Monday, 12 September 2011

Review : St Ives Bright Skin Apricot Scrub

Product : St Ives' Bright Skin Apricot Scrub
Made In : Australia
Purchased From : Watsons, Hong Kong
Quantity : 100g

I used to be one of those who exfoliated the living daylights out of my skin. I was completely addicted to that soft feeling and even skin-toned look of my face after a gentle scrub. Without fail, I used to exfoliate my skin twice a week. But after awhile, my skin went through a really bad phase and I had to cut down to exfoliating once a week. 

Now, I exfoliate once every two weeks. The switch has been a matter of choice and I think it works better for my current skin condition. Like I said before, my skin is quite thin and extra tugging or rubbing isn't really ideal. Instead, I cleanse more rigorously these days and sometimes double cleanse after a long day with a full face of make up. 

Anyway, awhile ago I bought St Ives' Bright Skin Apricot Scrub when I was in Hong Kong. I left my Clinique 7 Day Scrub Rinse-Off Formula at home and I didn't want to go to the department store to buy another tube. I seriously have two tubes sitting at home as back up and didn't want to buy anymore!

I had heard from friends that St Ives products were generally really good and great value for money. So I picked up their Apricot Scrub expecting that I would have no problems using it.

The main determining factor for a good or bad exfoliator is often dependent on the size of the beads. I tend to like exfoliators with small, dense beads that come out in a creamy formula. I find that they are much gentler on my skin

Anything too big or rough really hurts!

Unfortunately, the beads in the Apricot Scrub were big, sand-like and very rough on my skin. I didn't actually manage to scrub my entire face because it felt like I was sand papering it and I just had to wash it off. No matter how softly I was scrubbing my face, it was just as painful!

Such a shame because the smell of the product is heavenly! It is pleasantly scented and definitely refreshing. However, the beads were too big, harsh and rough for my thin skin and I had to toss it aside.

So I was cleaning out my bathroom cabinet because I needed some room to put in some new products and I found the tube hidden in the very back. The tube is practically new and it felt like such a waste to throw out.

I squeezed some product onto the back of my hand to see if the scrub had gone off. Luckily, it was still fine and I started exfoliating my hand. Surprisingly, the roughness of the beads were bearable on my hands.

Okay, it didn't feel exactly comfortable but at least it didn't like I was sandpapering my face!

The amount shown in this photo is enough for two hands already.

As I exfoliated, I got this really cooling sensation that was really refreshing. It actually felt quite comfortable on my hands.

My hands were much softer after the exfoliator and I'm guessing that my hand cream will sink in much better tonight!

I think I'll use the product as a foot scrub as well so I can finish it up! I hate wasting things.

I don't think I will be repurchasing the scrub because it is too harsh for my face. I have other exfoliators which do a much better job and so I will give this a pass. I have no idea why they would make the beads so big, rough and harsh. Our skin is so delicate and I don't understand the reasoning behind rough beads. Maybe for some people, they might like it because they may feel that these big beads really lifts all the dirt off their faces.

But honestly, having a more thorough cleansing routine would be better than rubbing your skin with something as harsh as this!


  1. I think this would actually work well as a body scrub! I used to use the st. ives apricot exfoliator as well but it was just like you said, like sandpaper wiping all over my face. I use clarins 1 step scrub face wash every other day with my clarisonic, I think it works quite well.

  2. I've always walked pass this product on the shelves and considered buying it but after seeing how big the beads are I would agree this would work perfectly as a foot scrub and maybe legs too haha.

  3. They don't sell this in the UK so I was actually going to buy this on, but now I definitely won't, thank you so much for the review ^^

  4. I also had a face scrub where it felt as though I was sand papering my face, so I ended up using it as a hand/body scrub as well.

    I have normal to dry skin and sometimes the oily T-zone in warmer seasons. Recently, I've been exfoliating my face regularly, nearly every 3 days!

  5. i so love this scrub, im using it for more than a year now.

  6. The apricrot scrub is a great exfoliator, but I know what you mean about it feeling like sandpaper! I love Aveeno Shitaki Mushroom facewash. My skin feels so soft!


  7. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  8. One of these days you will get all of the things you dream of! The M. Kors custom made watch, a pair of Louboutins :) Good idea on playing the piano..hmmm I may have to see if I can do a video or something!

  9. i agree that this scrub is really rough, which is why i like it haha it def isn't for ppl who have very sensitive skin. sorry this didn't work out for you!

  10. Thank you so much for the sweet compliment~ Hopefully I will still look younger even when I'm in my 50's! Haha

    Just to let you know, there's a mini review on the Shu Uemura mousse on my blog, if you're interested hun =)

  11. I can't wait to read your next post Valentine! Ok missy...the DIY for the mirror image post is up! Super excited for you to try it out!

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