Sunday, 17 June 2012

Peking Restaurant, Hong Kong

Firstly, thank you to everyone who has entered my Guerlain x Essential giveaway! We're a few days away from the competition closing and I'm actually really excited to find out who wins! Will it be you?!

I just have a few photos to share with you today!

The one place I visit without fail when I'm in Hong Kong is the Peking Restaurant. I've been going since I was a baby and we always order the same dishes. I don't know much about Beijing cuisine and it's not exactly something I seek out when choosing what to eat. But people have told me that the Peking Restaurant is one of those rare gems that serves traditional, authentic and honest Beijing food. 

That probably explains its popularity. The Peking Restaurant is located on the second floor and you have to go up this insanely steep staircase to get to it. Every single time I'm there, there's a line. It literally blocks the two-door entry into the restaurant and the staircase is completely littered with customers waiting on each step. 

My parents know the owner and so miraculously there's always a table for us, regardless of the amount of people. I know it's unfair and I feel guilty sometimes! But in a way, it's really reflective of what Hong Kong society really is about - connections and favours!

This place has been operating for decades now and its decor is really reflective of this. It's definitely more functional than decorative. But it fits in well with the sense of tradition and nostalgia. It brings back a lot of memories for me since I only visit once or twice a year.

For those of you who've been to Hong Kong, I'm sure you'll agree that it's an unbelievably fast-paced place. Everyone is always in a rush - people seem to walk/run through the crowds, speak at the speed of lightening and demand for things to happen instantly. Things change really quickly and to have something that's stable and unchanging is comforting.

 Vegetarian Duck Tofu Rolls
 I love all vegetarian tofu dishes - maybe because they're always so flavoursome. These duck tofu rolls taste smoky and it's a strangely addictive taste.

Fried egg white with crabmeat
 Everyone likes to eat this with a bit of vinegar. But since I'm not 'everyone', I eat mine plain. AHAH.

Shark fin in Chicken Soup with Man Tou
Out of all the shark fin soups I've had, Peking Restaurant serves up the best. There is an abundance of shark fin and the chicken flavour of the soup is divine. Whenever it's winter in Australia, I crave this soup like no other!

Peking Duck
 Not a huge Peking Duck fan but my brother, who can easily eat half the plate, loves it. 

 Sweet and sour whole fish

Kung pao prawns

Red bean souffle balls
These actually taste really good. The red bean is smooth and not overly sweet. Nonetheless, they're really decadent and we always end up taking them home to eat since we're so full from the meal!

There is honestly nothing fancy about the dishes they cook up. There's definitely no decorative plating and the food is often haphazardly arranged. The noise level here can get unbelievably loud at times and we have to raise our voices in order to be heard by each other. Waiters do mad rushes around our table trying to delegate responsibilities and direct people to their tables.

It's everything that I usually stay away from.

But because I'm with family I rarely see, I can overlook it all. 

And besides, who can say no to a good Shark Fin in Chicken soup? I can't!

Peking Restaurant
227 Nathan Road
Jordan, Hong Kong


  1. now I'm feeling hungry !!
    I wish they have this kind of chinese food here in Berlin. I really miss eating authentic and good chinese food.
    I really want to visit Hong kong one day ;) looks like Hong kong is a really nice place to visit .

  2. I know what you mean about not eating Chinese like that "usually" LOL. Anyway the food looked good, so did the dessert.. something I'd avoid as well LOL.

  3. Ahhh food looks insanely good. T_T; So hungry now!

  4. You took really good photos - it's making me hungry! The Fried egg white with crabmeat looks amazing. I've never heard/tried that dish before.
    I think it's typical for chinese restaurants to be a bit mad and loud sometimes haha but that's where you normally find the best food! I miss Hong Kong :(

  5. I really need to try this place next time I'm in Hong Kong. Though I'm usually one to avoid noisy and crowded restaurants too. But that soup looks really delish...I'm so hungry now!

  6. All the food looks so good and I feel so hungry after reading this post. Peking duck and the stir fry egg shite with crabmeat are some of my favourite dishes too.


  7. The food looks absolutely delicious! Especially the shark fin in chicken soup, I can definitely see how you'd crave that in winter (especially as it's been so cold here lately). I have only been to Hong Kong once for a few days about 7 years ago - the food was so yummy though, I wish I could revisit :)

  8. OOOOO Peking duck!?!?!? Oh my god Valentine! Every dish looks amazing, the and dessert is out of this world! You are lucky to have family friends who own a restaurant in HK>

  9. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey, i am your reader from hong kong;)
      thank you for recommending such amazing place to eat!!! i will definitely go there with my family in tge weekend!!!!!!!