Sunday, 18 August 2013

Innisfree's Eco Science Eye Mask

I have a feeling that the next thing in skincare is eyecare. I just know it! I mean, I know the market is still very much obsessed with anti-aging but seriously, we need to start targeting certain areas rather the entire face. And we all know that one of the first places that will show signs of aging are our eyes! That's why I'm always on the lookout for good eye products!

Recently, I purchased Innisfree's Eco Science Eye Mask. Innisfree is a Korean beauty brand that has recently opened two stores in Hong Kong. Their products use natural ingredients found on Jeju island and their packaging is all made from recycled materials. How eco-friendly!

Eco Science is their anti-aging line which aims to add vitality to the skin while strengthening the skin's barrier to combat aging. The main ingredients are Jeju sea plants which are rich in nourishing minerals and nutrients that can help restore and replenish the skin. The Eye Mask is only one of the products that features in this line. 

The mask itself is a transparent gel film. One of the advantages of using a gel mask is that they adhere better to the skin, allowing ultimate essence absorption. You can also avoid the drama of paper masks where, if you wear them for too long, they can suck moisture from your skin. 

Over the years, I've tried a few gel face and eye masks and, unfortunately, I never like them. They're a little pricer than paper masks so you expect them to be better but they rarely work for me. The biggest problem is that with paper masks, you can feel the essence being soaked into the paper/cloth. You can't with gel masks. All you feel is the jelly texture. I find that the masks don't absorb the serum and so you end up having two pieces of gel on your face. 

Sadly, this eye mask didn't work for me either! I didn't see any improvements under my eyes which is a huge shame because other deep water products I've tried does wonders for dry skin. So I was definitely sad to see that this didn't seem to do much. It didn't even do the bare minimum, which is hydrate my under eye area. 

Let down!


Saturday, 3 August 2013

Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion + (Plus)

Like a lot of other girls, my first proper skincare system was from Clinique. I still remember going to the Clinique counter with mum for my 3 step pack and just going wide-eyed at the included yellow bottle of moisturiser. Of course, I'm talking about the Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion!

Unfortunately, the moisturiser never really worked for me. It tended to make my skin oily and shiny as it never sunk into my skin. I've also tried the gel version but that one didn't seem to do much for me in terms of hydration and nourishment.

That's why I was thrilled when I found out that Clinique was doing a revamp of the product. On my last two trips to the Clinique counter to restock some skincare favourites, I was given deluxe samples of the new Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion +.

The product boasts a completely new formula which has the ability to strengthen the moisture barrier of our skin by 54%. What's even more exciting is the inclusion of some new ingredients! Glycerin, Hyaluronic Acid and Urea have been added to the mix to improve our skin's ability to hold water. Mum's been using a Urea-based hand cream for over twenty years now and her hands are seriously softer than mine! So I can definitely confirm the benefits of Urea in a moisturiser.

The sad thing is that I've noticed that I can't use Urea if I have cracked or inflamed skin because it tends to irritate it even more. With this in mind, I was a little scared of putting DDML+ on my face!

As you can see from the photo, the cream is quite light like the old formula. When you spread it out, there's a slight white sheen but it quickly disappears into the skin. One of the biggest differences I've noticed with the new formula is that it penetrates the skin almost instantly. There's absolutely no oily residue and my skin drinks it very easily. I love how smooth and supple my skin feels afterwards!

I'm almost through with one of the three deluxe samples and luckily, the cream has never irritated my skin. Hurray! I've found that it's actually calmed some of that stinging feeling I get in Winter on my upper lip!
It's very likely that I'm going to go out and get a bottle after I've finished with my samples. I've very pleased with the new formula - totally should have happened earlier!


Sunday, 7 July 2013

My Beauty Diary's Apple Polyphenol Masks

I am notoriously pedantic when it comes to face masks. This is because I think a good face mask applied regularly or before make up application makes a huge difference. I fell off the bandwagon last year and my skin is paying for it this Winter. It's drier and thinner than usual - ahhh, the nightmare!

Over the years, I've found that I like Japanese and Korean hydration face masks the most. Japanese masks tend to be mild but they make my skin appear brighter and clearer. Korean face masks have intense hydration effects and they're really good for rescuing skin. I've found that Taiwanese face masks don't give me the same results and a lot of the times, the hydration effects lasts the night and then in the morning, my face goes back to its pre-face mask condition.

This is the reason why I've never tried My Beauty Diary face masks which are arguably one of the most popular Taiwanese face masks on the market. However, one of my girlfriends just came back from a Thailand-Singapore-Malyasia trip and bought a pack back as a souvenir. 

I was given a box of ten Apple Polyphenol Masks. I used one before taking the photos so you only see nine in the photo! The masks are aimed at tightening pores and hyrdating the skin.

The face mask is made out of paper but it moulds easily to my face and the serum is light and cooling. I absolutely adore the scent of these masks - it smells like fresh Granny Smith apples! It's actually quite relaxing because the smell is quite real.

My skin is quite irritated at the moment (thank you very much Winter!) but I've gone through a few packs just to see how my face would react. Luckily and surprisingly, these masks haven't made my face itchy! That's a massive relief because when my skin isn't at optimal levels, I generally opt for cream masks that soothe.

Given that my pores aren't really that noticeable, I haven't really seen any dramatic changes in their size. But these masks are quite moisturising with their effects lasting around 1-2 days.

Overral, I think these are a good choice if you have normal, oily or dry skin. Since I have very dry skin, these might be better for me during the warmer months! Nonetheless, I find it very fascinating that these masks haven't irritated my skin at all! I'm not sure what that means - maybe they're really mild? I'm going to be on the lookout for other face masks in the My Beauty Diary series. I'm definitely going to get me some hydration ones! Anyone got any suggestions?


Monday, 24 June 2013

Real Techniques Make Up Brushes - The Core Collection

**This product was a competition prize from Priceline Australia. I was never under any obligation to blog about these brushes. The following are my honest and true thoughts about the product.**

At one point, I seriously felt like the last person on earth with a beauty-ish blog to own a set of Real Techniques brushes. Even my non-blogger friends were going nuts over the brushes and buying doubles and triples as back ups! 

I actually don't wear that much make up so I don't own a lot of brushes. I usually use my fingers or Shisedio's Perfect Foundation Brush, which is absolutely perfect by the way, to put on my foundation. However, awhile ago I won a Priceline Twitter competition where they generously sent me a set of Real Techniques Make Up Brushes - The Core Collection as well as some other goodies!

I've been quite impressed with the quality of these brushes. The bristles are soft to the touch, gentle on the skin (important for sensitive skin people!), generally pick up the right amount of product and dry really quickly after a wash.

But how well do they actually perform? 

First up we have the Buffing Brush which is 'ideal for full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation'. On the few occassions that I've used blush and/or powder, I've found that it picks up product very easily. It also distributes it evenly across my face.

For a normal daily look, I don't actually wear blush or powder, so I tried using it with my foundation. The result was not as flawless as Shisedio's Perfect Foundation Brush which has a tendency to press the foundation right into your face.

This Pointed Foundation Brush is used 'with liquid foundation to build custom coverage'. At first, I didn't really like the brush because it was very low density and small in size. But the slim bristle design does have its perks when applying foundation as it allows for greater precision. By turning the brush on its side, it does an awesome job at blending and settling colour around my nose and under my eyes.

I think it works well with low coverage foundations. It's good for building layers but I would have loved it if the bristles were denser and the paddle bigger.

Next up is the Contour Brush which 'delicately applies highlighter to contour or create sheer, soft-focus finish'. Like the Buffing Brush, it picks up the right amount of product and moves it evenly across the face. It is much smaller than the Kabuki brushes I've used in the past but I have taken this one for a spin a few times with my bronzer.

The application is very flawless and the colour is well distributed. Instead of brushing it onto my face, I prefer to roll its side onto my face. This is one of my favourites in the set!

Lastly, is the Detailer Brush with 'precision cut to effortlessly conceal problem areas; or, use with lipstick for long-lasting shape and definition'. I get the least use out of this. The only thing I've come up with is using it to contour the sides of my nose and that works quite well! I think if the brush itself was longer and wider, I'd get greater use out of it.

Overall, I'm definitely happy with the quality of the brushes. They are genuinely good quality and durable brushes that will definitely last. My favourites are the Buffing and Contour Brushes, but the Foundation and Detailer aren't too bad. I just wish they were densier and bigger!

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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Bye Google Reader! Hello Bloglovin'!

Hey guys, 

How is everyone going? Hope all is well! 

As some of you may know, Google Reader is no longer going to exist after 1st July 2013. This means it's going to be harder to keep up with blog updates. 

But not to worry! If you'd like to keep following my updates (please do, with fresh cherries on top!), please feel free to follow me via Bloglovin' . It's very similar to Google Reader in the sense that it shows you a short preview of the blog post and any photos accompanying it. 

Otherwise, you can catch me on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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Friday, 14 June 2013

YSL Volupte Sheer Candy #12

YSL's Volupte Sheer Candy collection is my beauty weakness! I own the Number 4 - Succulent Pomegranate and Number 6 - Luscious Cherry which are gorgeous, wearable pinkish reds that I just love to death! I bang on about them online AND offline to the point where I'm sure some people a little over me talking about it! 

But what's there not to love? The formula feels amazing on the lips - a cross between a light gloss and moisturising balm. My lips which are notoriously dry and reactive to everything (even to Vaseline sometimes!), has never been irritated by Sheer Candy. That, in itself, warrants me going back to these glossy balms. 

I bought Number 12 - Tasty Raspberry back in February but I've been so busy that I haven't even had a chance to use it! Yes, it's been that bad!

Tasty Raspberry is a sweet delicate baby pink that is extremely easy to wear. You can definitely put this on without a mirror. Think your lip but glossier and healthier. The shade is a little glittery but once on the lips, they're not as evident.

I think the biggest concern that people have with Sheer Candy is that the pigmentation is quite low. This is particularly true for this colour. The colour is so sheer that I couldn't actually capture the shade on the back of my hand. 

I honestly think that if you're specifically looking to buy your first or even second Sheer Candy, avoid this one. I really suggest you have a look at Number 4 and 6. Both colours look great on pale and dark lips, and leaves a beautiful lip stain after a few cups of tea or water.  I'm afraid that for Number 12, the colour won't be so evident on darker lips. My lips are on the pale side and the pink just shows enough to give them a hint of glossy pink.

The colour payoff is a bit of a letdown. But since my lips seem to react to everything but Sheer Candy, I'm glad to have it in my collection. At least this way, my lips aren't always either nude or raspberry red from using Number 4!


Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Library Cafe, Tsim Tsa Tsui

One of my life goals is to open/invest in a successful cafe. I can just imagine me behind the coffee machine, making people's daily coffee and having a chat to regulars. It's a terribly romantic view of opening and running a business but, nonetheless, it's something I want to do in this life! One of these days!

But until that day comes, I'm happy to roam the streets looking for cafes with good coffee! Cafes are a dime a dozen in Australia. Less so in Hong Kong. So I'm always happy to go on the hunt for interesting cafes when I'm over there.

One particular cafe that is worth mentioning is the Library Cafe, a 26-seater eatery at the very end of Lane Crawford's Shoe Library in Tsim Tsa Tsui. For those who don't know, Lane Crawford is one of the main luxury retail giants in Hong Kong and the shopping (in my case - window shopping) experience is amazing. Why can't David Jones or Myers be more like Lane Crawford?!

Based on looks, the Library Cafe ticks all the right boxes for me. The fact that it's situated inconspicuously within a luxury department store is a definite advantage because not a lot of people know about it. It really makes you feel like you're insulated from the hustle and bustle which makes this a definite getaway from busy Kowloon, Hong Kong.
The Agnes. B cafe in Harbour City, which I love by the way, is always packed with people and it's literally impossible to get a seat. It's much different at the Library Cafe. I've walked past plenty of times and there's always ample seating available, so it's a good place for people to recharge before shopping again!

I adore the cafe's decor. It's really homey and welcoming. I have a thing for yellow, as opposed to white lightbulbs. I'm not sure how to explain it but it always feels more welcoming!

Funnily enough, these are plastic knives, forks and spoon. . .

I was there with my brother and we ended up ordering two Tuna Melts ($39 each) and one Rose Latte ($45) for me. I haven't seen Rose Lattes in Sydney so I was really eager to try. We sat on the communal table because the smaller round tables are ridiculously small and only preferable if you're looking to only have coffee. Not to mention that my brother and I have a terrible habit of snagging the biggest tables because we sprawl our food and cutlery all over the place!

The Tuna Melt was, unfortunately, not that good. Tuna melts are one of my most favourite simple lunch items in the world! I loveeeee toasties because tuna + lightly toasted bread + thin slice of melted cheese = my idea of fantastic, bombastic love. Ahah! But this one oozed oil! I'm inclined to think that they put oil in the bread before they toasted the entire thing making the entire outcome way too heavy for my liking.

The Rose Latte also could be better. It tasted mostly of rose and by extension was a little too sweet for my liking. I think Agnes B Cafe does a much better rendition where there is a clearer balance between the taste of coffee and rose. It's also cheaper too.

I've heard others having a better experience with their cakes. Apparently, they're better known for them. I've had their takeaway latte ($40) before and it's actually not bad for what you can get in Hong Kong. So although this visit wasn't the best, I do plan on heading back for their cakes!

The Library Café
Lane Crawford
3 Canton Road, 
Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Weekly Musings Pt 5 : On Life and Settling .


I think making people choose what they want to do with the rest of their lives at the age of 17 or 18 is a huge ask. At that age, the large majority have spent their days stuck at school learning things that the education system told them they must learn. Your world basically consists of school, parents and friends. 

How much do you really know about the outside world?

My friends who knew what they wanted to do when they were 17 or 18, were all passionate about their chosen area. One friend chose law because her brother had gone on to study it and she liked the prospect of helping people. Another friend loved Economics at school, so he went on to do finance. They were all really disciplined people and they worked diligently towards their goals. Other friends were flexible enough to settle with whatever they got. 

Perhaps unfortunately, I wasn't any of these people. To clarify, I am disciplined and I work diligently towards goals. But those goals aren't necessarily my own. I am reluctant to commit time and effort to something I know that I have no interest in. Sure, family tried to convince me of what career path to take. They went to great lengths to tell me that Career X will allow me to make a lot of money and, by default, happy. Over the years, I've learnt that, that isn't necessarily true. 

Mo money, mo problems. Ya know what I mean...

Maybe it's me.

I subconsciously believe that the grass is always greener on the other side. Even more unfortunate is that I've always been right - the grass is always greener on the other side. I have this terrible habit of not being able to stay at the one place for a very long time. Mentally, I get restless and I have this constant need to be doing things that stimulate my brain.

Routine scares me and I disengage very easily. I like movement, I like seeing things and I like thinking about things. 

I am constantly told that the norm is just the norm - nothing more, nothing less. The norm isn't neccessarily correct, not neccessarily wrong. It all depends on perspective. My perspective is that what I have in front of me doesn't suit me. It doesn't suit my personality, my needs and my goals. 

In my mind, I have a picture of who I think I am, what I need in life and where I want to be. But I don't know how to get there. I honestly don't. I'm half scared that any wrong move I'll be screwed forever. 

Everytime I ask for a sign, I always get one that tells me to keep going with what I'm currently doing. It always tells me that what I do now is the safest option. But safe just doesn't cut it anymore. 

Neither does danger I guess. 

I like to think that this is pretty much me in a nutshell.

Which is terrible because it means I'm constantly changing up things and 'change' is a tiring process. So tiring that I'm wondering if it's really worth it at the end of the day!

I am that person who asks 'Why?' when they're being asked to settle. I am that person that goes, 'Why stop here? Why can't we take things one step further?'. People say that I have too much fire but I was never born to sit there and take it. If there's something better, I will say there's a better alternative out there. I guess the bad thing is that most people don't like the challenge.

To be honest, change is a difficult thing. I get that but my inability to deal with incompetency and inadequacy overrides my laziness.

Sometimes I feel like I'm allergic to commitment or settling, but when I'm being reasonable, the truth is I'm not. I'm just not willing to commit or settle to/with something/someone I don't believe in. There are so many possibilities in this world.
So the search continues. 

Saturday, 23 March 2013

YSL's La Lacquer Couture in No. 28 Bronze Aztec

I've turned into a massive fan of YSL nail polishes! It's not that they're particularly innovative when it comes to colours, textures or price for that matter, but what I absolutely love about them is that they don't smell horrendous like other nail polishes. 

With other nail polish brands, the smell during and after application is just way too strong for me. I usually sleep with my hands under my pillow and sometimes the first thing I smell when I wake up are my nails on the pillow. I swear I can smell the polish on my nails right up until the day I remove it.

Yes, I am that sensitive to smell. AHAH.

That's not to say that YSL polishes don't smell at all. You will definitely smell it when you're painting your nails but after 24 hours, it's virtually gone. 

I recently bought No. 28 Bronze Aztec which is one of those colours you have to see in person to realise how beautiful it is. It's one of those metallic shades that is a million shades depending on what angle you're looking at my nails. The colour is very close to black but upon closer inspection it's actually a deep olive shade with hints of bronze shimmer. 

Like the rest of YSL's nail polishes, it glides on effortlessly and dries very, very quickly. The finish is always smooth and elegant-looking.

The consistency is perfect so you can get by with one application. With one coat, you'll get a metallic finish with a slight khaki tint.  

I was going for a slightly darker look, so this is with two layers. You can definitely see in this photo that it is somewhat black with some subtle shimmers that the light has caught. I love how the shimmers don't steal the show. You have to look closely or be in the sun to actually notice them. 

From afar, it looks like I'm wearing black matte nail polish. 

I love versatility and illusions, so this is perfect for me. It's more playful than a dark navy or straight up black and different people under different lighting see different things. I just love the whole idea!

This photo was taken four days after I painted my nails and they're still looking pretty good with some minor chipping on my other fingers.


Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Shiseido Make Up Tools - Eyelash Curler & Perfect Foundation Brush

I have always maintained that good make up begins with good skin. A good painting is infinitely aided with a good canvas. Because of this, I am eternally on the hunt for products that moisturises and nourishes my skin. You definitely see that reflected in how the majority of this blog is dedicated to skincare as opposed to cosmetics. 

But I guess, I'm starting to realise that the tools we use to apply our make up is just as important. Sure, it may not be news to you, but I've always chosen to blend and apply my foundation with my fingertips! Sometimes, I'll use a paddle foundation brush but I can't say that the finished product looks drastically different. 

I stopped by the Shiseido counter recently to check out their make up tools. I've heard so many rave reviews about their foundation brush ($250HK) and eyelash curler ($130HK) and I ended up purchasing one of each to try. 

I have about five eyelash curlers lying around in my drawers at home! Eyelash curlers seriously never work for me - never, ever! My eyelashes always look bent afterwards and then tend to fall straight back down with mascara. The clamp also isn't flat enough to capture the short lashes so that means if I ever get a curl, it's mostly the middle section.

And don't even get me started on how many times I've accidentally clamped my eyelid.

But this Shiseido eyelash curler is certainly different. The absolute advantage of this curler is that, instead of a roundier clamp which would favour those with already long lashes, this one is much flatter. This makes it wayyyy more easier for me to get all my lashes, including the insanely short ones at the start and the end.

It's also lightweight and has a soft rubber clamp which feels gentle on the lashes.

Can I just say that rave products never seem to work for me? NEVERRRRRRRR and it's so frustrating! When I talk to people and they're going on and on about how Popular Product 'A' is so great and I'm there going 'Yeah errr it didn't work for me'. They literally look at me like, 'What's so great about you that my HG doesn't work for you?'. 

Yeah, my life is complicated.

Anyway, this Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush deserves each and every rave it gets!

The brush is short-handled, slightly slanted ans has extremely dense bristles. I usually dot foundation mixed with moisturiser onto my face and use the brush to dab it in. I then use it in a swiping motion for a clean finish. 

I do apply a little bit of pressure when dabbing on trouble areas like under the eye. Before I got the brush, my foundation always caked and fell into the fine lines under my eyes. But now, I've noticed that this has happened less thanks to the pressurised dabbing motion.

I'm not an expert with make up brushes but this sure beats my regular paddle foundation brush. For one it doesn't streak and it really helps the foundation to blend seamlessly onto my skin. Without it, if you look close enough, my foundation looks like it's sitting on top of my skin. 

With the brush, my face doesn't look terribly made it. It just looks like my skin but with an evened out skintone and I think that's what you want for a normal day look!

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Review: Avene Gentle Toner

Apart from the duty free prices, I love buying beauty items from Hong Kong because you're almost always guaranteed samples and gifts with purchases. If you're lucky and get helped by a really nice  sales assistant, you might be given an amount of samples that is equivalent to the actual full-size product! Using samples is actually quite important to me because I'm not huge on buying an array of full size products that I've never tried before. I need to try before I buy because my skin is so sensitive.
I got these Avene Gentle Toner samples on my recent trip to the Avene counter. Thankfully, I've met a wonderful sales assistant who is genuinely concerned about my dry and fragile skin, so she's very generous when it comes to samples.

I've tried a few sample bottles of the toner before and I really liked it. Personally, this is the only toner I can use when my skin is inflamed. It does a very good job of soothing and calming down my irritated skin. It feels refreshing, light and it doesn't leave a sticky sheen across my face. Like most Avene products, it smells like a mixture of very clean soap and baby powder. I find the scent quite pleasant and comforting!

The only negative is that I don't think it's tremendously good at further cleansing your skin before you put on your moisturiser. You don't get that clean feeling you get from most toners and so I don't think non-sensitive skin types will particularly find this product useful.

To me, I think the toner is more of a calming lotion and because of that, I use it on and off. Having said that, I don't think there's any harm in having this toner at home if you do have regular flare ups with your skin. Whenever my skin is up in flames and is parched, this toner really feels like heaven.


Sunday, 3 February 2013

Crystal Jade, Causeway Bay

Another Hong Kong food post!

Crystal Jade is a Michelin star Restaurant with multiple branches throughout Hong Kong. Serving predominately Shanghainese dishes, Crystal Jade is a known for its Sichuan Dan Dan noodles and its array of dumplings. 

I try to visit each time in Hong Kong because I like how clean each dish tastes.

I always like to order a vegetarian appetiser to start off with. This is made from an assortment of vegetables and mushrooms wrapped in fried bean curd sheets.

I love fried bean curd on it's own or wrapped around vegetables. They're so crunchy and I just wish this dish was a main because there wasn't enough to go around!

When I was in Shanghai a few years ago, I hated Xiao Long Bao. I hated them with a passion! GRR! The taste of the pork was way too overpowering and I had to fight the entire dumpling from coming back out of my mouth. To be honest, I don't really eat much meat and by default, I don't like that blatant smell and taste of meat. 

So it's always been a big no-no with Xiao Long Bao. 

But Crystal Jade is known for their dumplings and so there's always a steamer on our table.

Surprisingly, these are really good and it's completely changed my view on Xiao Long Bao. While the taste of pork is definitely still there, the soup is flavoursome enough to minimise that obvious meat smell.

God, so good!

A simple cabbage stir fry.

At home, we usually have at least two different types of vegetables at the dinner table. So when we're out, we always order a nice plate of veggies.

I love their stir fried Shanghai rice cake! The beauty of it is that the rice cakes are cooked just right - tender, soft and yet still chewy!

I just wish there was some consistency with the dish sizes. On some occassions, I get a huge plate of rice cake and on other times, I get a small serve as seen in the photo.

Stir fried Shanghai noodles! Another favourite of mine because the noodles taste udon-like and I love me some udon.

Again, sometimes this can comes out onto our table as a huge serving. And other times, you get a smaller portion which gets snapped up within minutes.

This time I tried a dessert there as well. I chose the lovely Osmanthus cake, which is essentially a cold jelly made from Osmanthus water.

Not a lot of places do these cakes anymore and so they're definitely worth trying at Crystal Jade!

Crystal Jade
Shop B224, Times Square
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Review: YSL's Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation

For years now, I've been mixing my foundation with YSL's Touche Eclat. I don't actually have a stable foundation and have been living off sample tubes. I always get given a stack of beige-coloured foundation samples with my skincare purchases. I am on the paler side, so I like to mix a little bit of Touche Eclat in it to lighten the shade and to give my face a hint of radiance. 

Awhile ago, I learnt about YSL's Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation ($400HK) which has been inspired by the illuminating effects of the Touche Eclat. I read a few reviews online and found that the comments were generally positive. So I made a mental note to try it out when I was in Hong Kong!

The Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation is being marketed as a weightless fluid foundation that highlights and contours, giving our face greater dimension. It is free from opaque fillers and helps with evening out skintones.

More simply, the product is not meant to entirely conceal our natural skin colour. Its intention is to even out our skintone by letting it shine through the foundation particles.

Like most girls, I am in love with YSL's packaging. That gold really emphasises that sense of prestige that I associate with the brand. The foundation is housed in a glass pump bottle that I find very convenient for application. It'll be interesting to see when I'm close to finishing the bottle whether I'll have any problems getting any remaining product out of there.

I got matched several times for the foundation - B20, BR20 and B30. The first two shades belong to the paler beige colours. BR20 is a lovely milky beige colour with a hint of pink rose and B30 is a yellowy shade that in actuality, matched my actual face colour the most. However, I ended up purchasing B20 which sits between BR20 and B30. 

B20 is a creamy beige that simply made my face look alive. It gave me that hint of vibrancy that neither BR20 and B30 could deliver. Although B30 is close to my actual skin colour, it made my face look dull and a bit flat. 

The SA that was helping me really wanted me to get BR20 but the colour itself is quite pale despite it having that lovely rosy hue that I like. Pale might be the way to go in Hong Kong because that's the look that most women strive for but it's impractical for Australia where I would turn out looking ghostly.

The foundation is extremely light, fluid and feels like silk on my face. A little bit goes a long way as it spreads easily. I've tried applying this with a brush, sponge applicator and my fingertips, and have found that the latter works the best for me. I like to work the product into my skin with my fingers. I also genuinely believe that this foundation works for all skin types. It's light enough for oily and normal skin types and creamy enough for dry skin.

The first few days I wore this, I kept staring at myself in mirrors. My face looked much more radiant and healthy. I also loved how it didn't feel like a mask on my face. Just about every other foundation that I've tried makes me feel like I'm wearing a veil on my face.

However because the product offers such a dewy finish, it does not do much in terms of coverage. At the most, it covered the minor redness that I have on my eyelids. It did not sufficiently cover my dark eye-circles. By extension, I have found that it's not a long-lasting foundation. I struggle to have the product on my face the entire day. 


Friday, 18 January 2013

Macau Restaurant, Tsim Tsa Tsui

Hi everyone!

I'm back again! You have no idea how excited I am to get back to blogging! For those who have been following my Instagram and Twitter, you'll know that I've spent a month in Hong Kong and Macau. I've just returned home and I cannot wait to share with you all the amazing things I've done!

I've been travelling between Australia and Hong Kong since I was a few months old according to my parents. This is mainly because our family is split between the two countries. I can definitely say that this trip was by far the best. I saw so much and learnt even more!

Hong Kong is filled with a million different eats and it's always difficult for me to answer those who ask which restaurant is my absolute favourite. However, Macau Restaurant in Tsim Tsa Tsui is definitely on my recommend list for travellers and those looking for a quick but fulfilling meal.

Situated near Canton Road, the Macau Restuarant is a great choice for those who are fuelling up or refuelling after a hectic round of shopping. It's not a fancy place to eat, since it's a Hong Kong style Tea Restaurant but the extensive menu features delicious Macanese and Hong Kong eats served piping hot and in quick succession. Great for hungry hippos and those on the go.

A lot of people go to the Macau Restaurant for the Pork Chop buns. A lot of people say that this is what Macau people eat but after speaking to a few locals on my Macau street, they all laughed and said 'This is what Hong Kong people think we eat. We don't all eat Pork Chop buns'. 


Nonetheless, the Pork Chop bun at Macau Restaurant is really taste and I like them more than the ones I've had in Macau. The pork chop piece is always seasoned perfectly and is sandwiched between a crispy bun. Pork chop buns always taste better when the bun is crispy!

Stir fried green beans with minced pork and olive paste is a Cantonese dish that I always order in Hong Kong. When done well, you can actually taste the 'Wok Hei' from the wok. This one isn't bad. What I liked most about it was that although it looks quite oily in the photo, in reality you couldn't really taste it.

We also ordered a mild chicken curry. I'm not big on curries but my brother is and he found this curry very well done. He said that it was full of spices and the potato pieces just melted in your mouth. 

I can't eat spicy things because I seriously start sweating! AHAH. 

The whole fish with fried noodles, vegetables and mushrooms was also super tasty! The best part was the crunchy friend noodles which was softened by the sauce that was layered on top of the dish. 

The only critique I have about this dish is that they could have at least chopped up the veggies a bit more. Far out! That piece of vegetable is almost as long as the dish!

Hope everyone has having a great 2013! 

Macau Restaurant
25-27 Lock Road
Tsim Tsa Tsui, Kowloon