Friday, 21 October 2011

Sugar Hit 2011 at The Cortile, InterContinental Hotel

I'm back again with more food from the Crave Sydney International Food Festival! Two of my friends and I spent a lovely evening at The Cortile, InterContinental Hotel enjoying our Sugar Hit

It was my first time in the InterContinental and I think I've fallen in love with The Cortile. 

The surroundings are absolutely stunning and completely breathtaking. It is by far one of the most elegant hotel lobbies I've been to. The Cortile is actually a Victorian-style courtyard surrounded by  three-tiers of sandstone corridors and a soaring glass ceiling. It has a deep sense of history and antiquity, and the surroundings are serene and tranquil. The contemporary furnishings makes the lobby lounge especially relaxing and intimate.

The photos are no where near indicative of how beautiful the Cortile is. It really is something you have to experience for yourself. At night, the sandstone arcades are lit up and the ambiance is perfect for a quiet conversation over a glass of wine and dessert.

It was still a little bit dark, hence the photos. I've actually tried to lighten the photos so that you can see a bit more detail.

The service is unbelievably attentive. In my experience, The Venetian in Macau has the best service overral. The staff at The Venetian are courteous, accommodating and prompt. I cannot tell you the amount of times I've asked The Venetian staff to go beyond their call of duty. Each time, I am amazed at how willing they are to fulfill your requests and how much trouble they go to in order to not make you feel like your requests are a bother. 

The service at the Cortile is quite similar. The staff are very polite and accommodating. Sugar Hit begins at 9PM, but my girlfriends and I arrived earlier and I asked whether we could be seated in advance. The waitress gladly showed us to a table and informed us that she would serve us three Sugar Hits when it was 9PM.
Lovely service. 

Our dessert wine arrived first. It was a Brown Brother's Orange Muscat and Flora, and it complimented our dessert very well. It's unfortunate that I'm not much of a drinker. I literally had a few sips and I was already getting light-headed. 

This is actually a shot of my glass when I called quits.

Our dessert for the night was a home-made pistachio and bitter chocolate vacherin with blood orange custard with a jaffa macaron.   

The vacherin was pure delight. I would gladly demolish another one. . .or two. AHAH. I couldn't really taste the pistachio though. 


I'm not big on macarons or macaroons. They never really appealed to me. A lot of my friends are obsessed with them but I just never got why. They're kind of bland? AHAH. Maybe it's just me. 

This is going to be my last food blog entry in a really, really long time. No more eating for me! I need to lose some serious weight and so that means I'm on a food ban. Since last March, I've gained a total of 10kgs!

I need to get back into my routine! So from the moment I wake up, it will be back to healthy eating! Salads, tuna, salmon, capsicum, fresh tomatoes, apples, oranges, seaweed, green beans and yoghurt. These all used to be my favourite food but then I went berserk and went all out with carbs. I'm also putting a limit on carbs from tomorrow onwards!

I want my old body back! GRR!


  1. The hotel looks so majestic and so fancy. Wow, I'd love to spend a night there too and bask in the atmosphere of the Intercontinental. And your meal looked so heavenly, the plating is gorgeous. It looks exquisite, too pretty to eat haha! Thanks for sharing!


    A Single Girl's Musings

  2. The interior of the Intercontinental is so classy! The vacherin looks so delightful!

    Lol, I'm trying to eat healthier too.

  3. OMGOSH I love this hotel (wanna curl up and live in it) I I can't imagine actiually being there, you are so lucky!! xD Whats a sugar hit? I can sort of guess (silently as not to end up sounding retarded). The pictures are divine though you should have upped the ISO a bit more. Editing works fine but theres a lot more noise that way (darn software)

    loved the blog!

  4. What a posh hotel & the dessert looks yummy! Thks for visiting Luxury Haven & leaving me your lovely comments!

  5. wow..adorable cliks..looks divine..
    first time your space..
    very interesting posts..with excellent presentation..
    Am your happy follower now..:)
    do stop by mine sometime..
    Tasty Appetite

  6. Ooo I've always wanted to Visit the Venetian in Macau! I've stayed at the one in Las Vegas and yes..the service is absolutely AMAZING! So glad you indulged in your last hurrah before a diet but honestly hon...a diet is the word DIE with a T on the end... I need to eat healthier too, going to start bringing lunch to work 2x a week :)

  7. I love getting sugar hits. Looks totally yum there!