Friday, 12 August 2011

Girl, I Be Digging Your Bag Pt 2

Girl, I'm also digging your Celine Ballerina Flats. Gorgeous!


So sure, the Rosabel Bag from Jimmy Choo's 24:7 Collection looks like a sturdier, thinner and taller version of Mulberry's Alexa Chung. Sure it kind of looks like it might break your arm if you fill the bag up too much. But there's just something pretty about this look. Without a doubt, it has that structured shape I like in a bag and is versatile enough for a brunch date with the girls, holiday getaway and even for work. They also come in a range of textures - leather, calf leather and croc embossed.

I love Jessica Alba's the most!

I don't think it's something that I want now, but maybe in the future. Apparently there's a waiting list for these bags already. Should I be putting my name down now to guarantee I get one in two or three years time? AHAH.

Does this photo belong to you? Sorry, I forgot I saved it from your website! Want me to take it down? Email me at

And what the heck, I love the Birkin as well. But then again, which girl doesn't. Loving the look of the Gris.

When I achieve world domination (through my musical talents, of course!), I'll be rocking a Birkin or two. Victoria Beckham style. You know what I mean? AHAH.

So since my last 'Girl, I Be Digging Your Bag', have any of you ladies seen a bag that you're dying to have?


  1. Hi There! Thank you for stopping by Bravoe Runway! I love LOVE an Hermes! I dream of owning a Kelly one day! These ladies all look fabulous and one day you will add these pieces to your closet! I just saw a Birkin at my dermatologist's office yesterday!

  2. @ B.Inspired - Thank you for coming again! Oh, the Kelly is beautiful! And thank you for your kind words! I hope what you say will come true and one day I'll have a Birkin in my closet! *dreams*