Sunday, 15 April 2012

Apple and YSL

Hello babydolls! How is everyone? Hope everyone is well!

I just came home from a very quick visit to Hong Kong for family business and have a truckload of goodies to share! While I was over there, I bought a new moisturiser that is doing wonders for my skin, discovered a few more restaurants and met a lot of awesome people. You'll hear all about it soon enough, but as for a little sampler of what's to come, I'll share two of my precious Hong Kong purchases!

I finally converted and got my hands on the white Iphone 4S. I have literally used Nokia phones my entire life and have nothing but good words about the brand. The Nokia system is simple, easy to navigate and it gets the job done! Whenever someone asked me to type a message on a Samsung, LG or Android phone, I would get so lost! Their operating systems are so confusing! 

But all my friends have Apple phones now and they're always what's app-ing, instagram-ing, scrambl-ing, pic collag-ing, xe convert-ing and open ric-ing. I just knew I was missing out on all the fun!

I am addicted to 'Scramble with Friends' now! The addiction is insane. I used up all my coins in one day and had to sit around waiting for new coins before I could continuing playing. It was so frustrating! AHAH. I'm also immensely happy that I don't need to carry my phone and IPod now. I can have it all in my phone. Phew. One less thing in my bag!

Anyone got any apps they want to recommend? 

I also went and bought myself another YSL Sheer Candy. I bought Number 4 - Succulent Pomegranate which is a sheer pink with a hint of red undertones. Previously I bought Number 6 - Luscious Cherry and found that the redness in the balm made the colour too intense for day use. It's now reserved for going out or special occasions.

I specifically bought Number 4 as an 'everyday colour' that will give my face that pop of colour. In person, I am on the paler side and so a little bit of redish pink on my lips gives my face that hint of vibrancy and health.

The balm still comes in the formula that I adore. It smells fruity like mangoes and tastes delicious on your lips. The best part is that it feels luxurious, silky, nourishing and light-weight. It even conditions your lips while you're wearing it, so after the colour has faded, your lips are left looking and feeling much softer.

It really is better than any lip balm that I've come across, including Vaseline. I'll definitely be going back for more!


  1. What a pretty lip color! I love the YSL packaging so much -- and the color looks great on you! :)

  2. What a beautiful colour, and I love the packaging!! So pretty! ^-^

  3. The colour really suits you! I have yet to try YSl Sheer Candy, definitely giving this one a swatch next time I'm at the department store!

  4. Hello Valentine! I am so glad to see these posts from you where we get to see you and your make-up selections! THe ysl lipstick is beautiful! Enjoy your new phone, I have an android.....

  5. congrats on your new phone! Love the iPhone 4s too.. I'd be lost without my phone haha.. that lipstick is pretty and it looks great on you!

  6. What a cute lipstick shade! It really suits you :) I've been loving reds this Spring, really brightens up the complexion.

    Oh I used to be a Nokia fan, but I'm a Blackberry girl now! Nokia hasn't impressed with their new phones! Cute iPhone case.

  7. I am so intrigued by the YSL lipsticks, the packaging really draws me in! x

  8. That YSL lipstick is stunning!