Friday, 8 July 2011

Hey, Guess Who's Back . Are You Ready ? I'm Back !

Hello everyone!

I'm not sure if anyone has realised but I haven't blogged for about two weeks now! I left for an unexpected trip to Hong Kong and just landed back home yesterday morning! My luggage is sprawled all over my living room and the unpacking process will probably take forever. AHAH. So lazy.

After a hot shower, some breakfast and a good read of the newspaper, I went to sleep and woke up at 7PM! I had a bit of dinner and ended up sleeping again at 3AM. Gosh, I don't know when I'm going to get my sleep patterns good again. Before flying off, I think I was still trying to adjust from my last trip in December-February.

Anyway, this trip to Hong Kong was very unexpected and I literally had 24 hours notice before I flew out. Yeah, that's how I roll - diva style *puts on dark shades and tilts head back*

AHAH. No, I'm just kidding. The travel agent called us up and said there were some seats available if we were interested in travelling to Hong Kong. The only catch was that we had to fly out the next morning.

Since May, my body has been super run down and weak. It all started when I caught a cold from running in the rain. This cold became seriously persistent and later turned into a flu. . .then a throat infection and later morphed into a sinus infection. Then I got a cold again and then. . .far out, it was just this insanely vicious cycle. My body was so very tired and I was in no condition to travel.

But whenever we go to Hong Kong, I don't see it as travel per se. I visit Hong Kong quite regularly and so it is never much of an adventure, as it is a break away from the mundane. So instead of 'travelling' and 'sight-seeing', it's always more like 'returning' to my 'second-home' Hong Kong. It is my fuss-free escape!

Besides, everyone thought the hot weather would do my body some good.

The trip was so rushed that I forgot some very important things! Most notably, I left behind my precious Panadol and hair straightener. I had to buy a new hair straightener while I was over in Hong Kong because. . .I don't want to sound like a diva but I really can't live without one. Long story short, I have naturally thick, curl and unruly hair that gets chemically straightened once a year. I have use a hair straightener after each wash to iron out my regrowth. I realised two hours into my plane ride that I left my hair straightener at home. I was like, @($HJIG*@^!^&*%*$&$*. . .my life is over.

I have this old VS Sasson straightener that I've been using for ages and I was thinking of getting a GHD soon - as in, as soon as I came back home. Apparently, there is a limited range of GHDs in Hong Kong and would be much pricier than retail prices in Australia. I was so devastated because I really had my heart set on a GHD. Luckily, on my third day, I purchased a straightener that I really like! Shall tell you more about it in another post!

It was incredibly humid and warm over in Hong Kong and thankfully by my second day there, my sinuses had all cleared up! I could finally breathe through my nose again. AHAH. PURE BLISSSS! I am happy to say that I no longer have a cold, flu or any infection whatsoever. I am relatively healthy! So happy!

Of course, without saying, I spent the majority of the time eating, window shopping, learning about new beauty products and uncovering the latest skincare items!

I have so many finds that I just cannot wait to share with you!

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