Friday, 15 July 2011

I Fell In Love With Yo MAMA in Hong Kong

I am obsessed with yogurt. Like insanely obsessed. Up until last year when I was a complete freak about what I ate, yogurt was a staple in my diet. I often had a cup of mixed fruit yogurt for lunch, as a mid-afternoon snack and late-night snack.

It was mandatory to have a 1kg tub of yogurt in the fridge and I would finish it all in less than a week.

Hmm, I would have to say that I like yogurt with passionfruit the best. Sometimes, I like it with fresh raspberries.

I love yoghurt so much that I wanted to open a frozen yogurt store in Hong Kong.

I heard that in America there was this froyo store called Yo Mama where you can get a bowl of yogurt with a variety of toppings such as fresh fruits, chocolates, cereals and nuts. I thought to myself, 'How mad is that?'. It was completely something that I would love! So I was super excited when I read in a magazine that Hong Kong had it's own Yo Mama at Admiralty.


The first time I went to Yo Mama at Admiralty was in 2009. Situated on Wing Fung Street, the location and shopfront reminded me of something that I would find in my own Sydney suburb. Inside, the furnishing was bright, cheerful and childishly novel. They served two types of yogurt - original and green tea flavour. In a glass cabinet, they had a variety of toppings ranging from healthy fruits to not so healthy chocolates. I remember that without much hesitation, I ordered a regular green tea with lychee topping for $28.

It was super delicious. The yogurt was just at the right temperature - it wasn't as stiff as hardened ice cream and it wasn't quite as soft as soft serve ice cream either. It was an in between texture which made it just right. It also had a slight sourness to it which was undercut by a refreshing milky taste. I particularly liked the green tea flavour which wasn't overpowering. It had the right amount of matcha which didn't make it taste artificial at all. 

The only real problem I had with my first visit was that they didn't give me enough lychee.

At the time, the introduction of frozen yogurt into Hong Kong was in its preliminary stages and I wanted in. I seriously considered opening a Yo Mama or something similar in Tsim Tsa Tsui or Mong Kok.

Fast forward to the end of 2010, I was back in Hong Kong and the froyo craze had peaked! The streets were littered with froyo stores! I cannot emphasise enough the difficult position I was in. I was both overjoyed and unbelievably angry. AHAH. While I was so happy that I could eat my yogurt virtually anywhere, I was equally annoyed at the fact that I couldn't see how I could open up a froyo store with so much competition.

Although entirely bitter, I endeavored to try as many froyo stores as I could. I visited Yo Mama, of course, whenever I was near one. I was in Times Square one evening with friends and I said I was going to CitySuper to buy a drink. Somehow I came out with Yo Mama. AHAH.

I also tried out self-serve froyo stores where you went to the machines and dispensed as much yogurt as you wanted. You also could load as much toppings into your cup as you want, while paying per gram. I'm not a big fan of those because I usually end up drizzling too much yogurt and spending a ridiculous amount. At one point, my bowl of yogurt cost me $50HK. What the. . .

I also tried Crumbs, which ranked #1 on Openrice in the dessert category. Everyone I spoke to in Hong Kong about yogurt all recommended this place. Apparently, it was/is the Rolls Royce of all yogurts.

The sourness, smooth texture and creaminess of the yogurt was similar to Yo Mama. However, it was a lot milkier and it felt like you were eating a soft serve ice cream.

During my recent trip, I revisited Yo Mama at Admiralty and the yogurt is still very delicious. This time, I ordered my regular green tea with mochi and the amount of topping was quite generous.


Maybe because it was really hot that day but you can see our froyo melting! I was very happy with my mochi which came in big, chewy chunks. Very satisfying.

Another thing that I like about Yo Mama is that they have loyalty stamp cards. I haven't seen a lot of these in Hong Kong. It seems not a lot of places are willing to have these type of promotions. The only other place I know that offers these stamp cards is McCafe Hong Kong - which, by the way, serves good coffees. You wouldn't believe it but just trust me on that one.

Now not all my Yo Mama experiences have been great. Let me tell you about Yo Mama IFC.

The thing about Yo Mama IFC is that alongside the usual original and green tea flavours, they also serve caramel yogurt. I ordered a regular caramel yogurt with mochi, and I was very disappointed. I actually felt cheated. 

The caramel was unbearably sweet and outrageously artificial in taste. There was a strong peanutty taste to it? Also, in comparison to the other green teas, my order was much smaller. Don't you think?

And what made me even more angry was that the green tea yogurts had a hole in the middle of them.

It happened not once, but twice! Can you imagine the look on my face? So @*%HRIFW(*#&&^^$*)@)@* angry!

On top of that, the staff got our order wrong twice.

This there's-a-hole-in-my-yogurt scenario also happened at Crumbs this time. I mean, the amount of yogurt is more than what you get at Yo Mama, but there's a hole in it! And it kind of tastes like ice cream. . .

I still prefer Yo Mama. 

Maybe I could open a yogurt store in Sydney?


  1. i heard so much about crumbs, but still havent tried it yet! your post make me wanna go get one today!!!!!!!! :D

  2. AHAH. Go and get some crumbs! Then come back and tell me if you found a hole in yours!