Monday, 24 October 2011

Review : Guerlain's Blanc de Perle UV Shield Brightening Pearl Perfection SPF 50 - PA +++

Firstly, thank you for all your opinions in the last post. I really appreciate it. Everyone has given me some wonderful advice and I'm going to think things over just a little bit more!

So in line with 'Project Get Old Body Back', I went to the gym a few days ago! I can't actually remember the last time I went but I know it's been a really, really long time. When I handed my card to the receptionist, she checked the computer screen and said something along the lines of, 'It's been 38 days since you last came. Where have you been?!'

AHAH. Has it really been 38 days?!

I don't know how I lived without the gym for that long because I spent an hour on cardio and I feel so much better about myself. I feel happier, I feel energised and I feel empowered. Never mind the weight loss or toning, this is what exercise should be about. Making you mentally and emotionally fit.
Okay, enough talking about me! Onto a review!

Product : Guerlain's Blanc de Perle UV Shield Brightening Pearl Perfection SPF 50 - PA +++
Made In : France
Purchased From :  Sample
Quantity : 3ml -
Sample Size

Summer is just around the corner for us Aussies and I can't wait! I'm sick of wearing massive coats and lugging around an umbrella 'just in case'. And you know what? I'm sick of bad, temperamental skin!

Bring on the sun! Bring on the good weather! Bring on the good skin! I've been suffering too much!

But with the sun, comes the need for some serious protection. Australia is, after all, the sunburnt country and sunscreen shouldn't really an option. I only started using sunscreen at the start of the year and I regret it. I've got a few sun spots that I didn't even know existed until quite recently.

Recently, my mother did a Guerlain haul and as usual, she came back with a handful of samples. She told the sales assistant how I'm new to wearing sunscreen and she kindly popped a few samples of Guerlain's Blanc de Perle UV Shield Brightening Pearl Perfection SPF 50 - PA +++.

From Guerlain :

'This high-protection UV shield combats pigmentation imperfections. With its outstanding lightness and translucence, it is also enriched with active anti-aging detoxifying ingredients to prevent damage caused by free radicals and protect the skin’s youthfulness. The complexion remains light and luminous under all circumstances. Apply every morning to the face and neck.'

The sunscreen also contains Guerlain's Pearl Whitening Complex which, like pearls, fights against imperfections such as melanin trapped at the heart of the epidermis.

When you squeeze the sunscreen out, it is a pearly and milky formula. A little product goes a long way and so you don't have to squeeze a lot out.

Although it look milky, it is slightly thick and spreads out with a little effort. It also feels a little oily on my fingertips when I smooth it over my face.

Initially, the colour looked a little too white for my liking. But I patted it in gently, it gradually sinks and blends in with your skin.

The end result is a healthy pearly glow that helps me look a little more well-rested that I really am. Always a bonus!

At first, I loved the sunscreen's finish. It settled into my skin nicely and it gave my face a nice glow. A friend saw me a few days ago and noticed that I looked healthier. Since I've been sick, I'm pretty sure it's not because I actually looked healthier, but because I was wearing a layer of Guerlain sunscreen.

I also love the fact that it is SPF 50. The current moisturer/sunscreen that I'm using is SPF 25 and I don't think it's anywhere near enough for the current weather conditions. 

However, the sunscreen gets oily on my face 2-3 hours after application. It's also a bit drying and looks like it's zapped some of the moisture out of my face. It sounds really strange, right? How can a product be both oily and drying?
Trust me, it can!

After 2-3 hours, I can see and feel a thin layer of oil sitting on top of my skin and I can see my skin looking dry underneath all of that. 

It's really a shame because I love the pearly radiance it gives my face. But I absolutely hate how oily it makes my skin, and not to mention that it is a little drying.

Oh Guerlain sunscreen! Why must you give this pretty pearl radiance and then make me look oily and dried out all at once?  


  1. Oh that's a shame that it didn't work :( Great review!

  2. I hate it when sunscreen makes my skin more oily than it already is. This looked promising, shame it didnt work. Thanks for the review though!

  3. Aww... what a shame. I thought that since this product is quite at the high-end side, problems such as this wouldn't pop out, but I guess not. During the earlier parts of the review, I was hoping this would be an awesome product, turns out it's not so great after all. Thanks for the review, Valentine.


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  4. That ssuch a shame but this is still a great review!! I still wouldn't dare buy i tthough, it sounds a bit pricey

  5. i thought the pricey side would make this product a worth to try, definitely not after reading your post! thank you for sharing!