Friday, 9 September 2011

I'm Alive !

Hello everyone! Long time no blog!

How is everyone? Hope everyone is well! Sorry I haven't updated in awhile. I have been flat out busy and I am dead tired! The thing about my current life is that I have a really unsteady lifestyle and schedule. There are weeks where I will have nowhere to be or no one that needs seeing. That's when I can spend time and pursue my interests or catch up on sleep! Then there will be weeks where I have an extremely packed schedule where I wake up bleary eyed and come home completely drained. 

These past few weeks have been the latter! I have tomorrow to relax and then I'm up and running again. I want a holiday!

Although it is a chaotic lifestyle, I'm beginning to think that it suits me well. I am someone who gets bored with things very easily and I find it difficult to stay in the one place for an extended amount of time. I'm also someone who gets fatigued quite quickly and so the breaks I get in between the craziness is wonderful. 

Anyway, just some photos to share.

About two weeks ago, I went to Hong Kong singer GEM Tang's concert. I absolutely adore her voice because it is perfect for my favourite genre, R&B. It was quite an intimate concert as you can see from the third photo. There were a lot of empty seats so we got to move down closer to the stage - yay!

GEM sounds exactly like she does on the recordings and that itself is amazing. She's a really good singer and you should all check her out if you don't know who she is! I was massively impressed with her ability to replicate her recordings. A lot of other artists that I have seen live don't sound nearly as good as her in person. 

However, I would say that the entertainment factor was on the mediocre side. But I'm sure that will improve with time. She is so young and she'll go far with her music. At least that's what I think!

We were gifted swiss roll towels at the door and I seriously thought they were EDIBLE swiss roll! I was thinking, 'Coffee swiss roll! Yum!'. I was starving by the time I got home and you won't believe how disappointed I was to not be able to eat it! AHAH. 

You would have heard me going on about how I just love the look of Prada's Saffiano Lux Tote. I love it because it's structured, classy and can go with anything. I need something that will go with skinnies and also a pencil skirt because I'm not one of those people who changes their bags to suit their outfit. After much debate about whether I really wanted the tote, I finally went in store to check it out aka inspect with the high possibility of purchase!

Unfortunately, Prada had sold out of the black tote and I was given the option to be put on the wait list. The sales assistant said that some ladies were paying in advance to secure their tote. Speaks of its popularity, doesn't it?

I didn't put my name down because I couldn't work out whether I wanted the medium or large size, nor could I decide whether I wanted the tote in black or clay. They didn't have the clay on display but I saw a different tote in that colour and it looked quite nice. Then there's the possibility of skipping Prada altogether and getting a Louis Vuitton instead.

I headed back in store on a Thursday night after work and my goodness, the store was completely packed with ladies all asking for the tote! Some girls had gone to the extreme of holding onto display stock with the intention of purchasing it!

Errr, I may have to rethink this. I haven't seen any Lux Totes on the streets but the way they seem to be flying off the shelves is making me think that maybe the bag will eventually turn into the Alexa Chung, Neverfull and Le Pliage - too common. 

I know what you're all thinking. If I seriously like it, who cares if everyone has it. Right? True. Very true. But I also like things with a bit of exclusivity. Not to mention that another reason why I like to tote is because it is a discreet looking bag. The logo doesn't scream for attention and that's the way I like things.

Oh, back to the drawing board!

That's all from me! Just wanted to type up a post because I seriously miss blogging! Hopefully I'll be able to whip up something more substantial in the coming days! Hope all is well!


  1. Valentine!!! So glad to see a post from you doll! I've missed you and thank you for sharing photos of the GEM concert! That Prada tote is gorgeous, a few months ago, I actually did a post to address the same question my friend had asked, which was, was it worth it to buy the tote at that price? I am sending you the link if you want ideas on other similar versions and my verdict on whether it is worth it to buy the bag. It was $1800 back in may for the bag in USD...I am afraid to ask what the price is in Australia...probably double like everything you quote us!

  2. Hey! Great that you doing well! And nice photos ay;) Like the 'fake' choc roll!

  3. it's nice to hear from you every now and then. i seriously thought the cake was edible until i realised how furry it was. but of course its pretty dark at the entertainment center so you couldn't tell haha xD it's been awhile since i listened to hk music but i'll prob have a listen to gem :D

  4. ah! the bag looks so gorgeous!

  5. Sounds like you've been a very busy bee! Glad you can at least rest for a day~

    When I saw those Easy Way Swiss Rolls, I thought they were edible too!! Then as I was about to pay for it, I realised they weren't! LOL!

    Wow, paying in advance and people willing to buy displayed items surely shows how popular they are! I think the clay would look really nice too.

  6. the cake roll confused me for a while! ^^
    The bag looks so chic, it's really lovely I can understand why it's so popular, but if your other option is a Louis Vuitton bag, they are definitely very common ^^

  7. Good luck with your decision on making this purchase! It's a lovely bag and the price is not as horrifying as I expected you to tell me in AUD! Thank you again for stopping by and glad you enjoyed finding more about my mom, the interview will be in a few weeks ;)