Friday, 8 July 2011

YSL's Volutpe Sheer Candy - Newest Love of My Life

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that I'm not really a lip person. As in, I'm not an avid lip balm, gloss or lipstick person. My collection of lip products is quite dismal. It includes a tube of Vaseline lip balm, a Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm, Clinique's Glosswear for Lips in Whisper and a sample YSL Volupte lip palette.

However, I recently started liking the idea of wearing bright red lipstick. It's classic, classy, sensual and characteristically feminine. Definitely something I want to rock!

So while I was in Hong Kong, I was on the hunt for the perfect red lipstick. Unfortunately I didn't come back with anything remotely red! I would have to say that it was without a doubt a mixture of my indecision and poor/inconsistent/unenthusiastic advice from sale assistants.

But during my hunt, I chanced upon YSL's Volupte Sheer Candy and loved the look of every colour! Especially Number 6 - Luscious Cherry which looked completely lovely. The very helpful sales assistant told me that these lipsticks were the latest limited edition products to come from YSL. She also explained that the concept behind Sheer Candy is that, unlike other lipsticks, they have the ability to hydrate your lips. With ingredients such as pomegranate and rosemary extracts, this range of lipsticks are meant to keep lips moisturised all day long.

I swatched Number 1, 2 and 3 on my hand. To be perfectly honest, while they all looked gorgeous, they came out extremely light. It was to the point where I was running the lipstick over my hand quite a few times in attempt to get some pigmentation.

So when asked if I wanted to try one on my lips, I chose to try Number 4 - Succulent Pomegranate, this gorgeous glossy magenta berry colour that brightened up my entire face the moment I glided it onto my lips. I completely fell in love with the light texture and comfortable feel of Sheer Candy. It was very lightweight and my lips felt soft and hydrated. The smell the lip balm is also divine! Apparently, it is mango scented but to me, it smells like a mixture of a few fruits. Can't pick out which ones, but I can guarantee you that it is plain delicious!

Having said this, the price is quite steep at $220HK. These are, essentially, high-end tinted lip balms.

But I still want Number 4. AHAH.

Ahhh, but the heart wants what it cannot get! The beauty counter I was at had sold out, except for Number 1 and 6. The sales assistant also called around to see if any nearby counters had some stock, but they too had sold out! I was hoping to at least pick up Number 4 at duty free but none of the YSL counter's at the airport stocked them.

It's a lipstick, balm and gloss all in one gorgeous package with fruity looking colours and a mango fragrance.  Contains pomegranate, rosemary and gamma oryzanol to protect and slow aging and hyaluronic acid microspheres to trap water in the lip, filling small lines and leaving the lips looking smooth and plump as well as intensely hydrated for up to eight hours after application.

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