Saturday, 25 August 2012

YSL's No. 1 Griffe Dorée Nail Set

Do you girls still wear nail shatter? It seems like the trend has kind of passed already?

I was never too into nail shatter because it always seemed to look so haphazard and messy. I'm one those neat and simple girls. I like things consistent-looking and so the 'whatever goes' nature of shatter nail polishes never appealed to me. Having said that, I did purchase a blue OPI shatter awhile ago just to see what the hype was about. I've only used it once or twice and it's just sitting in my drawers now. 

I was at a YSL counter in Hong Kong during my January trip picking up some skincare when I saw a sales assistant with the prettiest nail shatter ever. Literally! The base colour was a creamy metallic gold with pitch black shatter on top. It looked so elegant and artistic combined together.

She told me she was wearing No. 1 Griffe Dorée from YSL's Manucure Couture Les Fauves collection. Apparently it was a limited edition nail set with a base colour and a bottle of black shatter.

Unfortunately, they'd sold out of No. 1 and I was due to fly out of Hong Kong in a few hours so I wasn't able to purchase it. But alas, I was able to get my hands on the duo pack on my most recent trip over there!

I've never tried YSL's nail polishes before but I was willing to give it the benefit of the doubt since their other beauty products are pretty good. Not to mention how luxurious their packaging always looks. I'm a huge sucker for appealing packaging!

Here I'm wearing Revlon's Quick Dry Base Coat, one layer of Griffe Dorée, one layer of the Black Shatter and I finished it with Revlon's Clear Polish. 

I wish I had taken photos of the gold on its own to show you. It really is a gorgeous metallic gold that glides on like a dream and looks smooth and milky when it's dried. It actually looks quite beautiful on it's own. 

When the black shatter goes on the gold, the results look quite bland but once you go over it with a clean polish, the colours really stand out. The intensity of the black brings out the sparkly look of the gold. I also love how consistent the shatter seems. They kind of look coordinated? AHAH. 

Both polishes are wonderfully smooth and dry very quickly. My only problem is that I found the brush a bit too clunky. I would have preferred a thinner and sturdier brush like Zoya's. That would really make reaching the sides' of nail much more easier.

The gold base colour is a bit too luxurious and formal for my daily life and so I've tried the black with a few different shades. This is one of the best outcomes I've had. 

In this photo, I'm wearing OPI's Do You Lilac It as a base colour and YSL Black Shatter on top. The black shatter actually looks a bit more artistic in this one!

What nail styles are you loving at the moment?

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  1. The lilac + black shatter combination is to die for. The quality of the YSL shatter seems much better than the OPI formula, Which was gloopy after a few uses and slowly the shatter was inconsistant.

  2. I was thinking of nail shatter the other day and wondered why it disappeared so fast! I'm getting into french tips again now that my nails are longer :)
    The last combo is so pretty though but the gold and black is so elegant looking and grown up (which won't suit me haha).

  3. I remember when shatter top coats were all the rage! For me, that was when OPI released their Black Shatter as part of the Katy Perry collection. I think the most flattering black shatter combination is definitely with a gorgeous gold base :)

  4. haha true what happened to nail shatter? all of a sudden I was seeing OPIs nail shatter in the bargain bins at Priceline. it might make a comeback though lol. the gold with black is probably the prettiest version I've seen though. It kind of reminds me of the classy sister to leopard print haha!

    and thanks for your comment too. so did you start off doing law and then drop it? and yes a lot of people in my degree are struggling to find jobs. I think some of the ones who combined it with arts and science degrees are really kicking themselves. I combined mine with commerce and this helped me get my job I guess. I'm actually working for the ABS in a non-law position. I kind of stopped considering going into law a few years ago but I just tried to continue on with my course. the pay is still pretty good so I'm happy! :)

  5. I don't know how YSL makes cracle polish super elegant!
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  6. I LOVE the black + gold combo!! I did buy OPI black shatter a while back to try it out but it just didn't look right on me (it's probably the way I applied it though lol).

  7. I agree with you on the shatter polish trend--I was never interested in it and much prefer just a simple mani but in bright, bold colors. I will say, though, that the black and gold YSL mani you did does look gorgeous, though I don't know if I would spend money on it myself

  8. I love YSL products. They work so well. Black and gold is always gorgeous.
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  9. I loveeeeeee YSL products!
    I love the first nail design too x

  10. i love crackle polish! cute blog!


  11. Hello!!
    Your blog is amazing! Loved it!!
    Can you please follow me back? (i follow already)
    If you want, please, follow my twitter, I'd appreciate!!

  12. hey Valentine! it's ok about the late reply, I often reply late myself :( haha I'm so glad you're enjoying business law! HR sounds interesting to study as well. I'm not really sure if I can offer advice on whether you should move back into law or not. In my course there are some who have picked it up at a later stage, and they don't regret it. but like you said there are those who are now working in that field and hate it. I was talking to a friend's dad one day, and both his wife and him have worked in law. he told me that if I wasn't passionate about it, I shouldn't work there due to the pressure of meeting time sheets and other stress. like I said I can't really offer advice on what you should do but I hope that you are confident with whichever decision you make :)

  13. Hey you long time! How have you been?
    Gosh love the polishes hun!
    HOpe you been doing pretty well out there!