Thursday, 13 October 2011

Blog Tag : Tell Me About Yourself !

Lily has kindly tagged me with 'Tell Me About Yourself'. It's my first blog tag and I want to thank her for thinking of me! So the rules are that I've got to share Seven Random Facts about myself and then tag other bloggers to keep this game going!

So let's go!

FACT ONE . I'm married. . .to Jung Yunho.
Okay, maybe it's not fact. . .yet! Does everyone know who Yunho is? He's the leader of the Korean group Dong Bang Shin Ki! He is seriously a perfect gentleman and has this deep sense of responsibility. Obviously I don't know him in real person (yet), but from what I've seen and heard, Yunho is a really hard worker, dedicated and dependable. I don't want to sound like a complete lunatic, but he comes across as someone who is genuine, friendly, kind-hearted and good-spirited. Sure it could all be an act, but this is the type of person I want to be with.

He's also super good looking, dances like a machine, has strong shoulders and looks hott in a suit. What more can you ask for?!

Swoon and dies!


FACT TWO . When I hear a good song, I cry.
Music is my life and when I hear a beautiful melody, I cry. When I see someone playing an instrument with passion, I cry. I am a sucker for creative people. 

Wang LeeHom's live concert performance of 'If You Can Hear My Song' made me cry like an idiot. The piano introduction had me in a puddle and I still can't pinpoint why. It's just beautiful.

FACT THREE . I'm allergic to beef.
This is seriously a pain in the ass because eating out can be a bit of a hit and miss. I have to be extra careful and remember to ask about what stock has been used for certain dishes. I always give BBQs a miss because I can't eat any food that has been cooked on plates that have touched beef. Yes, beef juices can give me a reaction.

Not only am I allergic to beef, the smell of it makes me queasy.   

FACT FOUR . I love grocery shopping!
I adore the supermarket. I don't know why. But I just love walking around the supermarket even if I don't need or end up buying anything. It's much more therapeutic than window shopping. I'm so strange. AHAH

FACT FIVE . I heart Sailormoon. 
Back in primary school, my friends and I used to put on lunchtime plays. Every lunchtime we'd reenact the episode of Sailormoon that was shown on TV in the morning. I always played Sailor Mars because of my long black hair. 

Halloween is coming up which means dress-up time! Most people don't celebrate Halloween in Australia but one of my girlfriends uses it as an excuse to throw a house party each year. She gets mad if we don't dress up! I started looking for ideas last week and I came across Sailormoon. I've spent the past five or six days reading up on the entire series and watching snippets on Youtube. I ended up buying a Sailormoon comic and it just got delivered today! AHAH. I'm completely obsessed.

It's like being a child all over again!

FACT SIX . One day, I'm going to open a small cafe. I'm going to make the most delicious and uplifting coffee ever tasted!
I like coffee. I like making people's day. Hopefully, before the end of this year, I can go get my barista certificate and take some coffee art lessons. 

I like environments where I am constantly in front of people and able to communicate with them face to face.

FACT SEVEN . My body reacts negatively to Western medicine in general. So when I'm sick, I resort to traditional herbal medicine.
I generally have an unhealthy body. AHAH. My body just sucks. It fatigues really easily and I'm a liability most of the time. AHAH. I'm always on some type of herbal medicine or drinking some type or health remedy to strengthen my body. 

It seems the only Western medicine that I take is Panadol. 

Now, I want to tag everyone who reads/comments on this entry! I want to know more about every single on of you. So tag! You're it!


  1. Valentine, I am so glad to read this post. I had no idea you enjoyed shopping the grocery stores. I also would never have guessed you were allergic to beef! Your future husband is HOTT, you two make a great looking couple :)

  2. LOL @fact one! I use to be such a big DBSK fangirl. For a very long time, I wanted to marry I just can't get over how feminine he is! haha Anyways this is such a fun post! I heart Sailormoon too and have the entire collection of the comic!

  3. I LOVE Sailor Moon too and still do haha! I've always wanted to open a cafe but selling tea and cupcakes :)

    Also nice blog, I'm your new follower xx

  4. Hey! I duno how many time I said 'yup, yup!' as I read your 7facts!!! Sailer moon is my generation anime so that I truly loved it, and I cry super easily like lotta guys are really up tree! lol I never try to be a princess, but just I cannot stop crying as I see or feel sth warm-stories, songs etc! Hey, don't be upset too much as you cannot eat beef. There are lotta stories about beef that can cause disease etc... :) Also your dream, opening your own coffee shop does sound super cool! You know what, I currently work at a cool cafe and I love it! I actually got a qualification in barista in Nz, so I am kinda coffee holic ay! Speaking of medicine, I never used foreign one when I was in Nz either. I brought Japanese one and took them when I needed :) Finally,, I prefer CHANGMIN ay... But think wisely, we aint gonna get fight about them or when we ever go their concert together.. because we have different preference! LOL

  5. Oh gosh... Yunho is such a hottie. He's my fave DBSK (despite the fact that they're down to 2 members now). Love his voice and I don't even wanna start my monologue about how great this guys looks lol. Sailor Moon was the anime I had watched through my teens as well haha

    Great post, and I'm glad Bessie of Bravoe Runway recommended your blog to me. Following you now!


    A Single Girl's Musings

  6. awwn thanks for the tag!! awwn DBSK! i love Max Changmin....those lips haha ;)

  7. Congrats on the award! & also very interesting facts about yourself. Hope you get to open your Cafe one day =) I've always wanted to open up a little clothing store!

  8. Valentine...*sings* A diva is a female version of a hustler! *does Beyonce dance* (let me bet bootylicious) HAHAHA!

    I knew you and Chi Chi would be in good company when I spotted your future husband! Keep an eye out because every week she does a fabulous post on a k-drama, k-idol, k-beauty, k-pop group! I love it, I knew nothing about Korean entertainment until I started to follow her blog and I am ADDICTED!

    Have a nice weekend ;)

  9. I also find myself tearing up sometimes when I hear an amazing voice singing a lovely song~

    I will definitely be trying out your coffee when you open your own cafe~

  10. thanks for sharing - so interesting! I heard about DBSK! Everyone looks Jaejoong for some reason. He is definitely cute. I was a huge, huge sailormoon as a kid, I still feel nostalgic about it these days!

  11. everyone loves* not looks lol oops

    Jung Yunho reminds me of another actor call Joo Ji Hoon!