Monday, 26 September 2011

Review : Lancome's Baume Eclat Balm-to-Oil Massage Cleanser

Product : Lancome's Baume Eclat Balm-to-Oil Massage Cleanser
Made In : France
Purchased From :  Hong Kong
Price : $240 HK
Quantity : 125ml

I have to tell you about Lancome's Baume Eclat Balm-to-Oil Massage Cleanser. I'm onto my second tube and it is by far my favourite make up remover slash cleanser. Sure, it's on the expensive side but the effects are amazing.

I was introduced to it by a Lancome sales assistant who I just adore. Everytime she sees me wandering around the department store, she'll flag me down and give me samples to take home and try. Aww. She's a raw gem!

I was initially pulled in by the gimmick of this cleanser. I love gimmicks. L-o-v-e gimmicks especially if they are skincare-related gimmicks. She told me that the cleanser squeezed out of the tube as a cream, then massages into an oil and becomes milky after you wet it with water. I had never seen or heard anything like it and the process seemed so foreign.

Definitely intrigued!


'A make up remover soft as cream, efficient as an oil, light as a milk. 

All skin types, even sensitive. 

Rinse-off formula

Its unique texture melts from balm to oil to milk and gently liberates the skin from impurities and toxins deep inside. Wipe off, or rinse off to discover the transformation of oil into milk - maximum efficacy in a cocoon of softness. Suitable for face, eyes and lips.'


So to demonstrate how to use the Baume Eclat, I've put a selection of cosmetics on my hand. Aside from the Lancome Teint Miracle Natural Light Creator Foundation, I use these products on a regular basis. As you can see, I'm very simple when it comes to my make up.

I was given the Teint Miracle Foundation by the same sales consultant that is always showering me with samples. She actually gave me the sample a few days before it was officially launched in store! She's just awesome like that!

Unfortunately, I am not a fan of the foundation. The colour is completely off and I find the formula to be very drying on my skin. It has this terrible tendency of sinking into my lines and cracks. It just looks terrible on my hand. Can you see it?

It just emphasises all my lines and it makes me look older than neccessary! *fears lines and wrinkles*

That pearl coloured dollop of cream is the Baume Eclat! You only need a tiny amount and what I have here is enough for your entire face.

Slowly spread the cream across your face, or hand in my case. You'll feel that as you do this, the cream will become a little bit oily.


When the cream completely turns into an oil, this is the part where you give your face a massage. Go in circular motions and massage all the areas that you have make up on. 

This part takes the most time because it does take awhile for the oil to dissolve all of your make up.  This is especially true if you're trying to take off waterproof cosmetic products.  

After awhile, your make up may start to clump together like this. You basically see all the make up you've worn sitting on top of your skin. All you need now is a bit of water to remove it.

The next step is to slightly wet your face with water and continue to massage. When you wet the oil, it will turn to a really light milk.

At this point, you can continue to massage your face for a second round of cleansing. By now, you can see that my hand is already looking pretty make up-free.

If you choose to give yourself a second massage, be warned that things get a bit messy here. I've had the milk drip all over my arms before and into the sink!

You can tissue the milk off or you can choose to wash it off. If you're in a hurry than use a tissue and give your face a good pat. But nothing beats a rinse!

I personally like to rinse my face because it feels much more refreshing and removes any remaining residue.


Be careful when you're using the Baume Eclat to remove your eye make up! The product description says that the product is safe to use on the eye, but be careful not to get any of the cream/oil/milk in your eye!

The Baume Eclat is seriously king when it comes to removing eye make up. It removed my MAC Fluidline without much effort and is excellent at removing persistent waterproof mascaras. But if you get any product in your eyes, you'll regret it.

It seriously stings.

It's not the type of sting that goes away. It seriously stings until you wash out your eye!

I've learnt my lesson now and I use a separate eye make up remover!


The reason why I like this cleanser so much is because it really is a make up remover/cleanser all in one. When it is in a cream and oil form, it's removing my foundation and blush. When it is a milk, it's removing anything else underneath that as well.
I've mentioned before that I generally prefer oil and milk removers and cleanser. With oil, your make up dissolves much quicker and easier. Milk formulas help to minimise your face becoming dry in the process. 

Therefore, with the Baume Eclat, it's really a win-win situation!

Some people like to use the Double Cleanse method which usually involves cleansing your face of make up and then cleansing a second time to remove anything else left behind. I used to do this as well but after using the Baume Eclat, I do it less often because I feel it removes everything. 

I often hear people saying that they love their make up remover but they're always left with some residue. They also say that their skin doesn't feel entirely clean. I also hear that some people love how their cleanser lifts all the grim off their faces but hates how it dries their skin out.

The Baume Eclat deals with all these issues. When it's an oil, all the make up clumps together and floats onto the top of your skin. When it's an milk, it gentley nourishes your skin and also removes any remaining bits of dirt. 

If you're on the market for a premium brand make up remover/cleanser, I definitely recommend this Lancome product because works magnificently well!


  1. I'm using Mac fluidline in blacktrack too ^^

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  2. I have always liked Lancome makeup removers, they seem to work so well.

    At the moment, I use the double cleanse method. It would save me time just to use this one product.

    Thanks for the review hun! I need to check this out next time I am at a Duty Free =)

  3. This is a great review, I liked how you showed us pix by pix how the product would work and remove the make-up. So of course....I had to check to see how much it costs in the US..we don't have baume eclat...instead with have the creme douceur as you mentioned...price is $25! Valentine, it is time for you to come to the US to indulge in beauty products at 1/2 the price!

  4. answer your question, I was good and refrained from buying any shoes at FNO...although I was salivating over so many pairs!

  5. whoa this is so cool!!! the cleansing oil i use turns milky when wet...but i've never seen a cream that turns to oil! this is very travel friendly!

  6. whoa! Great review Valentine! You know what, I am after Lancome's Bb cream ay. I hear it's quite good.

  7. This remover looks awesome, thanks for a great thorough review on this. It may be my next product to purchase. I just ordered a few things from Sasa so I am banned at the moment :P

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog :)

  8. You have lots of time to figure out what you want to do with your life! Don't rush because that is what I did! I would be so excited for you to visit the US...I can only imagine your beauty product indulgence...we even have lancome outlets too....outlets specializing in just premiere cosmetics...yeah I am a bad influence!

  9. i use japanese cleansing oils such as the Biore one. i think most of those emulsify when they touch water (meaning it turns that milky color) this is so that it can be rinsed off your face w/o leaving such an oily feeling.
    so when u use these cleansing oils, it's important to use them w dry hands or else it won't work properly =]

  10. Great post here ! Thx for sharing.

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  12. Awesome! These are the reasons why I really like Lancome skincare products :)