Saturday, 21 May 2011

Today ; She Sells Sea-shells By the Sea-shore

Swimming in a pool of oil

I met up with someone who asked me what type of person I want to be - what type of values that I wanted to embody.

My mind went blank - regular occurrence for the past five years.

We spent an entire hour with pen and paper charting out the type of person I would like to be. My list now includes ; understanding, compassionate, caring, supportive, accepting, reliable, honest, trusting, learning/open to new experiences, focused, helpful, challenged, social, aware, being able to express myself, giving things a go and being respectful. 

Instead of focusing on 'success', I am told that I should concentrate on being these things. But instead of being understanding, compassion and caring ectera to everyone around me, I have to be all of the above to myself.

That's difficult. But I am going to be open to this new experience and be supportive of myself. I hope to be more compassionate and accepting of myself while giving things a go.

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