Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Review : Juju's Aquamoist Moisturising Wash Foam

Product : Juju's Aquamoist Moisturising Wash Foam
Made In : Japan
Purchased From : Mannings, Hong Kong
Quantity : 120g tube

Price : $69HK (price from memory, please don't quote) 

One of the big differences between the Australian and Hong Kong summer is that even if Australia reaches 35 degrees, it is never ever sticky or humid. It's just burning hot. The temperature hovered between 25-30 degrees when I was in Hong Kong and it was extremely humid and sticky! I felt like I was in an oven whenever I had to go out. There were a few times that I almost fainted and had to sit down in an air-conditioned place to rest for awhile! 

AHAH. I know, I'm such a liability to travel with!

The change in weather also means a change in skincare routine. On my second day in Hong Kong, I went out to look for a cleanser since I forgot to bring one over. I generally prefer milk or oil cleansers because I like how they nourish my dry skin while removing impurities. But I could not picture myself lathering something so heavy onto my skin in such heat and humidity! So I went hunting for something lighter.

I was thinking along the lines of a gel but since I had pleasing results with Aquamoist's Face Moisturising Mask, I decided to purchase their Moisturising Wash Foam. Like the rest of Aquamoist's Moisturising products, the foam cleanser has Hyaluronic Acid which moistens and plumps the skin through deep hydration. From memory it was $HK69, which is a complete bargain! 

The product comes in a squeeze tube with a flip top. I prefer this type of packaging to pump bottles, since it's easier to control the amount you squeeze out onto your palm. 

In light of the recent events in Japan, there's been a lot of panic over whether it is safe to use products made or coming from Japan. As a response, Mannings has lab-tested their Japanese products for radiation and attached stickers to products that are safe to use. The sticker on the top left corner of the tube states that this product has been tested and is radiation-free.

What I noticed in Hong Kong was that all Aquamoist products on the shelves of Mannings, Watsons, Sasa, and Bonjour have 'Made in Japan' printed on them. 

This isn't the case for Hada Labo where most lack information about where the product is made. The only Hada Labo product that I saw with 'Made in Japan' printed on it was their new Retinol Lifting and Firming Lotion which I will review later!

The instructions say to squeeze an amount onto your palm, lather with water, massage over your face and then rinse with water. The good thing about this product is that you do not need a lot. The picture shows the amount I use to remove my sunscreen/moisturiser at the end of the day. If I've worn some make up, I use twice the amount shown here.

The product itself is quite thick but once mixed with water, it turns into a liquid that looks similar to diluted skim milk. 

This is what it looks like when you rub the product out some more. It doesn't quite foam in the normal sense. You definitely do not get bubbles. If you use twice the amount I showed in the third picture, it will foam a bit more and you will start to see some small bubbles if that's what you like. I also find that you have to massage quickly once the product is on your face because if you take your time, it dries up. It's as if, you skin absorbs the foam. To rectify this, all you have to do is wet your face a little bit, massage slightly and then the form will reappear. 

The product is fragrance-free and has not irritated me once! Bonus!

As for the results, this foam cleanses extremely well. Immediately after a wash, my skin feels squeaky clean and I honestly don't think my face has felt so clean after using my usual milk or oil-based cleansers. I loved this feeling when I was in Hong Kong since it felt like all of the day's sweat, dirt and grim had been fully and thoroughly removed.

HOWEVER, I'm not having much luck using this now that I'm back home where it's winter. Although the foam has hyaluronic acid and has been promoted as a product that will not dry out your skin, that squeaky clean feeling makes my skin feel drier than what it feels like after using a milk/oil cleanser.

My skin is always dry regardless of the season but without a doubt, my skin is most dry during the winter. So to have my skin that clean leaves me feeling barren and in need of immediate moisture. It's not that it leaves my skin feeling tight after a wash. It doesn't feel tight at all, but that squeaky clean sensation is uncomfortable as I'm so used to having my skin feeling quite nourished after a clean.

I imagine that this foam cleanser would be excellent if I had oily, combination or even normal skin. You only need a small amount, it lathers nicely when diluted with water and it doesn't irritate at all. It's also highly affordable!

I do not regret purchasing this product but I think I'll have to save it for when summer rolls around! In the meantime, I'll be sticking to my milk/oil-based cleansers!

What's the weather like where you are? Which cleansers are you currently using?


  1. I've seen this product a few times while I was over in Japan. It's such a shame it doesn't really work in winter huh? I've had to change my skincare products each season too. Just wished there was something you can use throughout the year haha :)


  2. i thought it would foam more but i guess it doesnt.
    good thing u showed us!!!

  3. * CHLOE NGHIEM - Hi Chloe! Thank you for leaving a comment and subscribing! Yes it is a shame since my skin goes berserk during winter. I just want summer to come around! AHAH.

    * YUMEKO - Hello! Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment! I thought it would foam A LOT MORE considering it's called the 'wash foam'. Strange!

  4. aah thanks for sharing! I'm going to check Juju's product on sasa then. thank you ^^

  5. *LINA - Hey Lina! Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment! Do have a browse on Sasa. This is my second Aquamoist product and I'm quite impressed!

  6. Hi! thanks for this review, I didn't know that Hada Labo didn't have a made in Japan label, I've tried their hyaluronic acid toner because they ship it for free for first time users :)

  7. * DIANA - The Hada Labo products that are made in Japan, will have the 'Made in Japan' label. With the exception of Hada Labo's Retinol Lifting and Firming Lotion, all other products I saw did not have 'Made in Japan' printed on them. Very strange, right? I'm assuming that they're made in China because Hada Labo's other place of manufacture is China. . .hmm. So jealous! You got to try it for free!

  8. Try to use a net in order to make more gentle form! It's been a must thing among Japanese girls! As I have posted 'Cleansers Top 3!' on my blog, you can see my current facial soap which has a free net for it! But the product you have got was used to popular! Nice try! ThanX!

  9. * LiLy - Hello! Thank you so much for dropping by! I thought nets were just used for physical bars of soap? How can I use it with this foam cleanser?