Sunday, 5 August 2012

Weekly Musings Pt 4 : Hello! Long time no see!

Thank you to everyone that left comments in my last post! An even bigger thank you to everyone who shared their product knowledge and tips! I'm definitely going to go back to some of the products and give them a second chance. 

Hopefully, I'll get better results!

I know it's been awhile since I last updated and that's because I've literally been all over the place. I just got back to Australia a little over the week ago and I'm hoping to stay for as long as I can! AHAH. This whole flying around, experiencing life, looking for opportunities has taken its toll. I honestly miss my bed. AHAH.

So I am really behind with everyone's blogs but I'll be catching up very soon! So hold tight. I'll be visiting as soon as I can!

If I weren't afraid, I would bungee jump

People who know me personally snicker every single time I tell them that I'd love to bungee jump one day. I mean, it's not like I'm scared of heights or anything. It's just that. . .

. . .actually I don't know why they have a good laugh everytime this comes up in conversation. It must be because I don't look like the type who would want to do a bungee jump.

But it's definitely on my bucket list. I'd love to jump with a significant other, preferably with my future fiance or husband. We could do a couple bungee jump together! While I can say I don't fear heights, I am pretty sure that I'd be carrying on like a complete lunatic if I had to stand on the jump podium alone. Probably screaming my head off and crying like a child.

So that's why I want to do it with a significant other. In person, I can be quite an independent person. I am mostly a self-sufficient person and I'm used to being relied upon, as opposed to relying on others. Of course it gets tiresome at times but I would say it's mostly a joy. So think about it this way - for me to do a bungee jump with someone else is a very deliberate display on my part to show the other person that I am willing to put all my faith and trust in them. Perfect display of love, no?

*eyes blossom in pink love hearts*

At least that's how I see it because I totally refuse to jump with someone who's not willing to hold me super duper close, whisper 'it's going to be okay' in my ear and chuckle at my whimpers. Yesss, I have the entire scenario all mapped out in my head.

And if I turn 35 and I'm without a significant other, I'm going to bungee jump myself. Mark my words.

Dear Mr Valentine, Miss Valentine would like to meet you before she turns 35. Please do not leave her standing alone at the bungee podium alone.

Too many people talk about moving forward as if it's the most natural thing to do in times of crisis. However, when pressed for instructions on how to do just that, the rehearsed response is usually, 'You just do it. You pick yourself up, dust Self-pity of one shoulder and Regret off the other. You take your pretty little self out to coffee, meet up with friends, meet new friends, spend a night out in the city...'

That's the worst advice to give someone. 

Caffeine, meeting up with friends, meeting new people or having a night-out are band-aids. A means to an end. A filler to temporarily satisfy a void left behind.

Surely the solution lies in the past. 'Moving on' comes from recognising and accepting the past. It comes from looking at past triumphs and failures in order to make a better judgement of what should be done today and in the future. It's about recognising how and why you succeeded and failed. It's about going to the root of the problem in order to uncover a plausible solution. 

I am one of those people who can analyse things to death and think of a gazillion possibilities in a split second. I am one of those people who don't go from Point A to Point B. I am someone who goes from Point A to G to D to Y to Z to S. And believe it or not, that has served me well for a very long time. But times have changed and it is no longer something that I like to boast as one of my core strengths.

I went back to my past and tried to look for answers. The process hurt like hell. To cut through my over-analysing tendencies and then see things for what they were was tough. But I knew that the pain would be incomparable to the bitterness I'd have to carry for the rest of my life if I didn't do it.
The past is what made you who you are today. If you want to change the future, you go and confront your past. Look it right in the face and bravely make acquaintances with it.

A few weeks ago, our family went to Macau just to recharge and spend some time together. We booked two rooms at the Hard Rock Hotel in the City of Dreams Resort for a two night stay. We'd stayed there previously and it wasn't all that enjoyable. Luckily, things were much better this time around. 

We had a wonderful stay and the hotel even extended our rooms for an extra two nights without extra charge. So our quick holiday turned into a pretty lengthy affair which was excellent. Everyone in the family is so busy these days that being able to eat at the same table has turned into a bit of a luxury. 

Highlight of the trip was probably jumping on the hotel beds. AHAH. 

I would say that I come from a relatively strict and ordered household. There are a lot of rules - spoken and unspoken. One of them is 'no jumping on the beds - made or not made'. 

I felt so deprived as a kid! AHAH. Which kid doesn't jump on their beds?! 

Anyway, I grew up and jumping on a bed seemed childish, unimportant and almost unnecessary?

But then my brother, who is only a few years younger than me, full launched himself on the hotel bed and started jumping. He's usually very poised, which either earns him respect or fear. 

But there he was jumping on the bed and going off like a nutcase.

'Just jummmmpppp!'

So I get on and start jumping with him. 

Moments later, mum comes in through the door and the two of us are leaping from bed to bed in hysterics. 

'What's going on?!'

Nothing. Just having fun. 

And lastly, one quick photo of my latest obsession. Seriously, who isn't in love with Matt Bomer these days? 

Admittedly, he's my flavour of the month because he looks gorgeous in a suit. Broad shoulders, sharp jawline and deep-set eyes. And all in a tailored, pinstripe navy suit! In love!

I've never been a big fan of vests inside blazers because most guys end up looking cramped. But *swoons* Mister Bomer just looks gorgeous. 

There's definitely something about his eyes. Is it because he rarely blinks or that his eyes are just THAT piercing? Far out, I don't know how I react if I met him in person. I'd be caught between wanting to look into his gorgeous eyes and not wanting to have him pin me with them. 

And yes I know he has a partner and three children. Yes, I know. But since he looks good enough to devour, I reserve the right to fantasise.

See you in my dreams tonight, Mister Bomer! AHAH. 


  1. That is so sweet and cute your reason for doing a bungee jump - very romantic :)

    Thank you for reminding me how fun jumping on beds can be! I am going to jump on the beds next time I'm staying at a hotel!! Still strictly no bed jumping at my place haha.

    Another fantastic post - missed you!

  2. Oh my gosh, if I wasn't afraid I would also bungee jump! Hehe. Or I would go sky diving too. I am too afraid of heights =(

  3. I never got to jump on the bed as a kid as well. But I did do some trampoline as a sport in high school ... so I guess that made for it somewhat? :p I haven't thought about bungee jumping but I have considered sky diving. Don't know if I have the guts though!

  4. hahaha you are so funny! :P I've actually always wanted to go bungee jumping as well but like you, I don't think I could do it alone and it's just so much more comforting having the SO with you. I would also like to go skydiving with him! ah and I come from a strict household as well. I feel like only as I grow older I start to discover and embrace all those childhood things I missed out on haha.

  5. Bungee jumping used to be on my bucket list, but then I was told about all the injuries you could have from the tugging of the rope, which I don't know if it's all true, but I'm convinced it's not for me. So sky diving it is! :P And as romantic as it would be to do it with my significant other, I would choose to sky dive with an instructor any day lol!