Saturday, 13 August 2011

Dear Nivea, Happy 100th Birthday. Love Valentine.

Totally had a bad day. I didn't sleep at all last night and had to drag myself out of bed extra early for work! I just wasn't feeling it today. Maybe because I've been so tired lately.

Massive sigh. Massive, massive sigh. 

I just didn't have a great day.

But when I got home, I found a small purple package waiting for me! It looked very Cadbury, minus the fact that it had Nivea written all over it. AHAH. Loe and behold, the very generous people at Nivea sent me a compact mirror to celebrate their 100 years of skincare. Definitely wasn't expecting something like that in the mail!

It's a cute little mirror that is, thankfully, very light! In July, Guerlain gifted me a small mirror with my name engraved on it. It's been sitting on my dresser for ages and unfortunately, I don't plan to take it out with me anywhere! It is ridiculously heavy and the craftsmanship is a bit haphazard. Can't say that, that is something I expected from Guerlain.

But that's a another story for another time.

Geez, if only every bad day ended with a little surprise!


  1. wow the engraving looks very intricate <3 hope you are having an early night after today :)

  2. Aw, what a cute litte mirror! Hopefully you're having better days these days. ^^

  3. So pretty! I really love small things like this, hope you're having a good day ^-^

  4. I just realized that I wasn't follow your blog! So sorry.... Glad to hear the lousy day was improved after the little package came in! I love Guerlain! It is definitely an ultra lux line and you were gifted a compact? I can't read this story!

  5. @ Chloe Nghiem - The engraving is indeed very intricate! AHAH. Didn't end up having an early night but I do feel better now, thanks!

    @ tiffyama - It is cute, isn't it? Lucky that it's light so I don't mind carrying it around with me. Thank you for commenting!

    @ Kallen - It is quite pretty! Thank you for dropping by! I had a good day today!

    @ B.Inspired - No! Don't be sorry! Please don't feel obligated to follow! I'm happy enough reading your comments! Yes, Guerlain is super duper lux and super duper expensive! AHAH. Yes, I got gifted with a small mirror from them! I haven't written about it but I might post up a quick photo of it in later posts! Thank you for following!

  6. ooooo i love the mirror!
    its pretty.
    follow each other?

  7. I loooove compact mirrors! They remind me of Japanese anime like Lulu THe Flower Princess and Sailor Moon. Lucky girl you!

    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  8. @ Ihamo Mashutzo - It is very pretty! Thank you for dropping by and commenting!

    @ LeeAnne, Style N Season - AHAH I adored Sailor Moon when I was a child! Thank you for coming by!

  9. ahh i got this in the mail too! :D i love how they thoughtfully included a pouch as well, now there will be no more days of me using the reflection from my phone as a mirror yaay xx misstea & co.

  10. @ m i s s . t e a - I know what you mean! I just love the fact that they surprised us with something!