Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Event : Hair Expo 2011

I spent my entire long weekend at Hair Expo Australia, a three day salon industry event filled with exhibitions, hair workshops and style demonstrations. Aside from learning about some new hair products and spotting a few bargains at the event, I was really inspired by the creativity and passion of the people at the expo. I was lucky to meet and talk to a wide range of hair professionals about the kind of work they do and what they got out of the expo. I spoke to students, apprentices, salon owners, creative directors, wholesalers and other traders, and everyone exuded so much enthusiasm for what they did. 

A colleague spotted Alex Perry, the Australian fashion designer and judge from Australia's Next Top Model, on the first day. Apparently, he did have his signature sunglasses on top of his head!

I also got the opportunity to watch most of the hair demonstrations on the main stage and fell in love with so many different hairstyles. The above photos that I've included were the Redken show. Spot the Louboutin.

At the end of the final day, I came to two realisations.

ONE. I have boring hair. 
TWO. After three long days of being stuck around stick-thin models, I have noticed that I have gotten too big and too wide. 

Hence, I have come to two dramatic conclusions. 

ONE. I should experiment with my hair.
TWO. I should exercise and each less junk

For more photos from the Hair Expo, visit their Facebook Page.

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