Saturday, 11 February 2012

Review : Clinique's Derma White City Block Anti-Pollution SPF 40/PA +++

I am sunscreen-adverse. I absolutely hate wearing sunscreen. I've been trying a fair few sunscreens lately and they either sting, give me an ghostly gray-cast or makes my skin excessively oily after 2-3 hours. I just really, really, really don't like sunscreen!

But, alas, sunscreen is a neccessary evil. Although I hate wearing it, I am constantly on the hunt for something that works. Blame it on the fact that after spending my undergrad years lounging in the sun without protection, I've started to sprout freckles.

Admittedly, they're not overly visible but if I don't start wearing sunscreen, I'm paranoid that they'll just get darker. 

My mother has been using Clinique's Derma White City Block Anti-Pollution SPF 40/PA +++ for awhile now and has been telling me to give it a go. So this time when I went over to Hong Kong, I picked up my very own. The tinted sunscreen is an Asian-region exclusive and works to protect your skin from the sun and whiten at the same time. 

The fact that it is a tinted sunscreen means that I didn't have to worry about looking gray in the face. But I did worry about the beige-y tint not suiting my skintone since I am on the paler side.

Luckily, when the tint is blended into my skin, the colour dissolves and becomes quite sheer. It really looks like I'm not wearing anything underneath. If anything, the sunscreen immediately brightens my face and gives it a nice, healthy glow. It also works quite well as a base for make up days as my foundation and blush seems to 'stick' better and last longer.

However, after 2-3 hours, my face starts getting oily. What a let down! The pores on my cheeks look impossibly enlarged and my forehead is oily enough to fry an egg. 

Let down. 

Unfortunately, I can't comment on whether the sunscreen whitens in the long term because I haven't used it many times. I have asked my mother about it and she hasn't seemed to notice any whitening effects. Hmm.

Just in case anyone wanted comparisons between this whitening sunscreen and Clinique's Super City Block 40 SPF, I can say that I honestly prefer the former. 

Super City Block is ultimately lighter in colour but when blended out, it gives my skin a gray overcast which cannot be covered or rectified with foundation. It also makes my skin oily from the very beginning. Definitely a product that I wouldn't recommend to anyone. 

Oh well, back to the drawing board!


  1. I've wanted to try Clinique's sunscreens but keep hearing differing opinions! My favourite sunscreen is the La Roche Posay one which works nicely for my dry skin though there is a version for oily skin. Hope you find one you like soon - great review!

  2. Hi Valentine :) So sorry I've not been by! First of all I scrolled down, love the new YSL lipsticks you've swatched and your new shoes are gorgeous too! The laser cut Zara heels are beautiful! Hope the new job is going well. I suggest trying a foundation primer that has SPF in it, I love NARS pro prime protect, with SPF in it, and also my foundation Smashbox studio skin has spf built into it along with my moisturizer, clarins bright plus. I've read some reviews on the city block, few people have actually liked it.

  3. I remember using Clinqiue Sunscreen products and thought it was so greasy - thak heavens for Japanese sunscreens/sunblocks.. can't live without it. Sorry it didn't work for you. I do recommend Japanese ones - try Shiseido Annessa Mild Face Suncreen 46 SPF+++ it has a slight tint to it, non-greasy and makes a good makeup base too! I'm currently using that :)