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Three Mini ( aka Non Essay Style) Reviews .

Hello everyone!

Goodness me, it has been a VERY long time since I last blogged! How are we all? Hope everyone is well! I'm slowly catching up on blogs and seeing everyone's new products and outfits - loving everything I'm seeing. Sorry for my excessive absence! I've gone back to uni for my Masters and it's been a rollercoaster ride - no joke! You think spoon feeding is what they did in high school but nooooo. Spoon fed is what happens in Undergrad, ladies and gentlemen! Masters is literally DIY!

On the bright side, I've been microblogging a fair bit on Twitter and Instagram. Admittedly, I've been tweeting some dry humour and Instragramming uninteresting photos. But something is better than nothing, right?!

Anyway, I'm baccckkk and to ease myself back into blogging I'm going to do Three Mini Reviews. Need to brush up on my non-essay writing skills!

via Lancome

Have you ever taken Lancome's 7 Day Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate Challenge? Over the years, I've tried the challenge about 4 times thanks to some generous sales assistants. Lancome boasts that the concentrate can revitalise skin, making it visibly younger in just 7 days. Skin is said to look brighter, softer and much more radiant. These are huge promises in my books.

With all concentrates, you're supposed to use them day and night in between your cleanser and moisturiser. The product is a lightly scented, clear gel-like essence that spreads quite easily onto the skin. It is quickly absorbed but I like to wait a little awhile to allow my skin to drink it in before putting on my moisturiser.

Results can be seen in about two days. My skin was noticeably brighter and 'more together', which is Valentine-speak for being more nourished. I continued using the concentrate until the end of the challenge and cannot say that there were any other improvements. So I'm inclined to think that the differences were really subtle. In hindsight, my skin looked like it had been slightly stretched, which I didn't appreciate.

After I stopped using the concentrate, my face went back to normal. I haven't actually bought a full bottle to use yet and probably won't in the near future. This is because I feel as if the improvements I saw were very superficial. My skin didn't actually feel softer during the 7 day period. It makes me think that the concentrate never sunk into my skin properly. 'Looking' younger is important but personally, I rank having soft skin higher.

I used to never get pimples! Even when I got stressed, which was quite often, I wouldn't have a breakout. Most people spend their teenage years battling breakouts but I never had those experiences. I mean, I had my own problems to deal with - sensitive skin was and still is a pain in the ass. 

But this year I've been breaking out like mad!

I'm always lecturing my brother, who's prone to breakouts, about popping his pimples but now I literally stand there in front of the mirror analysing how I'm going to pop mine. It is a nightmare!

And because my brother probably pities me, he left a Clinelle's Blemish Care Gel on my dresser the other day with a note saying 'Put this on after you pop your pimple(s)'. 

This stuff is king. Seriously, no joke. Kinnnggg. Squeeze a bit of gel out, gently rub some on the red area and then go to sleep! By the time you wake up, the area is no longer red and swollen-looking. It definitely speeds up recovery. How amazing is that?

There are probably two downsides to this product. The first one is that it doesn't seem to work as well on areas that aren't full-blown pimples yet. Secondly, from what I know, you can only buy the product in Hong Kong and Malaysia.

I've being using a lot of Avene's products over the past two years and really like what I've tried so far. One product that I must rave about is the Hydrance Optimale Light Hydrating Cream SPF 20 I'm using now. First and foremost, this is a moisturiser with the added benefit of sun protection. I like to use this one in the daytime and at night, I use Hydrance Optimale Light Hydrating Cream which is the same thing, minus the SPF.

It's a simple and gentle product that does its job. It comes out as a light fluid that spreads easily. Once applied, there is a slight white cast which is honestly unnoticeable unless you're analysing your face up close. In terms of moisturising abilities, I apply the cream liberally during the summer and spring. It's not nourishing enough for the colder months and I find myself wearing a thicker cream underneath.

The best thing about this cream is that it helps to settle and soothe sensitive skin. It really helps to alleviate the redness associated with sensitive and irritable skin. It does take a couple of days since the improvements are gradual. But it sure beats waiting it out and not putting anything on your skin. 

I don't think it's a must try for people who don't have sensitive skin. If you have non-sensitive skin, there are plenty of moisturiser/sunscreen combinations out there that have higher SPF. But if like me, your skin is often red and irritated, I would definitely give this a go.  

Okay, I'm on a roll! Be back soon!

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  1. Glad you're back and great reviews! I've never tried any of Lancome's serums as I don't believe they work in terms of reducing wrinkles or whatever. I'd rather spend money on a serum that really works! Plus they're really expensive!!
    I've been getting into Avene lately too, I love how it's so perfect for my dry and sensitive skin :)

  2. I just followed you on Instagram, didn't know that you had one :) The Avene cream sounds like something I'd want to try - SPF is a must for me if I'm using it in the day. Think I'll be steering clear of that Lancome concentrate though - it's always hard to see if those things are doing anything!