Saturday, 23 July 2011

Girl, I Be Digging Your Bag

I love this bag that Mollie King has been taking around everywhere! It is the gorgeous Prada Saffiano Lux Leather Tote. It's boxy, structured, classic and just my style. I like bags that I can pair with just about anything in my wardrobe. What bag I'm taking out for the day is usually the last thing I think about before I run out the door. So I am all for something that I can pair with a more formal outfit or something casual.

I wonder if it's heavy or not. . .

Awhile ago, I declared my love for Celine's Luggage Medium Shopper Tote. It's feminine, versatile and actually quite light. When I went in store to have a look at the calfskin ones, they felt wonderfully soft and luxurious. However, I have seen them on the arms of a few ladies and they don't actually look that nice when they aren't filled up. They look kind of limp and weak. Not exactly what I hoped for because I like a bag that can keep it's shape. 

But the bag just looks perfect on Girls Generation's Jessica. Maybe it's the outfit, but this picture has definitely helped me rekindle my love for the Shopper!

via Girls Generation's Official Thread on

And then there's the Chanel Classic Cerf Tote. It looks similar to the Prada tote, but with less gold hardware and structure. While it looks classy in black, it also comes in a pretty ivory/pearl colour which I imagine would be a dream to carry but a nightmare to keep from getting dirty.

The black one looks nice on Girls Generation's Tiffany, does it not?

What bag have you been looking to acquire? Any recommendations?!


  1. I've been wanting a coach, haha a black bag is always classic :)

  2. Hey Diana!

    AHAH I just realised that all the bags I've posted are black! I'm liking the look of Coach's Flagship Leather tote in gold/caramel! *drools*

    Thanks for subscribing! It means a lot to me!

  3. Chanel is still the bag for me and yes Hermes. ohhh.
    love your blog hun.
    following you,

  4. * ABI - Hi Abi! Thank you for following! Oh yes, owning a Hermes would be a dream come true! At the moment, it is a VERY distant dream. AHAH.