Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Weekly Musings Pt 3 .

The images used in this blog post were collated over an extensive period of time. The ones that have not been watermarked by myself, have been saved from a variety of sources. If any of the images belong to you and you would like me to credit you or remove it, please feel free to email me -

EXID - Best Thing I Never Had [Cover]

I can't say I was a huge fan of Beyonce's 'Best Thing I Never Had' when it first came out. I still can't pinpoint the exact reason. Maybe it's because Beyonce's voice is too raspy, forceful and demanding in this song.

But when I heard this version of it, I fell in love. Her voice is clearer than Beyonce's and amazingly enough, I can hear and understand each word she's singing. I swear there were some phrases that Beyonce rushed through in the original and all I heard was a string of sounds and no words.

I think everyone has there own special 'best thing I never had'.

Am I right?

As time goes by, the more I find myself believing that things really are meant to be. I know it sounds haphazard and vague, but maybe things do happen for a reason. At the time, it might be devastating to not have something but later on you realise that you are better off without it. It's especially true when it comes to people and partners. It's funny when you're so blinded by love that you really can't see what's there.

Never mind how many times your girlfriends tell you how arrogant, unforgiving and rutheless that apple of your eye is, you can't seem to look away.

But that's okay. You truly are the best thing I never had. I don't regret not having you. 

Just to show how shallow I am, I will bravely reveal that I would pay extra to have my burger packaged in Burberry and fries in Hermes. I'm ashamed to admit it but I definitely would! AHAH.

Oh goodness me, who am I kidding?! I love a good gimmick and nothing beats food packaging from a fashion house. AHAH!

Realistically, I'd only be willing to pay the premium once. I'd do it purely for research purposes aka snap photos and blog about the 'experience' of it all. Then I'd go back to eating regular Maccas chips. AHAH. 

Gosh, that's even more shallow!

One time at uni, I stacked it DOWN half a step of stairs while I was talking on the phone and rolled my ankle pretty badly. My friend was on the other side of campus in a class and I SOS messaged her for help. Bless her soul, she rushed out of class and came looking for me. 

The moment she saw me, she crouched down to see my ankle swell up like an elephant's head and started whipping out her Tiger Balm to give to me. Yeap, concern was writing all over her face. And then moments later, I get a text message. It was from my friend who was standing in front of me but the text was meant for her boyfriend. 

The accidental text went something along the lines of, 'Hey babe. I'm in the library now with Valentine. She stacked it down half a step while on the phone. Hahahaha. Funniest sh*t ever!'

Yeah, that's what friends are for. 

I'm currently going through the roughest times ever. It feels like I've got to decide something that will impact on the rest of my life. It's now or never. If I mess it up, then that's it. Game over.

Besides my family, she has seen me go through it all. She knows how difficult the decision is now and she doesn't mind talking it over with me. Not once has she told me that I'm being over-dramatic or silly. All she's done is encourage me.

That's what true friends are for.

I laughed really hard when I saw this. It was really 'me' in picture form. Two years ago when I was a complete health freak and I spent way too many hours at the gym. Oh, I wish I still had that type of motivation!

In hindsight, what's wrong with being a hippo? Surely being a hippo has its own perks right? Right?

Women are unbelievably harsh on each other. I'm no saint but I make a conscious effort not to criticise another female because you honestly don't know half the stuff they go through. Unless you  have some magical ability to see through someone's eyes or live their lives, what right do you have to criticise?

Instead of criticising and pointing out each others flaws, why can't we tell each other how beautiful we are? With or without wrinkles. With or without dark eye bags. With or without freckles. With or without moles. With or without sagging skin. With or without pimples. With or without cellulite. With or without stretch marks.

I know. I know that the beauty industry will always exist and images of 'beautiful' people will perpetuate. And sure that puts enormous pressure on women to look and be a certain way. I completely understand. I'm also a victim of it.

But come on. Seriously! It takes effort to criticise! Why not take the effort to look for something encouraging to say to a female? Instead of looking at what flaws we all have as women, let's tell each other that we are all uniquely beautiful. We are beautiful because of our experiences, thoughts, beliefs and interests.

If it takes sticking post-its that say 'You're beautiful. Your hair is beautiful. Your eyes are beautiful. Your future's beautiful' then so be it.

I don't know about you, but I was always a little iffy about Mr Darcy. Sure, his rugged manliness and arrogance was interesting enough. But I would prefer a 'nice guy' like Mr Bingley.
I don't think writing on napkins is classy. But if you're male and your cursive hand writing is as gorgeous as this, can you please write me a love note? AHAH. *hyena laugh*

This is how I dress. Plain white tees, jeans and blazer. I love wearing heels but it's just not practical to be wearing them at uni.

Why I no look as good as Gwen Paltrow?! 

Whatever I do and wherever I end up, I want to have someone holding an umbrella for me when it's raining. And I want that someone to do it because they know I'm super duper important.

Hi! My name is Valentine. Nice to meet you! What did you get up to this week?

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Running on Autopilot !

To say I've been stressed these past three weeks is a serious understatement. I pretty much have been thrown into the throes of reality and anxiety is causing my stomach and skin havoc. I look and feel like death! No joke.

All I really want to do is sleep. A nice restful sleep would be a dream come true at the moment.

It goes without saying that all of this has culminated to me blogging less and when I do blog, my entries have been on the more fictional and philosophical side. To be honest, I like sharing my non-beauty/skincare thoughts with you all. I have actually be blogging for about ten years now. I've maintained various blogs throughout my life but they were mostly read by friends. The content was always my thoughts and perspectives on life. Pretty much like a personal diary in the purest sense.

But then I stopped last year to open this blog just to see if I am capable of producing something that can pull in an audience.

So writing about my thoughts and musings is quite natural to me and I hope you all don't find it too tedious to read because I know I go around in circles most of the time.

I also used to write fictional works which I posted up online many, many years ago. So I also have tendencies to write shorts from time to time. AHAH. You'll probably see me posting a short from time to time.

Having said that, I am itching to do a review! I T C H I N G! But I just haven't had the time to take photos and work out my thoughts! GAH!

Anyway, this is just a very quick post to say that the highlight of the week has got to be coming home to find two delivery packages. And what's even more exciting is that these two packages contained freebies! Woo!

I completely forgot I entered competitions to win these prizes! What an awesome surprise! Thank you L'oreal and Maybelline!

And now I must fly! Fly to the land of sleepless nights and endless course readings. Until next time *salutes*

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Weekly Musings Pt 2 .

The images used in this blog post were collated over an extensive period of time. The ones that have not been watermarked by myself, have been saved from a variety of sources. If any of the images belong to you and you would like me to credit you or remove it, please feel free to email me -

Hi everyone! How are we all? Hope everyone is well!

'As the man, do you wait? As the woman, do you settle?' is actually work of fiction! But the asterisk to that statement is that my English teachers in high school always told me to write about something I knew. 
Oh, how wonderful it would be to find someone who loved us tirelessly. Even if some of  us have whimsical and show-pony personalities. 

How blissful life would be if we found someone who was completely accepting, happy and supportive of our dreams. Even if our dreams are difficult, seem unattainable and requires us to sacrifice so much.

For today's purposes (since I've had THE worst week), let's all imagine that this is my husband. AHAH.

Jung Yunho. If he told me that he was willing to love me for all my whimsical and nonsensical ways, there is a possibility that I'd settle. A very high possibility.


When I was young and impossibly naive, I thought that by my age, I would have said 'I made it' more than once.

If you asked me when I was young, whether I expected the older and more experienced me to be like the way I am, I am more than positive that she would have answered with a 'no'. I am even more sure that she would have imagined things to be better.

But then again, the younger me thought that things would just happen. Stars would align and destiny would be fulfilled - you know, all that wishful thinking stuff.

The younger me thought it was a matter of time. The present me knows I'm running out of time.

My parents have always maintained that the glamour industries all look good on the outside but are soul-sucking in reality. They're hard to get in and harder to stay relevant.

I do not deny it. I do not deny it at all. But I still find myself wanting to live among the glitz and the glamour.
If only my life was permanently like this. A million fairy godmother hands helping to transform me into a princess for a wonderful ball. The only thing I'm charged with is not doing anything to break their magic.

I am a funny creature. I can recite these words a million times over and motivate all my girlfriends to leave bad jobs, see the truth that they are well and truly better off without the ex, jump and catch unexpected opportunities and see failures as blessings in terrible disguise. 

But I can't seem to take my own medicine when I need it the most!

I can't seem to tell myself that, you know, life is seriously short. It's not a joke. Do something that you love - even if it does not neccessarily pay well. Because the truth is, so long as you do something that you are passionate about, the money will come.

Inspiration does not always come, so when it does drop everything and go with it. A sudden rush of creativity is heaven sent - do not let it get away without doing something about it.

Experience as much as you can so you better understand the world we live in. Understanding, knowledge and awareness breaks down boundaries and weakens discrimination.

There's just got to be so much more to life than seeking money, money, money. Although money is going to make life a whole lot easier, don't do something for the sake of convenience. Pursue something that you are passionate about. Something that makes your eyes light up when you talk to someone about it.

Gosh, even now I'm writing it as statements. . .as if I'm trying to convince YOU that life can be so much better if you can see it in THIS perspective. 

So why can't I read over what I've written and feel the rush of excitement some of my girlfriends tell me they get after a lengthy discussion about life with me?

By the way, Jenny in the last post asked if I was a Gemini. I'm actually a cusp Aquarius/Pisces! Probably explains my escapist tendencies!