Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Review : Laneige's Water Sleeping Pack_EX

Product : Laneige's 'Water Sleeping Pack_EX'
Made In : Korea
Purchased From : Laneige, Hong Kong
Quantity : 80ml
Price : $190HK

It goes without saying that face masks are the rage in Asia. From caviar sheet masks to black charcoal cream masks, the beauty market is now saturated with these products that promise clear and vibrant skin when used once or twice a week.

The latest addition to the endless proliferation of face masks is the increasingly popular sleeping mask. Simplistically, sleeping masks are usually a gel that is spread over your face after your night skincare routine and removed the next day with warm water. The idea is that your skin's peak absorption period is during the nighttime and therefore a sleep mask will help boost your skin's ability to retain moisture while you rest.

One of the more popular sleeping masks is Laneige's 'Sleeping Pack_EX'. This product has been the brand's Number 1 seller for nine years and has undergone several updates to give consumers better results. The Sleeping Pack that I bought is the latest offering from Laneige which promises skin brightness, translucency, whiteness,  an even skintone, a brightened eye area and an overall improvement of the skin's condition.

To be very honest, I was a little hesitant when buying this. I have never tried anything by Laneige and I don't know too much about the brand. So cue speech where I express my intense fear of getting a reaction, breaking out etc. Also, I've never tried a sleeping mask before and worried about smearing the product all over my pillow.

I ended up buying it because I didn't buy a lot of face masks this time in Hong Kong and the price was quite affordable for a gel mask. Even in hindsight, I still believe that this product is inexpensive as you only need a very small amount for each application.

The Pack itself comes with a small plastic spatula and an instructional leaflet.

The leaflet advises that the mask is used after you apply you night skincare routine. Taking some product (about 2.5cm in diameter), proceed to mark your nose tip, cheeks, forehead and chin area before spreading it outward over your face. After this, head to bed and wash off the Pack in the morning.

It suggests that you use this mask once or twice a week and that you can apply more of the product over your dry spots. 

The very first thing I noticed about the Pack was that it was heavily scented. It has a floral scent that smells quite strong and artificial. Unfortunately, that's how our house's toilet cleaning detergent smells, so I was a bit put off! The scent does fade slightly after you leave the gel on your face for awhile. But if you have a sensitive nose like me, you may continue to get whiffs of it!

The texture of the gel feels very similar to Clinique's Moistre Surge Extended Thirst Relief. It is very light, refreshing and soothing on my skin. When I put the Pack on, my face glowed in a radiant and brightened way as if I had been sitting under an endless waterfall and the water was just sliding onto my skin. Does that make much sense? My face looked moist, dewy and very radiant - too bad this wasn't a normal moisturiser because this is how I want my face to look after my moisturiser!

The Pack was absorbed very quickly and is a bit sticky. But after about 15 minutes, the stickiness is completely gone and I could go to bed without worrying about the product rubbing onto my pillow.

With the mask on, my face felt unbelievably soft and hydrated. It was elastic, bouncy, plump and supple. I cannot emphasise how amazing my skin feels when the mask was on my face. It was seriously as soft as a baby's!
After my morning face wash, most of the effects were gone. My face was soft, but definitely not as soft, plump or moist as what it was with the Pack still on my face. 

My complexion did look a bit brighter and I looked well rested, despite only sleeping a few hours.

The very first time I tried the Pack, the effects lasted about two days. My skin did have a glow about it but on subsequent uses, the mask didn't hydrate very well. It felt almost redundant because after my morning face wash, my face felt the same as before I put the Pack on. I'm not sure what the reason is, but it seems which each try, the experience gets more disappointing. I even tried to apply the product more liberally but the results, again, were not as 'WOW' as my first try.

My mother, who has normal/dry skin, tried this mask and it broke her out. She got bumps on her forehead and cheeks. I've had no breakouts or reactions so far. Phew!

I like the concept of a sleeping mask. I like not having to wait fifteen minutes before I peel off a sheet mask or heading to the bathroom to wash off a cream mask. I also like the idea of having a gel-like product that I can put on at the end of my nighttime routine to seal in everything before it.

Laneige's philosophy centres on the idea that water and moisture is key to healthy skin and this is similar to what I believe. From personal experience, I know that when my skin is hydrated, it glows and is much more resilient. So when I purchased the sleeping Pack, I was hoping that it would help boost my skin's moisture retention abilities. At the bare minimum, I wanted my night-after face to feel as if I had just done a fifteen minute sheet mask. I wasn't really asking for anything revolutionary.

Unfortunately, if didn't even met this expectation.

I absolutely loved how moist, hydrated and supple my skin felt with the mask on. But when the mask came off, the effects weren't very outstanding. My skin felt softer, but only a tiny bit more than usual. In all honesty, I get better results with other sheet and cream-based masks.

I will not be re-purchasing this product. I would rather pay more for Clinique's Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief. The feel of the two products are the same but at least with Moisture Surge, I can use it as a night mask, moisturiser and face primer.

Keeping in mind that I do have very dry and sensitive skin, I do believe that people with oily or combination skin might have better luck with this product.


  1. Hmmm what an interesting product! I live in the US and while masks are popular, I don't often hear about overnight masks! I use Clarins Pure and Radiant Mask 1x a week. Wash and exfoliate and leave it on for an hour. It is quite heavily scented, but very floral..definitely not toilet bowl cleaner yikes! I'll look through your posts and see if there are any other Azn geared products I may be able to find in the US.

  2. i love overnight masks!! i've heard lots of reviews on this one. i'm currently using the Oslee one bc i got it for super cheap on sasa lol
    mine doesn't do wonders either, i mainly use it when im super lazy since it does keep my skin moisturized.

    & yay glad u found my blog again hahaha thanks for folowing ^_^ xoxo

  3. love this product and the texture of it feels so soft and nice on my face :$

  4. thanks for your comment, stunning blog

  5. i tried this prior but it didnt do enough for me sadly
    but i agree with u, at the start it seemed really good

  6. @ B.Inspired - Hello! Thank you for visiting and commenting! I've never heard of the Clarins mask! I might do some investigation into that - AHAH. Please do have a look around. If you don't mind buying online, has basically all your Asian cosmetics and brands! Hope that's helpful!

    @ ShinyPrettyThings - Oslee! I saw a load of their products when I was in Hong Kong! It's a Taiwanese brand right? I think. . .AHAH.

    @ Chloe Nghiem - That's good that the Pack works for you! I wish it performed better on me!

    @ Chantal - No worries! Thank you for visiting and commenting!

    @ Yumeko - It felt so soothing when I first put it on! Once it was removed, there is little difference between my before and after face. Disappointed =(

  7. I have like tonnes of this stuff and I love it!!

  8. @ The Shoe Bunny - It seems like quite a lot of people can use this product successfully! Too bad I'm not one of them!