actually perform? 

First up we have the Buffing Brush which is 'ideal for full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation'. On the few occassions that I've used blush and/or powder, I've found that it picks up product very easily. It also distributes it evenly across my face.

For a normal daily look, I don't actually wear blush or powder, so I tried using it with my foundation. The result was not as flawless as Shisedio's Perfect Foundation Brush which has a tendency to press the foundation right into your face.

This Pointed Foundation Brush is used 'with liquid foundation to build custom coverage'. At first, I didn't really like the brush because it was very low density and small in size. But the slim bristle design does have its perks when applying foundation as it allows for greater precision. By turning the brush on its side, it does an awesome job at blending and settling colour around my nose and under my eyes.

I think it works well with low coverage foundations. It's good for building layers but I would have loved it if the bristles were denser and the paddle bigger.

Next up is the Contour Brush which 'delicately applies highlighter to contour or create sheer, soft-focus finish'. Like the Buffing Brush, it picks up the right amount of product and moves it evenly across the face. It is much smaller than the Kabuki brushes I've used in the past but I have taken this one for a spin a few times with my bronzer.

The application is very flawless and the colour is well distributed. Instead of brushing it onto my face, I prefer to roll its side onto my face. This is one of my favourites in the set!

Lastly, is the Detailer Brush with 'precision cut to effortlessly conceal problem areas; or, use with lipstick for long-lasting shape and definition'. I get the least use out of this. The only thing I've come up with is using it to contour the sides of my nose and that works quite well! I think if the brush itself was longer and wider, I'd get greater use out of it.

Overall, I'm definitely happy with the quality of the brushes. They are genuinely good quality and durable brushes that will definitely last. My favourites are the Buffing and Contour Brushes, but the Foundation and Detailer aren't too bad. I just wish they were densier and bigger!

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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Bye Google Reader! Hello Bloglovin'!

Hey guys, 

How is everyone going? Hope all is well! 

As some of you may know, Google Reader is no longer going to exist after 1st July 2013. This means it's going to be harder to keep up with blog updates. 

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Otherwise, you can catch me on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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Friday, 14 June 2013

YSL Volupte Sheer Candy #12

YSL's Volupte Sheer Candy collection is my beauty weakness! I own the Number 4 - Succulent Pomegranate and Number 6 - Luscious Cherry which are gorgeous, wearable pinkish reds that I just love to death! I bang on about them online AND offline to the point where I'm sure some people a little over me talking about it! 

But what's there not to love? The formula feels amazing on the lips - a cross between a light gloss and moisturising balm. My lips which are notoriously dry and reactive to everything (even to Vaseline sometimes!), has never been irritated by Sheer Candy. That, in itself, warrants me going back to these glossy balms. 

I bought Number 12 - Tasty Raspberry back in February but I've been so busy that I haven't even had a chance to use it! Yes, it's been that bad!

Tasty Raspberry is a sweet delicate baby pink that is extremely easy to wear. You can definitely put this on without a mirror. Think your lip but glossier and healthier. The shade is a little glittery but once on the lips, they're not as evident.

I think the biggest concern that people have with Sheer Candy is that the pigmentation is quite low. This is particularly true for this colour. The colour is so sheer that I couldn't actually capture the shade on the back of my hand. 

I honestly think that if you're specifically looking to buy your first or even second Sheer Candy, avoid this one. I really suggest you have a look at Number 4 and 6. Both colours look great on pale and dark lips, and leaves a beautiful lip stain after a few cups of tea or water.  I'm afraid that for Number 12, the colour won't be so evident on darker lips. My lips are on the pale side and the pink just shows enough to give them a hint of glossy pink.

The colour payoff is a bit of a letdown. But since my lips seem to react to everything but Sheer Candy, I'm glad to have it in my collection. At least this way, my lips aren't always either nude or raspberry red from using Number 4!