Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Library Cafe, Tsim Tsa Tsui

One of my life goals is to open/invest in a successful cafe. I can just imagine me behind the coffee machine, making people's daily coffee and having a chat to regulars. It's a terribly romantic view of opening and running a business but, nonetheless, it's something I want to do in this life! One of these days!

But until that day comes, I'm happy to roam the streets looking for cafes with good coffee! Cafes are a dime a dozen in Australia. Less so in Hong Kong. So I'm always happy to go on the hunt for interesting cafes when I'm over there.

One particular cafe that is worth mentioning is the Library Cafe, a 26-seater eatery at the very end of Lane Crawford's Shoe Library in Tsim Tsa Tsui. For those who don't know, Lane Crawford is one of the main luxury retail giants in Hong Kong and the shopping (in my case - window shopping) experience is amazing. Why can't David Jones or Myers be more like Lane Crawford?!

Based on looks, the Library Cafe ticks all the right boxes for me. The fact that it's situated inconspicuously within a luxury department store is a definite advantage because not a lot of people know about it. It really makes you feel like you're insulated from the hustle and bustle which makes this a definite getaway from busy Kowloon, Hong Kong.
The Agnes. B cafe in Harbour City, which I love by the way, is always packed with people and it's literally impossible to get a seat. It's much different at the Library Cafe. I've walked past plenty of times and there's always ample seating available, so it's a good place for people to recharge before shopping again!

I adore the cafe's decor. It's really homey and welcoming. I have a thing for yellow, as opposed to white lightbulbs. I'm not sure how to explain it but it always feels more welcoming!

Funnily enough, these are plastic knives, forks and spoon. . .

I was there with my brother and we ended up ordering two Tuna Melts ($39 each) and one Rose Latte ($45) for me. I haven't seen Rose Lattes in Sydney so I was really eager to try. We sat on the communal table because the smaller round tables are ridiculously small and only preferable if you're looking to only have coffee. Not to mention that my brother and I have a terrible habit of snagging the biggest tables because we sprawl our food and cutlery all over the place!

The Tuna Melt was, unfortunately, not that good. Tuna melts are one of my most favourite simple lunch items in the world! I loveeeee toasties because tuna + lightly toasted bread + thin slice of melted cheese = my idea of fantastic, bombastic love. Ahah! But this one oozed oil! I'm inclined to think that they put oil in the bread before they toasted the entire thing making the entire outcome way too heavy for my liking.

The Rose Latte also could be better. It tasted mostly of rose and by extension was a little too sweet for my liking. I think Agnes B Cafe does a much better rendition where there is a clearer balance between the taste of coffee and rose. It's also cheaper too.

I've heard others having a better experience with their cakes. Apparently, they're better known for them. I've had their takeaway latte ($40) before and it's actually not bad for what you can get in Hong Kong. So although this visit wasn't the best, I do plan on heading back for their cakes!

The Library Café
Lane Crawford
3 Canton Road, 
Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Weekly Musings Pt 5 : On Life and Settling .


I think making people choose what they want to do with the rest of their lives at the age of 17 or 18 is a huge ask. At that age, the large majority have spent their days stuck at school learning things that the education system told them they must learn. Your world basically consists of school, parents and friends. 

How much do you really know about the outside world?

My friends who knew what they wanted to do when they were 17 or 18, were all passionate about their chosen area. One friend chose law because her brother had gone on to study it and she liked the prospect of helping people. Another friend loved Economics at school, so he went on to do finance. They were all really disciplined people and they worked diligently towards their goals. Other friends were flexible enough to settle with whatever they got. 

Perhaps unfortunately, I wasn't any of these people. To clarify, I am disciplined and I work diligently towards goals. But those goals aren't necessarily my own. I am reluctant to commit time and effort to something I know that I have no interest in. Sure, family tried to convince me of what career path to take. They went to great lengths to tell me that Career X will allow me to make a lot of money and, by default, happy. Over the years, I've learnt that, that isn't necessarily true. 

Mo money, mo problems. Ya know what I mean...

Maybe it's me.

I subconsciously believe that the grass is always greener on the other side. Even more unfortunate is that I've always been right - the grass is always greener on the other side. I have this terrible habit of not being able to stay at the one place for a very long time. Mentally, I get restless and I have this constant need to be doing things that stimulate my brain.

Routine scares me and I disengage very easily. I like movement, I like seeing things and I like thinking about things. 

I am constantly told that the norm is just the norm - nothing more, nothing less. The norm isn't neccessarily correct, not neccessarily wrong. It all depends on perspective. My perspective is that what I have in front of me doesn't suit me. It doesn't suit my personality, my needs and my goals. 

In my mind, I have a picture of who I think I am, what I need in life and where I want to be. But I don't know how to get there. I honestly don't. I'm half scared that any wrong move I'll be screwed forever. 

Everytime I ask for a sign, I always get one that tells me to keep going with what I'm currently doing. It always tells me that what I do now is the safest option. But safe just doesn't cut it anymore. 

Neither does danger I guess. 

I like to think that this is pretty much me in a nutshell.

Which is terrible because it means I'm constantly changing up things and 'change' is a tiring process. So tiring that I'm wondering if it's really worth it at the end of the day!

I am that person who asks 'Why?' when they're being asked to settle. I am that person that goes, 'Why stop here? Why can't we take things one step further?'. People say that I have too much fire but I was never born to sit there and take it. If there's something better, I will say there's a better alternative out there. I guess the bad thing is that most people don't like the challenge.

To be honest, change is a difficult thing. I get that but my inability to deal with incompetency and inadequacy overrides my laziness.

Sometimes I feel like I'm allergic to commitment or settling, but when I'm being reasonable, the truth is I'm not. I'm just not willing to commit or settle to/with something/someone I don't believe in. There are so many possibilities in this world.
So the search continues.