Friday, 20 January 2012

Business Class, Baby!

I'm home from Hong Kong! I wish I could say that I came home feeling refreshed and ready to take on 2012! Alas, things rarely go according to plan. 

I came home with gastro! I caught it a few days before I was due to come home and I was completely thrown off. I am super meticulous with everything that I eat because, well let's be honest, I am very prone to illness. It's been years since I last had a proper and full-blown bout of gastro and I've completely forgotten how painful and tiring it is!

I spent the first night vommitting like mad and the next not sleeping because I was permanently sitting on the toilet. I was so sick that I almost cancelled my flights but re-scheduling got too difficult, and I had to suck it up. 

I was devastated when I found out I had gastro because I was flying home on Business Class. It was my very first time flying Business and it was purely thanks to the frequent flyer points that I've saved up over the years. My father used to fly Business Class when I was younger and he has the best stories about the delicious food and impeccable service. I've waited forever to have a taste of what he used to boast about!

Anyway, luckily, I was okay for the flight. I didn't vomit and wasn't permanently attached to the toilet but I had no appetite. I force-fed myself a fair bit because I was feeling so weak and looked so haggard. I was telling my friend before boarding how I was contemplating a full face of make up so I don't get picked up by quarantine!

Everytime the flight attendants came around to retrieve my food, they'd see almost an untouched meal and I'd feel so guilty. I just couldn't eat much and my stomach would churn with each bite. I must have seemed like such a picky eater. . .or someone who's on a severe diet. AHAH.

Before we boarded, we went to The Cabin Business Class Lounge. The underground lounge is split into five zones - the IT Zone (business centre), the Deli Zone (food buffet/bar), the Health Bar Zone (long bar for coffee and alcoholic beverages) and the Relaxing Zone. The lounge is stunningly pretty and professional-looking. It features a blend of warm coloured woody shades, white marble and granite. Gosh, I love marble and granite. AHAH.
We didn't spend too much time there - maybe, a little over an hour? We just ate some food from the buffet, had some drinks and read the paper. There's this small Deli where you can order  the sandwich of the day which happened to be something-shrimp toast. Goodness me, it didn't taste all that nice. I would have been happier with a ham, cheese and tomato sandwich! 

Unfortunately, the latte that I had wasn't very good either. Boo!

Onto my seat/bed! It's kind of like a pod with plush pillows and a super warm quilt. Did I get much sleep? No, not really. AHAH. Too worried about vomitting in my sleep! AHAH.

Orange juice and salted almonds upon boarding. 

Warm salad, cold salad, garlic bread, Evian water and orange juice. Admittedly, these photos are coming from my brother's phone and I had warm liquids throughout the night. So I had a jasmine tea instead of OJ. 

Out of all of this, I literally ate the garlic bread, the one cherry tomato and a tiny slice of potato. So sad. So sad.

Main course was a choice between risotto, sweet and sour pork rice and sea bass on a bed of vegetables. My brother had the sweet and sour pork, and I had the sea bass which was delicious. Such a shame I didn't have an appetite. Couldn't even eat half of my sea bass!

Dessert was fresh fruit and chocolate cake. The cake was divine - ohhh, I wish I could have some now!

At 3:52PM, I couldn't sleep and so I asked for ice cream. Grand idea, not?

Breakfast was fresh fruit, greek yogurt with raspberries and muesli. Options were chicken congee, omelet and bacon, and assorted dim sums. I had the dim sum but again, I was too sick to have more than three bites. So sad. I love yogurt with raspberries and I couldn't even finish mine! Sobbbb!

What did I like most about flying Business Class? I can't say it's actually having a relatively spacious seat or better food. It would have to be the impeccable service. Once the flight is in air, the service managercame over and greeted us all by name. More impressively, she continued to address us by our name until the moment you leave the plane. That's impressive. 

Everyone has a smile on their faces and are happy to serve. In this day and age, the latter is difficult to find.

Had such a fabulous time on board and I can only dream of the next time I'll be flying Business. Oh, dream, dream, dream!


  1. Hope you are feeling better now! If I flew business class it would've been a waste for me though, cause I'm a very nervous flyer and don't have much of an appetite either :( But it's nice to see photos of the food they serve. They have icecream as well?!!

  2. Hope you feel better now! That's such a shame your first Business class experience wasn't as you hoped. But wow look at the food I was drooling over them :)

  3. Hi Valentine! How are you? Hope you are doing well and had a good holiday. Happy New Year you to as well :) I love business class, this is definitely way better than the United Business Class I've flown to Paris. And we did not have our own haagan daaz ice cream :)

  4. I'm glad your back! Hope you are doing better now. :)
    I've never flown business class - I hope I get to experience it one day though! It's not the best food or the most spacious seat but still SOSOSO much better than economy!

  5. Aww so sorry you were sick! It sucks that it happened while you were flying in biz but I think it'd be way worse to b sick like that and in economy :)

  6. Sucks that you were sick, but the food (esp that chocolate cake) looks so yum- can't believe it's aeroplane food!! Must fly business class one day! xx misstea & co.

  7. Sucks that you were sick, but the food (esp that chocolate cake) looks so yum- can't believe it's aeroplane food!! Must fly business class one day! xx misstea & co.