Friday, 17 February 2012

Weekly Musings .

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I know lip palettes aren't as pretty looking as a normal lipstick but I still love and favour them! 

I honestly think that all cosmetic brands should mass produce lip palettes and make them more readily available. I mean, the most likely place you'll see lip palettes for sale are at duty-free and I'm always in too much of a rush to browse and buy. 

I absolutely don't own enough lipsticks to make my own lip palette but I love this video. So ingenious!

Such profound insights into our 21st Century lives.

But what can be done?

Modern forms of employment often involve long hours, stressful encounters and adrenaline-filled experiences. It should be no surprise that our health suffers. And yet, if we don't work, we don't eat and by extension, lose our health as well.

I don't know how to rectify this.

I, too, want to live in the moment and get caught up in 'the now'. I really want to.

But I fear for the future. If I were to recklessly live in the now, how will my future be affected?

Once, a gentleman sang to me and I didn't like it. 

Maybe it was because I didn't like him. Maybe it's the fact that he cockily said, 'I have a great voice' when he really didn't. Maybe it's the fact that I've spent the large majority of my life singing/attempting to sing and therefore would know the difference between a good and bad voice. 

It's subjective, I know. But it's difficult to think of a person who regularly sings off-key as a good singer.

Don't sing to me, unless you can sing on key. 

Apparently being beautiful and being intelligent are polar-opposites. If you're beautiful, you cannot possibly be intelligent and if you're intelligent, you're unbelievably hideous. 

'If you want to be taken seriously, you have to be. . .less pretty.' I will never forget the day I heard these words.

Wear minimal make up, display your physical imperfections to demonstrate that you take yourself too seriously to care about the shadows underneath you eyes, wear your hair in a ponytail and give up your hair straightener. Wear a conservative outfit that makes you look like you mean business. Look intimidating. Look intellectually intimidating.

Yes, because a flawlessly made up face, runway-ready hair and a fashionable outfit means that you're only operating with a quarter of your brain.

Is this the only way you'll take me seriously? Shall I cut my hair, wear less make up and dress even more conservatively so that you can look at me and firmly believe that I can get the job done?

But what if I want to be taken seriously and be beautiful at the same time? What if I want to be a vain intellectual? Is that okay with you? 

What's so intimidating about a beautiful and intelligent professional that you have to go around saying that women cannot be both? 

I want you to only think of me on two occassions. . .and that's day and night. 

Do you think you can do that?

It's actually my birthday in a few days and I've got my eyes on this YSL Flirty Bowler Bag in Red Leather. It is gorgeous! 

It's part of the Cruise 2012 line and it took my forever to find out the name after seeing it in a Chinese magazine!

And I'm loving the look of Tiffany and Co's 'Heart Lock Diary'

I'm in need of a new journal and I've been searching high and low for a pretty diary with acid-free /archival paper. Not sure if the Tiffany diary has acid-free paper but I wouldn't mind getting my hands on one of these. 

Super gorgeous, is it not? Which colour should I get?!

Do not be afraid to be the main focus of attention. Do not be afraid of what only a few of us can actually achieve.


  1. Wonderful post! There are quite a few things I agree with, particularly, the singing... ;)

  2. thanks for sharing the lip palette video, I prefer collecting them as lipsticks, just because it's easier to put on that way.

    also, I think you should get the blue-green colour for the diary!

    have a lovely weekend!

  3. This was such a great post! Very thoughtful. I love the Dalai Lama quote. While it's true what he says it's not easy to avoid it in the current world we live in - easy for him since he's the Dalai Lama!

    As for the diary I'd go for the typical Tiffany blue :)

  4. Nice post! I really liked the lip palette tutorial a lot. I think i need to get something like that and make my own! I have way too many lipsticks :)

    I liked your encouraging post. I hate people who bring others down so they can shine. I'm sure you have your own right to be in the spotlight :D Never let others stop you!

  5. Word. You said it girl! Its better to speak out mind instead of melting in to the background. During my university years, I had that same logic. I was always insecure when people would stare at me as I would walk into the classroom or outside, and I also sat in the back of the classroom.

    After uni, I regretted listening to others and "quieting down". Its better to speak your mind, and do whatever you feel is best for yourself and others. That's it. Thanks for the extremely motivational post, and I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

  6. Hi Valentine! Long time no chat and I'm glad to see you are doing well! SOrry to hear my posts are not getting updated in your dashboard, but do I post everyday :) with the exception of Saturday. I think you should be yourself, and not worry about what other people think. You can be smart and beautiful, and center of attention isnt always a bad thing :)

  7. wow Tiffany has diaries!! they look awesome, so awesome i wish i didnt see them lol blogs are so dangerous! lovely blog!!

  8. I love everything you put into this post. It's so inspiring!
    And it's so easy to listen to others around you rather than going after what you really want to be and know you are inside. Don't even stop trying to be yourself!

  9. I like this post a lot! I hate stereotyping - why do we have to the one or the other? I like the best of both world thanks - slobbering when I want and looking pristine the next :D Isn't it more liberal to do the heck what you want and not caring what people think..? Mean-spirited people will get no where in life!