Sunday, 27 November 2011

Dear Myself, Happy 10th Anniversary Sweets!

The shallow and vain side of my personality is a strong believer in hair making a person. Honestly, an average person with an average haircut just looks average. But an average person with a custom-made haircut that is suitable to their persona and face shape has the ability to become above average and, in some cases, borderline hott. 

That's why the vain side of me celebrated ten years of ionically straightened hair two days ago! Congratulate me! AHAH.

This is me. . .with pink blobs on my face. Although I don't usually look great in photos, this photo is beyond acceptable. So let me retain my animosity? Please? AHAH. 

This is what I look like the night before I go to get my hair ionically straightened. My father has slight waves and curls, and my mother has thick hair. Then there's me. . .with hair that is wavy, thick, coarse and unmanageable. My hair is seriously the bane of my existence. I subscribe fiercely to the idea that hott hair equates to decent presentation, and therefore hair maintenance is an imperative in my life. 

Admittedly, the lower length of my hair looks pretty straight, doesn't it? The bottom bits of my hair have been straight for the past ten years. Before that, they were slightly wavy and coarse. A hair straightening treatment has always been the only solution to my hair problems. Not only does it straighten out my curls, it also leaves my hair looking glossy and feeling soft. . .for at least two months. 
Other than being obsessed with skincare, I am obviously hair-vain. I do some crazy things to my hair. I straighten my hair flat at the slightest sight of volume and sleep with salon-style hair clips/clamps on my head and fringe to keep everything in place. I am beyond control!

If I have a bad hair day, it's the end of that day! AHAH. I confess that there have been way too many times where I have said, 'Nup. Not going out today. My hair is looking weird.'

And I doubt that anyone I know thinks it's a joke when I say that my hair is the most expensive part of my body. If only, I could have a dollar for everytime a friend has tapped me cautiously on the shoulder and said, 'AHAH. I saw your hair and I knew it was you!'

My long, straight and black hair is kind of my trademark, you know. It's kind of like this black cape flowing behind me *tosses hair over shoulders* BAHAHAH!

God, I sound terrible! Someone stop me. 

Can you see the curls? That's my regrowth. You can't really see how thick my hair is but if I were to turn on my side, you'd see. You'd never miss it. 

I've been getting my hair ionically/permanently straightened for ten years now and each session is a tiring process for the hairstylists. The thickness and length of my hair makes the entire process very long and tedious for them. There have been times where I have two or three stylists hovering over my head with hairdryers, hair straighteners and brushes loaded with relaxant creams.

This year, the treatment took 4 hours and I would say that's the quickest my hair has ever been done. I remember the first time I got it done, it took a whopping 8 hours!

This is what my hair currently looks like. This photo wasn't taken today but two years ago when I was in Taiwan. Ahhh, Taiwan. What I wouldn't give to return for a night of food and street markets!

As to why I didn't bother to take a more current photo, the answer lies in why I haven't been blogging. So much has been happening lately that it's affected my sleep patterns and has left my entire body stressed out. I'm not exactly photo friendly at the moment! AHAH.

A treatment lasts me for about three months and then I'll get wavy regrowth. At that point, I revert back to my crazy ways and will whip out my trusty hair straightener. It's a never ending cycle!

Which part of your body do you obsess over? What makes you go completely vain and pedantic?


  1. I'm usually pretty lazy with my hair, but I agree with your belief that a haircut really affects a person's overall look. And I can't believe you spent 8 hours at a hair salon!! How did you endure it?!

    You hair does look really different straightened! Especially your fringe! It looks a lot smoother & soft. :)

  2. I totally agree hair has a lot to do with the overall look. I love experimenting with different hairstyles~

    I absolutely love how shiny and straight your hair is after the straightening treatment! Your hair looks really healthy. Also love your fringe! Please do more hair posts! =D

    My hair is not totally sleek straight, it has an ever-so-slight wave to it. I find myself investing in good hair tools for my hair.

  3. your stylist done a great job!!

    I'm very pedantic about how my pores look on my t-zones! I think pimples look way more obvious on the nose than anywhere. I have big red zit on my nose right now and it hurts like mad >_<

  4. i loveeeee that last pic, your hair looks so amazing straightened! there is nothing wrong w being vain about hair, i totally agree that a haircut can totally make a person. i am super vain, i will be the 1st to admit it XD i seriously never leave the house w/o putting on some makeup. even just down the street to get food or something. it really bothers me when i don't feel/look put together if i have to leave the house.

    i LOVE taiwan. i am going back for xmas & cant wait to eat & shop, then eat some more ^_^

  5. Im also ALWAYS on the hunt for the perfect hair style, you are right, it does help "make" a person.

    also your hair looks fab after treatment!


  6. WOW looks great! 4 hours used well!

  7. WOW your hair looks so nice straightened! I'm pretty obsessed with my hair too - been getting my hair straightened since 14 lol

  8. I've missed you Valentine! How are you doing, how is the new job? I hope you are doing well and it is so great to see a post from you! I have very similar hair texture like yours, it's wavy on its own and very thick. I actually use a 450F flat iron to get it sleek straight because if I tried to straight perm I'd have to go back all the time as my hair grows fast! I am sure you look fantastic as always so happy to see you!!