Monday, 1 August 2011

My Macau .

Have you guys ever been to Macau? For those that aren't quite familiar, Macau is about one hour away by TurboJet and has really become Asia's Las Vegas. It used to be a Portuguese colony, but was officially handed back to China in 1999.

Macau is always a fun place to go. We never stay for long and therefore never do the tourist rounds like visiting the famous landmarks and eating the local food. But nonetheless, we always have fun! While my father talks business, my mother, brother and I tag along for a bit of a sticky beak at Asia's Las Vegas!

Over the years, Macau has truly transformed into something spectacular. Many years ago, I remember catching a rundown ferry from Hong Kong to Macau and then boarding an equally old mini shuttle bus that took us to our hotel. If I had a choice back then, I would have stayed in Hong Kong.

But since late 2001, the government has been quite active in promoting Macau as the Eastern Las Vegas. They opened up the Cotai Strip which is now home to some of the world's most impressive luxury hotel casino resorts.

So much has changed! The streets are now littered with brand new coach shuttle buses that ferry people from one hotel casino to another. The speed-boat ride from Hong Kong is quick, comfortable and spacious. The hotels on the Contai Strip are brand new, glamorous and a complete spectacle on their own. It would take days, if not a good week to fully appreciate the entertainment, leisure and restaurants that are now found in hotels!

This time we went to Macau, my brother and I stayed in the Hard Rock and my parents stayed at the Crown Hotel. Both hotels are situated within the same complex named the City of Dreams and so we travelled together from the ferry terminal. The City of Dreams sent a nanny van to take us to our hotels.


This is the Hard Rock's lobby. How interesting is it to have lyrics up there?! Love it. I haven't stayed at other Hard Rock hotels so I'm not sure if this is something uniform, but I really like it. Very refreshing.

My brother and I stayed in 1157. The only problem was there was only one bed. 


We called reception for a swap but they didn't have anymore rooms available on that particular day. So we had to deal with.

Not a big fan of the shower design. I had to be very careful about not spraying water onto the floor. Slipping in the bathroom is never a good experience.

Just in case anyone wanted to know what the toilet looked like. . .AHAH. It's in a different room to the actual bathroom.

Guitar on the pillowcases. Nice touch but the pillows were too soft. I barely got any sleep!

Compared to the Grand Hyatt and Crown Casino which are also situated within the City of Dreams, Hard Rock is much more contemporary, youthful and fun. If you ask me, the Hard Rock is similar to staying at a serviced apartment.

The decor and furnishings are simplistic and modernistic. I've stayed in Hard Rock before and the rooms used to have an Ipod/Iphone docking system where I'd charge and play my Ipod at full blast. They have now taken that away and if you require it, you must call up and request it. You also have to pay a $200HK deposit and so I decided against it since I knew my parents' room would have one. I maxed out my batteries trying to get the most out of the City of Dreams' free wifi.

The room is relatively small when compared to other hotels, especially The Venetian across the road. The bathroom at the Venetian was only slightly smaller than our entire Hard Rock room.

The service in Hard Rock is friendly, but slow. I called through for an extra roll of toilet paper and I kid you not, it took them 20 minutes to bring one up. But when I opened the door, I was met with a cheerful staff member who asked twice if that was all I needed. Very attentive indeed. 

I have been told that out of the three hotels in the City of Dreams, Hard Rock is the most budget-friendly. So I guess, you get what you pay for?


  1. ohh I want to visit Macau too.

  2. Hi Abi!

    Definitely visit Macau if you have the chance! It is seriously out of this world!