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Review : Clinique's 'Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief'

Product : Clinique's 'Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief'
Quantity : 50ml
Verdict : Good for oily, normal and combination skin. Might not be enough for dry skin. More effective when used on top of other moisturisers to lock in hydration. 

From Clinique :
"Enjoy rapid refreshment and a full 24 hours of soothing moisture with an addictive by-a-waterfall feel. Advanced hydration boosters and a new botanical blend hold skin's moisture in balance through stressful shifts in humidity, indoors and out."

 I haven't actually opened this pot yet, I'm still using a sample size that I recently opened!

I've been using Clinique's 'Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief' for quite a few years now and it is one of those products that I fall in and out of love with really easily.

There are days I just love, adore and praise Moisture Surge to no end. In the hot summer months, I quite happily wear a very thin layer of this gel moisturiser under my SPF moisturiser. The light, yet slightly gooey gel texture feels so refreshing and comforting on my skin. It gives my skin that really polished, smooth look you get from a night of good sleep!

During autumn and spring, these effects vary quite dramatically. The large majority of the time, I have to layer it on top of a creamier moisturiser because it's not enough for my dry skin. Sometimes it is one layer, sometimes it could be three - it varies greatly! This works quite well to lock in all the moisture from previous products. In the daytime, I will need to reapply Moisture Surge about twice a day. It definitely doesn't last the advertised 24 hours for me.

Then there are the winter months when my skin is feeling like tight cling wrap stretched across my face and I abandon Moisture Surge compeltely. It simply isn't nourishing enough for my skin and makes little difference layered on top of a moisturiser. For me to feel any benefits from it in the winter months, I imagine myself putting on layer after layer on top of a rich moisturiser. Not economical at all.

 This is from my sample pot!

Having said that, I have repurchsed this product for many years. Despite that it falls short of expectations in the winter months, I really like its texture and how light it feels on my skin during summer, early autumn and late spring. When my skin is resilient, the cream feels like a burst of water on my face. It also does quite well to plump very, very fine lines.

I also buy it because I like to use Moisture Surge as a primer before putting on my make up. I put one generous layer on and then fan it dry before putting on my make up. My blush and bronzer last longer when put on top of Moisture Surge and same goes for my foundation on those odd occassions that I do wear it over my entire face.

I think this would be an excellent product for people with oily skin. Its light, oil free formula gives your skin a good dose of hydration. However, for other skin types, I would recommend that this be used on top of a moisturiser to maximise its benefits. This is especially true for dry skin.

It's really important for those with dry skin to have a reliant moisturiser that is meeting their needs. After that, you can use Moisture Surge on top to seal in the moisture. I would never rely on this product on its own unless it is summer. In this sense, it is somewhat of a supplementary product for those with dry skin. It is so supplementary that when I'm really tired at night or really pressed for time in the morning, I don't use it at all.

But it doesn't hurt to give this a go if you're looking for something to boost your hydration levels during the day or to prep your skin before make up.

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