Thursday, 2 February 2012

Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

Have you ever bought two pairs of shoes in the same style? I have - countless times! Blame it on the fact that I have size 8.5-9 feet and believe in that elusive idea of wearing comfortable shoes. Once I find something that I like and is comfortable, I buy as much as I can.

So when I tried on these two booties at the Le Saunda Outlet in Hong Kong and found them super duper comfortable, I bought them in black leather and off-pink suede. I love booties, as opposed to knee high boots because the latter makes my hips and thighs bigger than they really are. I also love how fierce some booties can look. They can really give an outfit that extra edge!

These booties are unbelievably comfortable and that's mostly because they're platformed. Love platformed shoes! Gah, can't wait until winter rolls around so I can wear them!

And even better - they were half price! Two for the price of one! Woo!

And Zara shoes! Half price as well! I adore pointed shoes. They're just so feminine and classy, don't you think? The heel is a good height too and I found myself picking them up in this colour and black as well. They're good for a day of shopping or a day at work.

Love versatility.

Speaking of shoes being on sale, Nine West is having a really good sale on at the moment. Things are half price, if not more. I'm in love with these shoes and I'll be going to check them out on the weekend. Await my good news!

Then there's this pair. Goodness me. Burberry's Raffia Platform Sandal. Sigh. I want, I want, I want! I want so bad! They just look so super classy. . .difficult to walk in. AHAH. At $895, I probably have to sell myself to get my hands on a pair of these! AHAH.

Anyone willing to buy me?! AHAH.


  1. Hey Valentin! Wazzup? I like the beige one at the 3rd pic from the top! Nice post! ;)

  2. omg the lace up booties are so cute!!! great haul :D i have a bad shoe addiction too lol

  3. no, i actually haven't really bought any shoe of the same design. hmmmm unless buying converse counts. lol

    I have never worn really high high heels. Maybe in college, I will experiment. I love the laced up shoes! Especially the second color one. <3 cuteee. Can you do a Outfit post pairing your clothes with this pair of shoes?

  4. The lace up boots are gorgeous! I especially like it in black but the lighter colour is lovely too! I've never bought two pairs of shoes in the same colour before but with clothes - countless of times! x

  5. WOWOWOWOW those are some hot hot hot shoes
    i buy identical shoes all the time cos i find it hard to find comfy shoes tat look good at the same time
    must buy it whilst i can

    also my feet are large for a japanese girl so in jp its hard to buy shoes so once i find it. must buy asap!

  6. Love the boots! And 2 for 1, totally justified to get 2 pairs. I know I would have.

    And I love the red Nine West heels omg so pretty!

  7. great picks on boots and shoes!! I am still scouring for some new boots... maybe in HK!