Sunday, 27 May 2012

Pin It !

Ohhh, I've been getting into all types of trouble since the last time I posted! My computer screen completely stopped working last week and I pretty much spent forever waiting for a new one to be delivered. I just installed my new screen yesterday morning and am still getting used to touch sensitive buttons on it. AHAH. 

And I sprained my ankle. Again. 

Think of that friend of yours who is slightly awkward, accident-prone and just plain fragile. I'm them...times a million. I've sprained my ankle so many times that when I messaged one of my friends about it, she didn't even bother to text back. Crutches were my best friend two years ago. Actually, I got so sick and tired of renting them from the pharmacy that buying them out and keeping them permanently at home was something that I thought about on a monthly basis. 

My poor feet.


A few years ago, one of my friends made me read 'The Secret'. I know, I know. Did it make much of a difference in my life? Kind of. I attracted a few free coffees into my life, felt super duper smug, stopped 'attracting things' and then it was life as normal. 

But what really resonated with me about 'The Secret' was the emphasis on Vision Boards. I've always wanted to make one. Not because I neccessarily subscribe to the idea that by putting things on a board will make it come true in the near future. But I did want one because I liked the idea of having something inspirational and pretty in my room.

I never really got around to making my own board. The whole flipping through magazines, printing off images from the net, cutting out images and pinning them onto a foam board sounded a bit tedious. I honestly didn't and still don't have the time to sit around, even on the weekends, to do something like that.

And then Pinterest happened and some friends started pinning and then I signed up and I started pinning and then I got the 'Pin It' button installed and I went trolling the net for images and...

Long story short, I'm probably addicted.

I pin everything from dream houses that I could only ever afford if I battled it out in the corporate world and to fashion items that would be out of season by the time I have the money to purchase. It's fun. It's a perfect way to procrastinate without sharp scissors and grainy print-outs from my aging printer.

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I'm off to catch up on everyone's blogs!

Speak soon!


  1. I have a tumblr but I don't post anything - I normally just check out other people's tumblrs! So I don't think I should be addicted to Pinterest either haha! But I love your photo collection - especially the Homesweet Home ones.

  2. I've just joined this site but I have no idea how to use it LOL :P

  3. Agreed! Thanks for stopping by lovely! :)