Thursday, 10 May 2012

Review : Guerlain's Super Aqua-Lotion Toner

Do people still use toner these days?

I stopped using toner for an entire year because I thought it was drying out my skin and I swear it was the worst mistake ever. My T-Zone went oily and I started seeing blackheads on my nose. Actually, my T-Zone is still oily and I just can't seem to find a way to get rid of my stubborn blackheads! Help!

When you think about it, toners are important to ensure that your face is completely rid of residual grim and make up. A good toner penetrates the pores, removes excess oil and dead skin cells. It essentially preps your skin for the moisture that is to follow, enabling your skin to better absorb the hydration.

Of course there's always the argument that toners strip the skin of its natural moisture and therefore people can do without it. Luckily, most skincare brands have recognised this concern and begun producing gentler toners that not only work to remove leftover dirt, but also hydrate at the same time.

At first I was skeptical. How on earth can you have a toner that basically removes something from your face WHILE putting something back into it?

Alas, I have found a product that does just that.

Say hello to the latest love of my life - Guerlain's Super Aqua-Lotion Toner.

Guerlain's Super Aqua Toner has the brand's patented Desert Rose Flower Complex which nourishes and plumps dehydrated skin. This technology is based on a desert flower that thrives in the harshest arid environments. This flower is able to absorb and retain moisture, giving itself life and nutrients. The ingredients found in this toner does something quite similar. The toner cleanses whilst reinforcing the skin's internal barrier, trapping any moisture you give it.

I'm a few days away from finishing my first bottle and really have head over heels in love with this toner.

It cleanses so effortlessly and does an excellent job at removing anything leftover from my cleanser. With other toners, dirt rarely shows up on my cotton pads despite my face feeling a little grimy and weighed down. Half a pump of this Guerlain toner and my skin feels refreshed and thoroughly cleansed.

A big tick for effective cleansing!

I really like how soft and supple my skin feels afterward. The toner also smells divine - a mixture of roses and a slightly floral fragrance. It smells comforting and a bit like old-school luxury.

The toner is also alcohol-free and I haven't had any problems with it so far. Although, I choose not to use it when my skin is flaring or feeling thin. I'm honestly not much a risk-taker when it comes to my face and so when my skin is sensitive, I will use a basic moisturiser and leave everything else until later.

This toner is a product that I believe in and honestly think will suit all skin types. Oily-types will enjoy the freshness of the toner, normal skin-types will benefit from the gentle yet effectiveness of the product and my dry-faced comrades will really love how moisturising their skin feels afterward!

Would you like to try Guerlain's Super Aqua-Lotion Toner? I'm going to hold a GIVEAWAY very soon and this is going to be one of the prizes. 

So stay tuned!


  1. Oh...this has to be amazing. Anything from guerlain is amazing but I can only imagine the pricetag...ahhhh! I use clinique clarifying lotion I that doesn't really dry out my skin and is still budget friendly.

  2. I use to always skip toner too! I just thought it was unnecessary. But now that I use it more regularly, I don't think I can skip it anymore. I haven't actually tried any Guerlain skincare products, this sounds really promising!

  3. I recommend peeling gels for exfoliate the dead skin cells - I find that if I don't exfoliate, blackheads start sprouting.

    wow this is such a lux toner! It does sound good.. I'm like you I have oily t-zones I find that rose water really helps. Maybe you can look it to it :)

  4. Thanks for the in depth review - really makes me want to try it! But Guerlain is rather pricey, will have to save up some to get it! I'm using a toner by Biotherm at the moment and it works well for my dry skin :) I always use a toner every evening to get rid of the last bit of dirt on my face!

  5. Hy beautiful! Love your post! what do u say about following each other?:X

  6. The packaging is so luxurious!! Gotta love Guerlain for their packaging hehe. The products seems great too!

    I am currently using Witch Hazel as a toner, but don't stick to one brand/product. At one point, I also went without toner for a while (due to laziness =P) but I was quick to get back onto it again.

  7. i didn't even know Guerlain makes skincare stuff hahahaa

    the packaging is so pretty. i'd definitely try it out. i love trying new skincare stuff. i never stick to just one brand. thanks for the review!

    omg, yeah yunho is so hot hahahaha esp w tight leather pants lmao

  8. This sounds really effective! I don't tone at all, though I probably should as I very much doubt the cleanser I use in the shower gets rid of everything on my face. This one sounds like it'd be a good choice to both clean and not strip your skin of its natural moisture.

  9. The toner looks very refreshing <3