Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Review : Kose's ClearTurn White Q10 Masks

Product : Kose's ClearTurn Clear White Q10 Masks
Made In : Japan
Purchased From : Japan
Quantity : Pack of 5

Today is the first day of winter and I've been feeling the weather change pretty bad. A few nights ago we had torrential rain and the temperature has been dropping way too low for my liking. My shoulders are aching like mad, the hot water bottle has become my best friend and I've whipped out my uggs.

And no surprises, my skin is starting to get a bit tight. So out come my face masks!

I bought this pack of Kose's ClearTurn White Q10 Masks in a Japanese chemist because it was insanely cheap. Like I think 300Yen? It was on sale for some reason. . .I'm not sure why, but I picked up three different boxes from the same brand and line. I bought this Q10 one and also GABA and White Marine Collagen masks. I'd never tried them before so was a bit worried about getting a reaction and blah blah blah.

But I was in Japan and I wasn't spending money on anything except for food. . .the masks were on SALE. If they were completely terrible, I wouldn't feel that bad about throwing them away.

From Sasa:

"Contains condensed Q10 essence, could be easily absorbed by skin, instantly generates energy for tired skin, and protect against dryness and wrinkles. Revitalizes and intensively whitens skin simultaneously and comfortable, perfectly fits the face shape. Mild acidic formula, no coloring and alcohol"

Coenzyme Q10 is actually an essential nutrient that is naturally produced in the body that energies and promotes youthful and elastic skin. As we age, the production of Q10 cells decrease which leads to aging. So skincare products containing Q10 are particularly helpful as they have the potential to rejuvenate and protect the skin from external factors such as pollution and sun damage. Apparently they can minimise wrinkles and fight against dryness.

Now that's a big promise. I have used one other Q10 product and that seems to be okay at hydrating my skin if I rigorously use it day in and day out. It hasn't really helped me minimise my fine lines.

Nonetheless, have you noticed that in the past two years, Western cosmetics/skincare brands have been releasing products with Q10 in them? Think Nivea's Visage Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle cream.


As you can see, the cloth mask was only an okay-fit for my face. It was a bit too wide, not long enough for my face and it didn't cover the corners of my lips too well. Maybe my mouth area is a bit small?

The moment I put the mask on my face, my eyes started to sting. It felt like chemical fumes were billowing into my eyes. It was insane - I had no idea what it was! The blub from Sasa does say that there is MILD ACID in it - was that it? Far outtt.

But it went really quickly and then I was fine *phew*.

The one thing that I hate about face masks is that there never have an expiry date and rarely have production dates printed on them. So I never know whether they're fresh or have been sitting on the shelves for awhile.

I'll admit that I am a bit suspicious as to whether the pack I got expired. I mean, look, my eyes stung for a little bit after I put it on. Was it really the 'mild acid formula'? I don't know - you tell me!

What I can say is that I didn't really like the essence. I am used to more fluid and watery types of essence because I find that my skin drinks that up better. I'm not a fan of milky formulas because they tend to just sit on my skin and not much else.

Also, the mask was a little dry. As in it wasn't drenched in essence. 

I left the mask on for about 15 minutes. When I peeled it off, it was still wet so I wrapped it around my leg. AHAH.

You can put it on the front or back of your neck by sticking the sides down with sticky tape. Don't waste it!

Like most masks that I try, my skin looked rejuvenated and firmer from the hydration. I was happy with the immediate results but the smooth texture of my skin only lasted about a day - which is always disappointing.

The pack had enough essence for one day and night - which is unusual because I am used to using masks that have enough essence left for three/four days. Maybe this pack had really expired?

I don't think I will be buying this mask again, despite it being dirt cheap. I have used Kose ClearTurn Clear White White Marine Collagen and I prefer them. My face was softer and more supple with White Marine Collagen which made my skin bouncy and smooth-looking for at least three days. The essence is more fluid, the masks are always drenched and there's loads of essence left in the pack.

A complete bonus is that there aren't any nasty fumes that make your eyes want to cry. . .

Also, the White Marine Collagen mask fitted my face much better. You can see that it is less wide, its length is longer and the mouth area is a bit smaller.  It also had a bit of cloth that could cover over my upper eyelids. 

I like this one a lot better!

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